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Fernão Mendes Pinto
Putativo retrato de Fernão Mendes Pinto no retábulo da Igreja da Misericórdia de Almada (Visitação da Virgem a Santa Isabel, 1589-91 - Giraldo Fernandes de Prado).png
Possible likeness of Fernão Mendes Pinto in the Visitation altarpiece (Giraldo Fernandes de Prado, 1589-91) of the Church of Misericórdia of Almada, Portugal
Born 1509
Montemor-o-Velho, Kingdom of Portugal
Died 8 July 1583(1583-07-08)
Pragal, Almada, Kingdom of Portugal
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation explorer and writer
Known for Pilgrimage

Fernão Mendes Pinto ( c.1509 – 8 July 1583) was a Portuguese explorer and writer. His voyages are recorded in Pilgrimage (Portuguese: Peregrinação) (1614), his autobiographical memoir. The historical accuracy of the work is debatable due to the many events which seem far fetched or at least exaggerated, earning him the nickname "Fernão Mentes Minto" (wordplay with the Portuguese verb mentir 'lie', meaning "Fernão, are you lying? I am lying."). Some aspects of the work can be verified, particularly through Pinto's service to the Portuguese Crown and by his association with Jesuit missionaries.

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