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Bjorne Formation
Stratigraphic range: Early Triassic
Type Geological formation
Unit of Sverdrup Basin
Underlies Murray Harbour Formation
Overlies Blind Fiord Formation
Lindstrom Formation
Trold Fiord Formation
Thickness 60–1,440 m (200–4,720 ft)
Primary Sandstone, shale
Coordinates 79°20′N 83°09′W / 79.33°N 83.15°W / 79.33; -83.15
Region Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Country Canada
Type section
Named by Tozer
Year defined 1963

The Bjorne Formation is a formation of sandstones and shales in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The southern edge of the formation includes petroleum reserves in Melville Island. The basin also includes Mackenzie King Island, Lougheed Island and portions of Prince Patrick Island, Borden Island, Ellef Ringnes Island, Amund Ringnes Island, and Cornwall Island.

The formation underlies the Murray Harbour Formation and overlies the Blind Fiord, Lindstrom and Trold Fiord Formations.

Oil and gas deposits are confirmed through the basin.

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