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Republic of Colombia

República de Colombia
Flag of Gran Colombia
Last flag of Gran Colombia
Last coat of arms
Gran Colombia
Gran Colombia
Capital Bogotá
Common languages Spanish
Roman Catholic
Government Republic
• (1819–1830)
Simón Bolívar
• (1830)
Domingo Caycedo
• (1830–1831)
Joaquín Mosquera
• (1831)
Domingo Caycedo
Vice Presidents  
• (1819–1820)
Francisco Antonio Zea
• (1820–1821)
Juan Germán Roscio
• (1821)
Antonio Nariño y Álvarez
• (1821)
José María del Castillo
• (1821–1827)
Francisco de Paula Santander
• (1830–1831)
Domingo Caycedo
Legislature Congress
• Upper Chamber
• Lower Chamber
Chamber of Representatives
• Established
December 17 1819
• Constitution of Cúcuta
August 30, 1821
• Colombia – Peru War
• Disestablished
November 19 1831
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Viceroyalty of New Granada
First Republic of Venezuela
Republic of New Granada
Today part of  Brazil
 Costa Rica

Gran Colombia was a country formed after New Granada declared independence in 1819. The rebels, led by Simon Bolivar, defeated the Spanish Empire but then fought among themselves. In 1831 Venezuela and Ecuador, being the eastern and southern part of the country, declared independence from Gran Colombia. After that the remaining territory is just called Colombia. Decades later, Panama also became independent from Colombia.

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