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Tasmania—House of Assembly
State Tasmania
Created 1909
MP Lara Alexander (Liberal)
Michael Ferguson (Liberal)
Janie Finlay (Labor)
Michelle O'Byrne (Labor)
Simon Wood (Liberal)
Party Labor (2), Liberal (3)
Namesake George Bass
Electors 78,182 (2021)
Area 7,976 km2 (3,079.6 sq mi)
Demographic Mixed
Division of Bass TAS 2018
Division of Bass

The electoral division of Bass is one of the five electorates in the Tasmanian House of Assembly, it includes north-east Tasmania and Flinders Island. Bass takes its name from the British naval surgeon and explorer of Australia: George Bass. The division shares its name and boundaries with the federal division of Bass.

Bass and the other House of Assembly electoral divisions are each represented by five members elected under the Hare-Clark electoral system.

Current members

Members for Bass

Year Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party Member Party
1909   Thomas Bakhap Anti-Socialist   Albert Solomon Anti-Socialist   Charles Howroyd Labor   Richard McKenzie Anti-Socialist   Robert Sadler Liberal Democrat   James Guy Labor
1912   Liberal   Liberal   Liberal   George Becker Labor
1913   Robert Sadler Liberal   John Hayes Liberal   Arthur Anderson Labor
1914   Alexander Marshall Liberal
1915   James McDonald Labor
1916   Allan Guy Labor
1917   Nationalist   Nationalist   Nationalist   Nationalist
1917   James Newton Nationalist
1922   Jens Jensen Independent Labor
1923   George Shields Nationalist
1925   Liberal
1925   Victor Shaw Labor   Henry Thomson Nationalist   Claude James Liberal
1928   Nationalist   Nationalist
1928   John Ockerby Nationalist
1929   Thomas Davies Labor
1931   Robert Murphy Nationalist   Howard Barber Nationalist
1933   Herbert Postle Nationalist
1934   Allen Hollingsworth Nationalist   John McDonald Labor
1936   John Madden Labor
1937   Eric Howroyd Labor
1941   Frank Marriott Nationalist
1942   John Quintal Labor
1945   Alan Welsh Labor
1946   Liberal   Independent
1946   Fred Marriott Liberal   Bill Beattie Liberal   Reg Turnbull Labor   Alexander Atkins Labor
1948   John Orchard Liberal
1950   John Steer Liberal   Claude Barnard Labor
1954   Bill Beattie Liberal
1956   Alexander Atkins Labor
1957   John Madden Labor
1959   Independent   Mac Le Fevre Labor
1961   James McGowen Liberal   Max Bushby Liberal   Wallace Fraser Labor
1964   John Steer Liberal
1968   James Henty Liberal
1969   Timothy Barrenger Liberal   Michael Barnard Labor   Allan Foster Labor
1972   David Farquhar Labor   Neil Pitt Liberal   Mac Le Fevre Labor
1974   Harry Holgate Labor
1976   Gill James Labor   Neil Robson Liberal   Jim Mooney Liberal
1979   Mary Willey Labor   John Beswick Liberal
1981   Independent
1982   Brendan Lyons Liberal
1984   Peter Patmore Labor
1986   Frank Madill Liberal   Peter Rae Liberal
1989   Jim Cox Labor   Lance Armstrong Greens
1992   Gill James Labor   Sue Napier Liberal   Tony Benneworth Liberal
1996   Jim Cox Labor
2000   David Fry Liberal
2002   Kim Booth Greens   Peter Gutwein Liberal   Kathryn Hay Labor
2006   Michelle O'Byrne Labor
2010   Michael Ferguson Liberal   Brian Wightman Labor
2014   Sarah Courtney Liberal
2015   Andrea Dawkins Greens
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