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An artist's depiction of Bigfoot.
Name: Sasquatch
AKA: Bigfoot
Grouping: Cryptid
First reported: In folklore
Country: United States, Canada
Region: California
Habitat: Forests, Swamps, Mountains

Bigfoot, also called Sasquatch, is a rarely-seen primate that some people say lives in remote areas of Canada and the United States. Even though many people claim to have seen a Bigfoot, or seen their tracks, no one has ever captured one, or found a dead body. For this reason, some people do not believe in Bigfoot. Some also believe Bigfoot is a dangerous monster, because of some scary stories told about them. Most people who study Bigfoot, however, agree that the species is probably gentle and intelligent, just like humans.

Bigfoot is said to be very tall, from 7 to 9 feet (about 2 to 2.75 meters) and covered in brown, black, red, or sometimes even white fur or hair. They are said to have very big feet, about 13 inches long (0.3 meters), which is why they are named Bigfoot.

Bigfoots are mostly seen in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but sometimes people see them in the Great Lakes area, the Midwest, or even in swamps in the Southern United States.

It is thought that Bigfoot may be related to the Yeti of the Himalayas.

The name Sasquatch comes from the Halkomelem language, a Central Salish language in the Salish language family. Stories of this type of creature are known among a number of First Nations groups in south-western British Columbia.

Pictures and movies of Bigfoot

Sometimes, people who see a Bigfoot are able to take a picture or a movie of it. The most famous of these is the "Patterson-Gimlin movie." It was named this because the last names of the men who took the movie were Patterson and Gimlin. In the movie, a large, ape-like creature can be seen walking from a lake to a forest. Because this is the best movie so far of a creature that may be a Bigfoot, scientists argue about it a lot.

Some think that the creature is a real Bigfoot, while others think that it is just a person in a gorilla costume. Because of this, people have done experiments with men in gorilla costumes who try to move like the creature in the movie. So far, none has been able to move just like it. This is why there are many Bigfoot hoaxes. He can also be mistaken for a grizzly bear.The evidence obtained from the movie is startling though many have questioned about it. Some experts believe if the movie is played slightly faster it could have been a man wearing a rubber costume. However aspects of the footage are amazing. For example, biotechnology scientists have said that for Bigfoot to walk upright it would need an extended heel. The creature in the movie too has an extended heel.

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