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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 12th century13th century14th century
Decades: 1240s  1250s  1260s  – 1270s –  1280s  1290s  1300s
Years: 1268 1269 127012711272 1273 1274



  • July 2 – Kings Otakar II of Bohemia and Stephen V of Hungary sign the first Peace of Pressburg, settling territorial claims following the failed invasion of Hungary by Otakar II.
  • September 1Pope Gregory X succeeds Pope Clement IV as the 184th popeas the compromise candidate between French and Italian cardinals, ending a three-year conclave, the longest ever.
  • The County of Toulouse is returned to the crown of France.
  • Marco Polo departs from Venice with his father and uncle on his famous journey to Kublai Khan's China.
  • The construction of Caerphilly Castle, the largest in Wales, is completed.
  • Construction of the Belaya Vezha in Belarus is begun.

North Africa and the Middle East

Krak des Chevaliers 01
Baibars captured the Krak des Chevaliers in Syria from the Knights Hospitaller in 1271.
  • April 8Mamluk sultan Baibars continues his territorial expansion, capturing the strategically important castle Krak des Chevaliers from the Knights Hospitaller in present-day Syria.
  • Mamluk sultan Baibars conducts an unsuccessful siege of the city of Tripoli, and also fails in an attempted naval invasion of Cyprus.
  • Edward I of England and Charles of Anjou arrive in Acre, starting the Ninth Crusade against Baibars; however, they are unable to capture any territory and a peace is quickly negotiated.


  • September 12 – According to the followers of Nichiren Buddhism, the sect's founder, Nichiren, reaches a turning point known as hosshaku kempon as he discards his identity as a mortal priest and begins to reveal himself as a reincarnation of the Buddha.
  • December 18Kublai Khan renames his empire "Yuan" (元 yuán), officially marking the start of the Yuan Dynasty of China.
  • The Nakhi kingdom of the northern Himalayan foothills is annexed by the Yuan Dynasty.


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