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44th Emperor of the Roman Empire
Santa Giulia 4.jpg
Reign September, 270–September or October 275
Born September 9, 214 or 215
Birthplace Serdica, Sirmium or Cibalae
Died 275 (aged 60)
Place of death Caenophrurium, Thrace
Predecessor Quintillus
Successor Tacitus
Wife Ulpia Severina
Antoninian Coin of Aurelian

Aurelian (who lived between 214/215 - 275AD) was an Emperor of Rome between 270 and 275AD.


Aurelian came from Illyria (in the Balkans). He suppressed a revolt of Roman mint workers and reformed the coinage to try to avoid the problem of inflation that the Romans had had for a while. His notable achievements were his defeat several groups of barbarians - most importantly the Alamanni - but also the Goths, Vandals, Juthungi, Sarmatians, and Carpi. He recovered Egypt for the empire. He also tried to make the Roman god Sol Invictus the main god. He was murdered by some of his generals and Tacitus (not the historian) was the next emperor.

Domitianus II (usurper) revolted against Aurelian's rule.

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