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World peace is an idea of freedom, peace, and happiness among everyone. World peace is an idea of a world without violence, where nations try to work with each other. World peace could mean equal human rights, technology, free education for everyone, engineering, availability of medicine, diplomats and/or an end to all forms of fighting.

A report in May 2011 on the Global Peace Index, found that the world had been 25% more peaceful in the past year. The global economy would had an additional $2 trillion. This would have mean that 2% of global GDP per annum required to stop global warming, cover all costs to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, cancel all public debt held by Greece, Ireland and Portugal, and cover the rebuilding costs for the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.

Many religions believe in world peace. Many theorist, believe that humans were born to be violent and preventing it would not be possible because it is nature. Others have said that people in jail do not believe in world peace and will continue to do illegal acts.

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