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The Asia Pacific Democrat Union (APDU), is in international political centre-right, right group of political parties in the Asia Pacific Region. This union is tied and related to the International Democrat Union that is based in Munich ,Germany, the (APDU) Is labelled as a regional union on the International Democrat Union (IDU) Website.

The Asia Pacific Democrat Union aims to provide a place in which political parties that have similar beliefs can exchange there views on matters of policy and interest so that ideas can be shared between party's so that centre-right ideals can be spread and be encouraged all over the world.

This Union currently has 15 members, ranging from Bangladesh to El Salvador, the current chairperson is Ranil Wickramasinghe the former Sri Lankan Prime Minister Serving in this position since 2016. Tenzin Dargyalb Khangsar (Canada) From Tibet serves as vice chairman of the union making him the first person of Tibetan ancestry to represent the organisation. This lead to Controversy with China disagreeing with this Choice due to Tenzin Dargyalb Khangsar (Canada) previously denouncing China's claims on Tibet. BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir (India) has also been chosen as vice chairman and Hassan Latheef (Maldives).

The Asia Pacific Democrat Union (APDU), does not have a separate website but you can email, and there party address currently is Sirikotha 400 Kotte Road, Pita Kotte Sri Jayawardenepura, Sri Lanka witch is also the headquarters of the United National Party (UNP).

Current party members and affiliates include a range of party in government and opposition including the Liberal party of Australia, The Republican Party of the United States and even the Kuomintang in Republic of China (Taiwan). A full list of party members can be found Bellow.

Country Party Abbr Color Legislative Seats Total as percentage Status
Lower House Upper House
Australia Liberal Party LPA Blue 61 / 151 29 / 76 36.7% In government
Bangladesh Nationalist Party BNP Blue 7 / 350 Unicameral legislature only 2.00% In opposition
Canada Conservative Party CPC


Blue 121 / 338 32 / 105 29.12% In opposition
Republic of China (Taiwan) Kuomintang KMT Blue 35 / 113 Unicameral legislature only 30.97% In opposition
Chile National Renewal RN Blue 19 / 120 8 / 38 17.09% In government
El Salvador Nationalist Republican Alliance ARENA Blue, white and red 35 / 84 Unicameral legislature only 41.67% In opposition
India Bharatiya Janata Party BJP Saffron 303 / 543 92 / 245 53.81% In government
Indonesia National Awakening Party PKB Green 47 / 560 Nonpartisan chamber 8.40% In government
South Korea People Power Party PPP Pink 103 / 300 Unicameral legislature only 34.33% In opposition
Maldives Democratic Party MDP Yellow 65 / 87 Unicameral legislature only 74.71% In government
Mongolia Democratic Party AN Sky blue 9 / 76 Unicameral legislature only 11.84% In opposition
  Nepal Rastriya Prajatantra Party RPP Blue 37 / 601 Unicameral legislature only 6.16% In opposition
New Zealand National Party Nats Blue 35 / 120 Unicameral legislature only 26.80% In opposition
Sri Lanka United National Party UNP Green 1 / 225 Unicameral legislature only 47.10% In opposition
United States Republican Party R/GOP Red 199 / 435 53 / 100 47.10% In government
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