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Abdullah Mohtadi
Born 1949
Nationality Kurdish
Other names Shirko
Occupation Komala Secretary General
Years active 1966
Known for Politics

Abdullah Mohtadi (born 1949 in Bukan, Iran) is the leader of Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan. As a politician, he has played prominent role in the Kurdish resistance struggle against the Iranian regime. Abdullah Mohtadi is also a member of the board of Iran's Transitional Council (ITC). In the international media, Abdulla Mohtadi is known as a political analyst of the Middle East, especially ongoing affairs of Iran and Iranian Kurdistan.

As of 2020, Iran is an Islamic republic, where Islamic leaders play an important role. Mohtadi wants to establish a secular state. He has called for democratic reforms. He also called for a society that respects many different opinions; this idea is known as pluralism.


Despite all the efforts to remain in secrecy, in the 1970s, Mohtadi was arrested three times. The last time he was arrested, Abdullah was sentenced to more than three years in imprisonment for his activism against the Shah regime. Since was unable to provide any evidence regarding Mohtadi's political actions, he was released from prison and now, his party should cope with its most important era of the pre-Islamic Revolution Iran. When Ayatollah Khomeini ordered a massive onslaugh in   August 1979, Mohtadi emerged as a leader of the Kurdish resistance movement.


Originator of the Komala Party (1969)

Central Committee of Komala (1979)

Secretary General of Komala (1980)

Secretary General of the Communist Party (1983)

Secretary General of Komala (2000)

Secretary of the Transitional Council Iran (2019)

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