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Awards for mathematics is a list of prizes for mathematicians.

  • Prize: It is generally dedicated to the memory of a great mathematician or philanthropist.
  • Organization: It may be a Mathematical Society, Foundation or State agency event sponsor.
  • Headquarters or convener country, which may be rotating among the members of a society.
  • The suffix (+) after the country indicates that foreigners are allowed to participate mathematicians.
  • Value of prize, usually fixed, but sometimes the contestant expenses are included.
  • Note Contains a comment or a series of fixed concepts:
Number of years, age limit to appear in the competition.
Women, when they can only participate.
Student grant, for courses, masters or projects.
University, you have to be linked to access to the event.
Specialty, if the event is dedicated to only one branch of mathematics.

You can choose the order of the list by clicking on the Prize, Organize, Value, etc..

Prize Organize Headquarters Value Note Winners
Breakthrough Prize
in Mathematics
Yuri Milner,
Marc Zuckerberg
Russia $3,000,000 Starting
Konex Prize Konex Argentina
Premio Clodomiro
Picado Twight
MICIT Costa Rica ≈ $9,000 < 40 years
Medalla Narcís Monturiol GenCat Spain €3,000
Premio TWAS ICTP Italy + $2,000 < 40 years
Premio Nacional de
Ciencias y Artes
SEP Mexico +
Bernd Aulbach Prize ISDE United States + €400 Differential
Mca Prize CIMAT
Mexico + $1,000
Americas Prize CIMAT
Mexico + $5,000
Solomon Lefschetz Medals CIMAT
Mexico + $5,000
Beal Prize Andrew Beal
United States + $1,000,000
Leverhulme Prize
England + £70,000
Premio Euskadi
de Investigación
EJGV Spain €40,000
Shao prize Hong Kong $1,000,000
Prix Elie Cartan CNRS France €3,800 < 45 years
Prix Thérèse Gautier ASF France €10,000
Prix Gabrielle Sand
et M. Guido Triossi
ASF France €1,500
Prix Léonid Frank ASF France + €30,000
Prix Jacques-Louis Lions SMAI France €10,000
Prix Blaise Pascal SMAI
France €3,000
Prix Lagrange SMAI
Europe +
Prix Maurice Audin SMAI
France €1 500 < 45 years
André Lichnerowicz prize EPFL Switzerland €500 Poisson
Leonard Eisenbud prize AMS United States $5,000
David P. Robbins prize AMS United States $5,000
Prix Fonde par L'État France €7,500
Prix La Recherche France < 40 years
Prix Jacques
ASF France €25,000 < 35 years
Prix Ernest
ASF France €1 500
Prix Paul Doistau
- Émile Blutet
ASF France €3,000
Prix Petit d'Ormoy,
Carrière, Thébault
ASF France €1 500
Émile Picard
ASF France
Royal Medal RSL England £5,000
Richard C.
DiPrima Prize
SIAM United States + $1,000
Red Sock Award SIAG United States + $100
Gábor Szegö Prize SIAG United States +
Australian Mathematical
Society Medal
AustMS Australia + < 40 years
Premio Franco Tricerri UMI Italy
Premio Calogero Vinti UMI Italy €4,100 < 40 years
Premio Gaetano Fichera UMI Italy €5,000 < 40 years
Premio Ennio de Giorgi UMI Italy €3,000 < 45 years
Abramov Prize SPb Russia <35 years
Premio Internacional Abertis Abertis Spain €10,000
Christopher Heyde Medal AAS Australia $10,000 < 40 years
Premi Nacional de Recerca FCRI Spain €40,000
Abdus Salam Award NUST Pakistan $1,000 < 35 years
Abel Prize Norway + €740,000
Ackermann Teubner Germany + €30,000
Adams Prize England + £14,000 < 40 years
Adrien Pouliot Award Canada
Aisenstadt Prize CRM Canada $3,000
Premi Albert Dou SEMA
Spain €2,500
D'Alembert Award ASME United States
Alexander von Humboldt Awards Germany + €60,000
Alfréd Rényi Prize Hungary
Prix Ampère ASF France €30,500
Austrian Math. Society Prize ÖMG Austria €1,000
Premio Giuseppe Bartolozzi UMI Italy €516 < 34 years
Bateman Prize
Beal Conjecture and Prize AMS United States + $100,000
Beale-Orchard-Hays Prize MOS United States $1,500
Berwick Prize LMS England
Bôcher Memorial Prize AMS United States + $5,000
Bolyai Janos Prize HAS Hungary + €179,000
Leonard M. Blumenthal Award AMS United States +
Premio Renato Caccioppoli UMI Italy < 39 years
Cantor Medal DMV Germany
Carl Friedrich Gauss Prize IMU
Germany + €10,000
Centennial Fellowships AMS United States $90,000 Student grant
Chauvenet Prize MAA United States $1,000
Charles Moran Award Australia < 40 years
Chern Medal ICM United States $250,000
Millennium Prize Problems CMI United States + $1,000,000
Clay Research Award CMI United States
Frank Nelson Cole Prize AMS United States $5,000 Algebra
Number Theory
Collatz Prize United States < 42 years
Premio Consagración ANCEFN Argentina $10,000 < 40 years
COPSS Presidents Award United States < 40 years
Coxeter-James Prize CMS Canada
Crafoord Prize KVA Sweden + $600,000
J.D. Crawford Prize SIAG United States $750
Christopher Zeeman Medal IMA
PIMS Prize
Dannie Heineman Prize APS United States + $10,000
David-Borwein CMS Canada
David Hilbert Award WFNMC closed
Denes König Prize SIAG/DM SIAM United States $1,000
Premio Descartes UE Europe €1,000,000
Award for Distinguished Public Service AMS United States + $4,000
Dirac Medal ICTP United States + $5,000
Premio Divulgacion en Matemáticas SEMA Spain
Emil Artin Junior Prize AMS Armenia < 35 years
Erdos Prize WFNMC Israel < 40 years
Premio de Excelencia Científica FCFM Chile $15,000 < 40 years
Premio Estímulo ANCEFN Argentina $5,000 < 40 years
Euler Book Prize MAA United States
EMS Monograph Award EMS + Europa €10,000
EMS Prize ECM Europe + €5,000 < 35 years
Falconer Lecturer AWM
United States Women
Premio Fermat IMT France + €20,000
Junior Fermat Prize IMT France + €2,000
Premi Ferran Sunyer i Balaguer IEC Spain + €15,000
Fields Medal IMU Europa + €10,000 < 40 years
Frederick W. Lanchester Prize INFORMS United States + $5,000
Frohlich Prize LMS England < 25 years
Fronteras FBBVA
Spain + €400,000
Student grant Fullbright Argentina
United States
Student grant
Fulkerson Prize MPS
United States + $1 500
Premio Évariste Galois SCM
Spain €1,000
Germund Dahlquist Prize SIAM United States + $1,000
George B. Dantzig Prize SIAM
United States +
George David Birkhoff Prize SIAM
United States + $5,000
George Polya Prize SIAM United States + $20,000
George Szekeres Medal AustMS Australia +
Guy Medal RSS England < 35 years
Hannan Medal AustMS Australia
Hans Freudenthal Awards ICMI Holland +
Heinz Hopf Prize ETH Switzerland + €20,000
Henri-Poincare Prize IAMP Europe +
Michael Holmboe
Memorial Prize
Norway €35,800
Premio Príncipe de Asturias
de Investigación
FPA Spain + €50,000
ICTCM Award ICTCM United States +
J. L. Lions ECCOMAS Europa + $3,000 < 40 years
J.H. Wilkinson Prize SIAM United States + $3,000 < 40 years
Jeffery-Williams Prize CMS Canada +
John Lighton Synge Award RSC Canada +
Premio Nacional de Investigación
Júlio Rey Pastor
MEC Spain +
Premio Nacional
de Ciencias Exactas
de Chile
CNCA Chile 18,125,000
Jürgen Moser Lecture SIAG United States $500
Premio José Luis
Rubio de Francia
RSME Spain €3,000 < 32 years
Premio Joseph S.DeBlasi ACM United States +
Karp Prize ASL United States +
Keith Medal England +
Kirkman medal ICA
Felix Klein EMS
Germany + €5,000 < 38 years
Knuth Prize ACM
United States $5,000
Krieger-Nelson Prize CMS Canada Women
Lagrange Prize MPS
United States $1,500
Premio Europeo Latsis ESF Europa + 100,000
Swiss francs
Leroy P. Steele Prize AMS United States + $5,000
Leslie Fox Prize IMA United States + < 31
Lester Randolph Ford Prize MAA United States $500
Levi L. Conant Prize AMS United States $1,000
Lilavati Award ICM
India $20,000
Lobachevsk Prize RAS Russia +
Loeve Prize United States + $30,000 < 45 years
Lyapunov Award ASME United States
Michler Prize AWM United States $46,000 Women
Morgan Prize AMS
United States + $1,200
E.H. Moore Prize AMS United States $5,000
NAS Award NAS United States $5,000
National Medal of Science NSF United States +
Naylor Prize LMS England
Nemmers United States $150,000 Northwestern
Nessyahu Prize Israel
Nevanlinna Prize IMU Finland + < 40 years
Norbert Wiener Prize AMS United States $5,000
Oberwolfach Prize MFO Germany + €10,000 < 35 years
Ostrowski Prize Switzerland 100,000 Fr.
Oswald Veblen Prize EMS United States + $5,000 Geometry
Paul Erdos Award WFNMC Bulgaria +
Paul Erdos Prize HAS Hungary < 40 years
Peter Henrici Prize SIAM
United States $5,000
Pi Mu Epsilon Award AMS United States
Pioneer Prize ICIAM United States $1,000 < 42 years
Premio Pitágoras Italy + €20,000
Polya Prize LMS England
Prix Poncelet ASF France 2,000 Fr
Prandtl medall ECCOMAS Europa
Concurso Unión Europea
para Jóvenes Científicos
EUCYS Europa €28,500 18–20 years
Jóvenes Investigadores CSIC Spain €5,000 15–20 years
Ralph E. Kleinman Prize SIAM United States $5,000
Ramanujan Prize ICTP Italy + $10,000 < 45 years
Premio Reconocimiento UMALCA Latin America $2,500
Richard Rado Preis Germany €1,000
Rolf Schock Prize KVA Sweden + €44,000
Rollo Davidson Prize England
Rosalind Franklin RSL England £30,000
RSA Medal RSA United States + $200,000
Ruth Lyttle Satter Prize AMS United States $5,000 Women
Salem Prize AMS United States +
SASTRA Ramanujan Prize SASTRA India $10,000 < 35 years
Schafer Prize AWM United States Women
Premio SEMA al
joven investigador
SEMA Spain €1,500
Prix de thèse SMAI
ECCOMAS Europe +
Senior Whitehead Prize LMS England +
Starting Grant ERC Europa €1 500,000 Student grant
Selfridge Prize ANTS Germany Comp.
Number Theory
Prix Servant ASF France €7,500
Shaw Prize China + $1,000,000
Sylvester Medal RSL England + £3,500
Sir Edmund Whittaker England Edimburgh
Sloan Fellowship APSF United States
Smith's Prize England
Sofja-Kovalevskaja Award Humboldt
Germany €1,650,000
Premio Sofia Kovalévskaya SMM
Mexico Women
Prix Sophie-Germain ASF France €8,000
Premio Sotero Prieto MMS Mexico
Stampacchia Medal UMI Italy + < 35 years
Stefan Bergman Prize AMS United States $12,500
Takebe Prizes MSJ Japan
Premio Talento Matemático Chile $5,000 < 23 years
J. Hall Taylor Medal ASME United States + $1,000
Theodore von Karman Prize SIAM United States $1,000
Thomas Ranken Lyle Medal AAS Australia
Turing Award ACM
United States + $250,000
Whitehead Prize LMS England +
Whittaker Prize England + £500 < 35 years
Senior Whittaker Prize England + £500 < 35 years
W.T. and Idalia Reid Prize SIAM United States + $20,000
Wilks Memorial Awrd ASA United States $1,500
William Lowell Putnam MAA United States $2 500
Wolf Prize Israel + $100,000 < 40 years
Wolfskehl Prize Germany €14,000
Zienkievwicz Medal England + £1,000
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