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The Spooky Sisters
Created by Skaramoosh
Written by Richard Moore
Directed by Richard Moore
Starring Rupert Degas

Lewis McLeod

Teresa Gallagher

Shelley Blond
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
Producer(s) Helen Barraclough
Running time 5 minutes
Original release 2004 (2004)

The Spooky Sisters is a computer generated animation series of five-minute episodes shown on the Disney Channel amongst others. It chronicles the adventures of two sisters, Cecilia Sophie and Amelia, and their pet bat Boris. They encounter monsters and other 'spooky' creatures or people. It was made in the United Kingdom by Skaramoosh.


No. Title Creature Original air date
1 "Jurassic Squawk" A Pterodactyl TBA
The Sisters go to the Grand Canyon where they are looking for pterodactyls which are rumored to inhabit the area. Eventually they find several Pterodactyl eggs but have to protect them from Chef Jacques who wants them to make the world's biggest omelette.
2 "Show Me the Mummy" A Mummy TBA
The Sisters go to Egypt to search through an ancient pyramid, however through the way they find a Grave Robber in the pyramid, who pretends to be a Tourist Guide and leads them straight to the Mummy's Tomb, where they are attacked by Hoodoo an ancient Egyptian pharaoh's mummy.
3 "Every Fog Has Its Day" The Flying Dutchman TBA
The Sisters go to an ancient coast line (Devil's Cove) where the Flying Dutchman is supposed to roam, looking for his ancient magical necklace which he lost, because without it, he can't pass to the afterlife. The Sisters encounter the Dutchman, who reveals that the necklace that Amelia wears all the time (and which she bought in a garage sale) is actually the Dutchman's necklace, and he wants it back.
4 "Loch Ness Mess" The Loch Ness Monster TBA
The Sisters are called by their Scottish cousin to Scotland since he wants their help to get a picture of Nessie, The Loch Ness Monster so he can get money to fix Castle McSpooky.
5 "Sewer Later, Alligator" Alligator TBA
The Sisters go to New York so they can go through the sewers to find a famous Sewer Gator. In the sewers they meet another crocodile hunter named Bruce Skipper (a clear reference to Steve Irwin) who is also looking for a gator. The problem is that they eventually run into Bruce's old alligator pet which he flushed down the toilet, a sewer gator named Fido.
6 "A Rock and a Hard Place" Warlocks TBA
The girls go to visit Stonehenge however when they arrive they meet a group of weird dressed men whom they think are here to watch a rock festival with The Sisters' favourite band, Sacrifice, however, the sisters soon discover that these men chanting "Sacrifice!" aren't rock fans, they are ancient warlocks trying to achieve immortality by sacrificing them (the sisters) at Stonehenge.
7 "Fangs for the Memory" Werewolf TBA
The Sisters go to meet a woman which is believed to be a werewolf, Miss Snarl. When they arrive they see that Miss Snarl is just a sweet old lady, no threat at all. But when the moon becomes full, Miss Snarl turns into something which is anything "but" sweet.
8 "Heads You Lose" Headless Horseman TBA
The Sisters are headed for Los Angeles for a vacation, but their cab breaks down in Sleepy Hollow when they are going through New York State, and not much to their surprise they meet nobody else but, The Headless Horseman.
9 "Batlantis" Mermaids and The Kraken TBA
The Sisters take a boat and head out into the Atlantic Ocean to go deep sea fishing. But while they're at it they are attacked and knocked out by a giant squid. When they wake up they find themselves in a hotel, but after meeting the locals which are actually Mermaids, they find out they're not in a hotel, they are in the lost city of Atlantis.
10 "Yeti Sir That's my Baby" Bigfoot TBA
The Sisters go on the look for Bigfoot with their new hunter friend Mr. Bloodhound. When Amelia finds Bigfoot she discovers that he is only a baby and decides to protect him from Mr. Bloodhound and his sitter Cecilia who thinks Bigfoot has her.
11 "It's a Fair Crop" Aliens TBA
The Sisters go to see some crop circles when they fall asleep in the field, and when they wake up they see two alien invaders coming down on a UFO to the field. The Sisters find the aliens and proceed to engage in a crazed martial arts battle.
12 "Take the Bull by the Horns" The Minotaur TBA
The Sisters go to Crete to see the entrance to the Minotaur's Labyrinth, however due to them finding out that the same Grave Robber from episode The Mummy's Tomb is their tourist guide he tricks them into entering the Labyrinth and facing the deadly Minotaur on their own.
13 "Party of the Living Dead" Zombies TBA
After Cecilia chooses their vacation location to be a violin recital, it's Amelia's turn to choose, and she picks Dead Land, a place with recent zombie citings. However when they are invited to a welcome party, they discover that they are the life of the party, since they are the only living people at that party.
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