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This is a list of all known Roman sites within the county of Lincolnshire.


Name Roman Name Type Location Coordinates Dates Notes Image
Alkborough Aquis Fortified Settlement Alkborough
Ancaster ? Fortified Settlement Ancaster
Brant Broughton Briga Settlement Brant Broughton
Broughton Praetorium Broughton
Caistor ? Fortified Settlement Caistor
Dragonby ? Settlement Dragonby
Great Casterton ? Fortified Settlement Great Casterton, Rutland Though the settlement is in Rutland, it is also the location where Ermine Street crossed the River Gwash close to the modern boundary between Rutland and Lincolnshire.
Hibaldstow ? Settlement Hibaldstow
Horncastle Bannovalum? Fortified Settlement Horncastle
Kirmington ? Fortified Settlement Kirmington On site of earlier Iron Age fortified settlement.
Kirton in Lindsey Inmedio Settlement Kirton in Lindsey
Lincoln Lindum Colonia Colonia/Legionary Fortress Lincoln
Louth Luda Settlement Louth
Ludford ? Settlement Ludford
Marton ? Fort Marton On Till Bridge Lane next to its crossing of the River Trent.
Navenby ? Settlement Navenby Sits upon Ermine Street. Evidence of Bronze and Iron Age activity. Roman Navenby - - 1385935.jpg
Owmby ? Settlement Owmby
Saltersford Causennis? Settlement Little Ponton and Stroxton
Sapperton Causennis? Fortified Settlement Sapperton
Sleaford Bannovalum? Settlement Sleaford
Stow Sidnacester Settlement Stow
Tattershall Drurobrivis Settlement Tattershall
Torksey Tiovulfingacester Settlement Torksey
Wainfleet Vainona Settlement Wainfleet
Ulceby Cross ? Settlement Ulceby
Willoughby Verometum Settlement Willoughby
Winteringham Ad Abum Settlement Winteringham


Name Roman Name Type Location Coordinates Dates Notes Image
Barrs Farm Villa ? Villa Hemingby
Baths ? Baths Lincoln (Steep Hill/Danes Terrace)
Baumber Cursus ? Cursus Baumber Possible Roman cursus
Bourne-Morton Canal ? Canal Between Bourne and Morton Only traceable through crop-marks.
Car Dyke ? Canal Western Edge of The Fens 85 miles long Car Dyke near Branston, Lincolnshire, - Geograph 524787.jpg
Castellum Aquæ ? Water Tank Lincoln (East Bight)
Denton Villa ? Villa Denton
East Gate ? Gate Lincoln (Eastgate) Lincoln East Gate North
Ermine Street ? Road Between London and York, via Stamford, Grantham, Ancaster, Lincoln, Scunthorpe Ermine Street.JPG
Forum ? Forum Lincoln (Bailgate) Granite stones mark locations of the now subsurface columns. Bailgate setts - - 640196.jpg
Foss Dyke ? Canal Between Lincoln and Torksey c.120AD
Fosse Way ? Road Between Exeter and Lincoln 230 miles in length Fosse Way.JPG
Glentworth Hall Villa ? Villa Glentworth
Gravel Pit Farm Villa ? Villa Kirton in Lindsey
Gravestone ? Gravestone Lincoln (St Mary le Wigford) Reused by the Danes. Now set in the wall of the Norman tower. Ertig's church - - 1707638.jpg
Haceby Villa ? Villa Haceby
High Street ? Road Between Horncastle and Caistor, via Baumber. Possibly on to The Humber. Ancient Ridgeway used and straightened by the Romans.
Horkstow Villa ? Villa Horkstow
King Street ? Road Between Peterborough and Ancaster via Bourne and Sapperton.
Kirmond le Mire Villa ? Villa Kirmond le Mire
Lady Well ? Natural Spring Ancaster Reputedly the water-source for Roman Ancaster.
Lead Coffin ? Coffin (Lead) Baumber (Churchyard) Found in Baumber churchyard in 1892.
Mareham Lane ? Road Between Bourne and Sleaford, and possibly on to Lincoln. Beacon Hill Farm - - 278433.jpg
Mere Balk Lane ? Road Between Stixwould and Saltfleetby, via Hemingby and Tathwell. Reputedly of Roman Origin due to its straightness. Mere Balk Lane - - 964409.jpg
Milestone ? Milestone Lincoln (St Mary's Guildhall) First Milestone south of Roman Lincoln.
Mint Wall ? Basicalla Lincoln (West Bight) West Bight - - 1027587.jpg
Mount Pleasant Farm Villa ? Villa Kirton in Lindsey
Newport Arch ? Gate Lincoln 3rd Century Reputedly the oldest arch in the United Kingdom still used by traffic Newport Arch (June 2013) 02.jpg
Norton Disney Villa ? Villa Norton Disney
Owmby ? Settlement Owmby
Posterngate ? Gate Lincoln (Saltersgate) Under RBS Bank. Limited public access. Roman Postern Gate at the S E corner of Lower Colonia, Lincoln 06.JPG
Riseholme Barrow ? Burial Barrow Riseholme 1st Century
Roxby Villa ? Villa Roxby
Scampton Villa ? Villa Scampton
South Gate (Upper) ? Gate Lincoln (Steep Hill) Fragments between numbers 25 and 26, and within 44, Steep Hill. Roman South Gate remains - - 305495.jpg
St Paul in the Bail ? Church Lincoln (Bailgate) 4th Century Site of St.Paul in the Bail - - 314605.jpg
Stainby Villa ? Villa Stainby
Stoke Rochford Villa ? Villa Stoke Rochford ;
Sudbrooke Villa ? Villa Sudbrooke Excavated since 2005
Till Bridge Lane ? Road Between Ermine Street north of Lincoln and York, via Doncaster, Castleford and Tadcaster.
Walesby Villa ? Villa Walesby
Wall ? City Wall Lincoln Surviving fragments throughout the city. Roman Wall.jpg
Wall ? Town Wall Horncastle Surviving fragments throughout the town. Roman Wall - - 381752.jpg
Winterton Villa ? Villa Winterton
Well ? Well Lincoln (Bailgate) Next to St Paul in the Bail, now covered with glass screen. In use until the 17th Century. Roman well - - 596657.jpg
West Gate (Lower) ? Gate Lincoln (Orchard Street) 3rd Century West Gate - - 495082.jpg
West Gate (Upper) ? Gate Lincoln (Westgate) No remains currently visible. Roman West at Lincoln Castle 01.jpeg
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