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Coat of Arms of the Dauphin of France
Grand Coat of Arms of the Dauphins of France

The Dauphin was the heir apparent to the throne of France from 1350–1791, and from 1824–1830.


Guy VIII, Count of Vienne, had a dolphin on his coat of arms and had been nicknamed le Dauphin (French for dolphin). The title of Dauphin of Viennois descended in his family until 1349, when Humbert II sold his signeurie, called the Dauphiné, to King Philippe VI on condition that the heir of France assumed the title of le Dauphin and govern this territory. The Dauphin retained the title only. The estates belonged to the crown. On the death of the Dauphin, his eldest son inherits the title. If there is no son, his oldest brother succeeds him. If the king does not have a son the title does not go to anyone. It is never given to a brother of the king. The wife of the Dauphin was known as the Dauphine. The first French Dauphin was Charles V. The title is roughly equivalent to the English title Prince of Wales. The Dauphin was entitled to the use of the style of Royal Highness but this was only ever used in written form.

The title of Dauphin of Auvergne was used by the Count of Clermont.

Dauphins of France, 1349-1830

  1. Charles V of France 1349–1364
  2. Charles, eldest son and heir of Charles V; future Charles VI 1368-1380
  3. Charles 1389
  4. Charles 1392–1401
  5. Louis, 1401–1415
  6. John, 1415–1417
  7. Charles VII of France 1417–1422
  8. Louis XI of France 1423–1461
  9. Charles VIII of France 1470–1483
  10. Charles Orland 1492–1495
  11. Charles 1496
  12. François 1497–1498
  13. François 1518–1536
  14. Henry II of France 1536–1547
  15. Francis II of France 1547–1559
  16. Louis XIII of France 1601–1610
  17. Louis XIV of France 1638–1643
  18. Louis, Grand Dauphin 1661–1711
  19. Louis, Petit Dauphin 1711-1712
  20. Louis 1712
  21. Louis XV of France 1712–1715
  22. Louis 1729–1765
  23. Louis XVI of France 1765–1774
  24. Louis Joseph, Dauphin of France 1781–1789
  25. Louis XVII of France 1789–1791 (in 1791 his title was changed to "Prince Royal")
  26. Louis XIX of France 1824–1830

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