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Alsea Formation
Stratigraphic range: Rupelian (Whitneyan)
Type Formation
Underlies Yaquina Formation
Primary Siltstone
Other Mudstone
Coordinates 44°36′N 124°00′W / 44.6°N 124.0°W / 44.6; -124.0
Approximate paleocoordinates 44°18′N 113°06′W / 44.3°N 113.1°W / 44.3; -113.1
Region Lincoln County, Oregon
Country  United States

The Alsea Formation is a geologic formation in Oregon. It preserves fossils dating back to the Rupelian stage of the Oligocene period.

Fossil content

The following fossils have been reported from the formation:


  • Aetiocetus cotylalveus
  • Maiabalaena nesbittae
  • Simocetus rayi


  • Orthechinorhinus davidae
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