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Temporal range: Late Jurassic to Recent
Alytes obstetricans
Scientific classification

Günther, 1859

Genus Alytes
Genus Discoglossus

Discoglossidae distrib.PNG
Distribution of Discoglossidae (in black)

The Alytidae are a family of primitive frogs. Their common name is painted frogs or midwife toads. Most are endemic to Europe, but there are also three species in northwest Africa, and a species formerly thought to be extinct in Israel.

This family is also known as Discoglossidae, but the older name Alytidae has priority and is now recognized by major reference works. However, some researchers suggest that Alytes and Discoglossus are different enough to be treated as separate families, implying resurrection of Discoglossidae.

Genera and species

The family contains three extant genera, Alytes, Discoglossus, and Latonia. The first is somewhat toad-like and can often be found on land. The second is smoother and more frog-like, preferring the water. The third genus was until recently considered extinct, and is represented by the recently rediscovered Hula painted frog. All of the species have pond-dwelling tadpoles.

The genera Bombina and Barbourula also used to be under this family, but have now been moved to the Bombinatoridae.


The genus Bombina and Barbourula also used to be under this family but have now been moved to the Bombinatoridae family,

Family Discoglossidae

  • Genus Alytes
    • Alytes cisternasii - Iberian Midwife Toad
    • Alytes dickhilleni - Southern Midwife Toad
    • Alytes maurus - Moroccan Midwife Toad
    • Alytes muletensis - Majorcan Midwife Toad
    • Alytes obstetricans - Common Midwife Toad
  • Genus Discoglossus
    • Discoglossus galganoi - West Iberian Painted Frog
    • Discoglossus jeanneae - Spanish Painted Frog
    • Discoglossus montalenti - Corsican Painted Frog
    • Discoglossus nigriventer - Israel Painted Frog
    • Discoglossus pictus - Common Painted Frog
    • Discoglossus sardus - Tyrrhenian Painted Frog
  • Genus †Enneabatrachus (prehistoric)
    • Enneabatrachus hechti

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