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GoogleStreetViewCar Subaru Impreza at Google Campus
One of the cars that takes the pictures for Google Street View.
Google Street View trike side
A man on a Google Street View bicycle.
Google Street View Car in Geneva
Google Street View car in Genova, Italy.
Google Street View camera cars
Google Street View car in Portugal.
Google Street View car on display in France.

Google Street View is a feature that is used by Google Maps and Google Earth to show various streets throughout the world. Urban areas have the most pictures; many rural areas have none. The program was launched on May 25, 2007 and now has 48 countries with full or partial coverage.


With coverage

Country or territory Year added
 Åland Islands 2010
 Andorra 2012
 Antarctica 2010
 Argentina 2013
 Australia 2008
 Austria 2012
 Belgium 2011
 Botswana 2012
 Brazil 2010
 British Indian Ocean Territory 2013
 Bulgaria 2013
 Canada 2009
 Cambodia 2014
 Chile 2012
 China 2013
 Colombia 2013
 Croatia 2012
 Czech Republic 2009
 Denmark 2010
 Ecuador 2013
 Estonia 2012
 Finland 2010
 France 2008
 Germany 2010
 Gibraltar 2012
 Greece 2014
 Hong Kong 2010
 Hungary 2013
 Iceland 2013
 India 2012
 Iraq 2011
 Ireland 2010
 Isle of Man 2011
 Israel 2012
 Italy 2008
 Japan 2008
 Jersey 2011
 Latvia 2012
 Lesotho 2013
 Lithuania 2013
 Luxembourg 2013
 Macau 2010
 Malaysia 2013
 Martinique 2013
 Mexico 2009
Flag of the Midway Islands (local).svg Midway Islands 2012
 Monaco 2011
 Nepal 2012
 Netherlands 2009
 New Zealand 2008
 Norway 2010
 Peru 2013
 Pitcairn 2013
 Philippines 2012
 Poland 2012
 Portugal 2009
 Qatar 2012
 Romania 2010
 Russia 2011
 San Marino 2012
 Singapore 2009
 Serbia 2014
 Slovakia 2012
 Slovenia 2014
 South Africa 2010
 South Korea 2012
 Spain 2008
 Swaziland 2013
 Sweden 2010
 Switzerland 2009
 Taiwan 2009
 Tanzania 2013
 Thailand 2012
 Turkey 2014
 Ukraine 2012
 United Arab Emirates 2013
 United Kingdom 2009
 United States 2007

Planned coverage

Country or territory Continent
 Bangladesh Asia
 Bhutan Asia
 Cambodia (public streets) Asia
 Indonesia Asia
 Malaysia (public streets) Asia
 Philippines (public streets) Asia
 Austria (public streets) Europe
 Luxembourg (public streets) Europe
 Argentina (public streets) South America
Unofficially announced
 Morocco Africa
 Kyrgyzstan (public streets) Asia
 Laos (public streets) Asia
 Mongolia (landmarks) Asia
 Pakistan (landmarks) Asia
 United Arab Emirates (public streets) Asia
 West Bank Asia
 Faroe Islands (public streets) Europe
 Guernsey (public streets) Europe
 Montenegro (public streets) Europe
  • Countries in bold symbolize countries with full coverage.

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