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臺灣省 · Taiwan Province
Taiwan Province of the Republic of China (in red).
Taiwan Province of the Republic of China (in red).
Country Flag of the Republic of China.svg Republic of China
Established October 25, 1945
Streamlined December 21, 1998
 • Total 26,330.9577 km2 (10,166.4396 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 9,234,181
 • Density 350.696739/km2 (908.30038/sq mi)
Demonym(s) Taiwanese
Time zone Asia/Taipei (UTC+8)
Postal codes 200–206, 260–369, 500–655, 880–885, 900–983
Area codes (0)2, (0)3, (0)4, (0)5, (0)6, (0)8
ISO 3166 code TW
Counties 12
Cities 3
Website www.tpg.gov.tw

Taiwan Province (Chinese: 台灣省; pinyin: Táiwān Shěng) is one of the two provinces of the Republic of China. It makes up 73% of the land controlled by the Republic of China. 40% of the people in the Republic of China live in this province. The capital of the province is Chung Hsing New Village in Nantou County.


The province is made up of most of the island of Taiwan, and also the Penghu islands. Even though the special municipalities of Kaoshiung, Tainan, New Taipei, and Taipei are all on Taiwan island, they are not part of Taiwan Province.


The province has a Provincial Council with 9 members, led by a Governor of Taiwan Province.


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