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This is a list of churches in the City of London which were rebuilt after the Great Fire of London (or in a later date) but have been demolished since then. All were designed by Sir Christopher Wren except All Hallows Staining, Holy Trinity Gough Square, St Alphage London Wall, St James Duke's Place, St Katherine Coleman, St Martin Outwich, St Peter le Poer and the non-Anglican churches and chapels.

Sometimes there is still some sign that a place of worship was once there. Parish register details were often transferred to the subsuming parish.

Completely demolished

Image Church name Location Rebuilt Date of demolition Subsuming parish
Hallows breadstreet shepherd.jpg All Hallows Bread Street Bread Street 1681-98 1878 St Mary-le-Bow
Hallows lombard godwin.jpg All Hallows Lombard Street Lombard Street 1686-94 1939 St Edmund the King and Martyr
Hallows great shepherd.jpg All-Hallows-the-Great Upper Thames Street 1677-84 1894 St. Michael Paternoster Royal
Trinity Church Gough Square.jpg Holy Trinity Gough Square Great New Street 1838 1906 St Bride's Church
Alphage london wall godwin.jpg St Alphage London Wall London Wall 1774-77 1923 St Mary Aldermanbury
Antholin watling shepherd.jpg St Antholin, Budge Row Watling Street 1678-84 1875 St Mary Aldermary
St Bartholomews by the Exchange Exterior.jpg St Bartholomew-by-the-Exchange Bartholomew Lane 1675-83 1840 St Margaret Lothbury
Benet fink shepherd.jpg St Benet Fink Threadneedle Street 1670-75 1846 St Peter le Poer
Benet gracechurch godwin.jpg St Benet Gracechurch Gracechurch Street 1681-87 1868 All Hallows Lombard Street
Christopher le stocks.jpg St Christopher le Stocks Threadneedle Street 1670-71 1782 St Margaret Lothbury
Dionis backchurch shepherd.jpg St Dionis Backchurch Fenchurch Street 1670-77 1878 All Hallows Lombard Street
George botolph godwin.jpg St George Botolph Lane Botolph Lane 1671-76 1904 St Mary-at-Hill
James dukes godwin.jpg St James Duke's Place Mitre Square 1727 1874 St Katharine Cree
Catherine coleman godwin.jpg St Katherine Coleman Church Row 1740 1926 St Olave Hart Street
St Martin Outwich.jpg St Martin Outwich Threadneedle Street 1798 1874 St Helen's Bishopsgate
Mary aldermanbury shepherd.jpg St Mary Aldermanbury Aldermanbury 1670-74 1940/1964 St Giles Cripplegate
Mary magdalen oldfish shepherd.jpg St Mary Magdalen Old Fish Street Old Change 1683-87 1893 St Martin, Ludgate
Matthew friday godwin.jpg St Matthew Friday Street Friday Street 1682-85 1885 St Vedast alias Foster
Michael bassishaw godwin.jpg St Michael Bassishaw Basinghall Street 1675-79 1900 St Lawrence Jewry
Michael crooked lane.jpg St Michael, Crooked Lane Miles's Lane 1687 1831 St Magnus the Martyr
Michael queenhithe shepherd.jpg St Michael Queenhithe Upper Thames Street 1676-86 1876 St James Garlickhythe
Michael woodstreet godwin.jpg St Michael Wood Street Wood Street 1670-75 1897 St Alban Wood Street
Mildred breadstreet shepherd.jpg St Mildred, Bread Street Bread Street 1677-83 1941 St Mary-le-Bow
Mildred poultry shepherd.jpg St Mildred, Poultry Poultry 1670-77 1872 St Olave Old Jewry
Peter le poer shepherd.jpg St Peter le Poer Old Broad Street 1788-92 1907 St Michael, Cornhill
Stephen coleman godwin.jpg St Stephen Coleman Street Coleman Street 1677 1940 St Margaret Lothbury
Swithin londonstone shepherd.jpg St Swithin, London Stone Cannon Street 1678 1940/1962 St Stephen Walbrook

Tower remains

Image Church name Location Rebuilt Date of demolition Subsuming parish
Hallows staining godwin.jpg All Hallows Staining Mark Lane 1674 1870 St Olave Hart Street
Christ church shepherd.jpg Christ Church Greyfriars Newgate Street 1677-91 1940 St Sepulchre-without-Newgate
Alban wood godwin.jpg St Alban, Wood Street Wood Street 1682-87 1940 St Vedast Foster Lane
Augustine watling godwin.jpg St Augustine Watling Street Watling Street 1680-87 1941 St Mary-le-Bow
Dunstan east shepherd.jpg St Dunstan-in-the-East St Dunstan's Hill 1698 1941 All Hallows by the Tower
Mary somerset shepherd.jpg St Mary Somerset Upper Thames Street 1686-94 1871 St Nicholas Cole Abbey
Olave oldjewry shepherd.jpg St Olave Old Jewry Old Jewry 1670-79 1887 St Margaret Lothbury

Other denominations

Image Church name Location Built Date of demolition Denomination
Albion Chapel.jpg Albion Chapel Finsbury Pavement 1816 1875 Scottish Presbyterian chapel
Finsbury Chapel.jpg Finsbury Chapel East Street 1825 1891 Congregational chapel
French church london.jpg French Protestant Church St Martin's Le Grand 1843 1888 French Protestant (Huguenot) church
J. F. Havell - The Unitarian Chapel, Finsbury.jpg South Place Chapel South Place 1824 1927 Unitarian chapel
Martin orgar shepherd.jpg St Martin Orgar Martin Lane 1820 French Protestant (Huguenot) chapel
Finsbury catholic church.jpg St Mary Moorfields Blomfield Street 1820 1899 Roman Catholic pro-cathedral
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