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Hawaii Islands
Eight main islands in the Hawaiian archipelago

The fish species of Hawaii inhabit the Hawaiian archipelago in the central North Pacific Ocean, southwest of the continental United States, southeast of Japan, and northeast of Australia. The islands are part of the State of Hawaii, United States. The state encompasses nearly the entire volcanic Hawaiian Island chain, which comprises hundreds of islands spread over 1,500 miles (2,400 km). At the southeastern end of the archipelago, the eight "main islands" are (from the northwest to southeast) Niʻihau, Kauaʻi, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Lānaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Maui, and Hawaiʻi. The Northwestern Hawaiian Islands include many atolls, and reefs. Due to Hawaii's isolation 30% of the fish are endemic (unique to the island chain).

In total the Hawaiian Islands comprise a total of 137 islands and atolls, with a total land area of 6,423.4 square miles (16,636.5 km2). This archipelago and its oceans are physiographically and ethnologically part of the Polynesian subregion of Oceania. The climate of Hawaii is typical for a tropical area, although temperatures and humidity tend to be a bit less extreme than other tropical locales due to the constant trade winds blowing from the east.

The surrounding waters are affected by effluents generated and released from the islands themselves. Floating plastic garbage is a problem, and refuse from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch affects its beaches. Other pressures on Hawaii's fish population are its fishing industries and whaling until IWC's moratorium in 1986. In the last century, some commercially fished stocks have decreased by 80-85%.

Due to its isolation, very few native freshwater fish species are found in Hawaii, and none are entirely restricted to freshwater (all are either anadromous, or also found in brackish and marine water in their adult stage). The seven native fish species regularly seen in fresh water are the flagtail Kuhlia xenura, the mullet Mugil cephalus, the gobies Awaous stamineus, Lentipes concolor, Sicyopterus stimpsoni and Stenogobius hawaiiensis, and the sleeper goby Eleotris sandwicensis. Three of the gobies, A. stamineus, L. concolor and S. stimpsoni, are famous for their ability to climb waterfalls to reach higher sections of freshwater streams. Several other species have been introduced to the freshwater habitats of Hawaii and some of these are invasive.

Species of fish

Hawaiian language Name Common Name Genus Scientific Name Family Common Family Name Endemic
Fisher's angelfish Fisher's angelfish Centropyge[1] C. fisheri[2] Pomacanthidae Angelfish N
Flame angelfish Flame angelfish Centropyge[3] C. loriculus[4] Pomacanthidae Angelfish N
Japanese angelfish Japanese angelfish Centropyge[5] C. interrupta[6] Pomacanthidae Angelfish N
Masked angelfish Masked angelfish Genicanthus[7] G. personatus[8] Pomacanthidae Angelfish Y
Nahacky's angelfish Nahacky angelfish Centropyge[9] C. nahackyi[10] Pomacanthidae Angelfish Y
Whiskered boarfish (striped boarfish) Whiskered boarfish Evistias[11] E. acutirostris[12] Pomacanthidae Angelfish Y
Kākū Barracuda Sphyraena[13] S. barracuda[14] Sphyraenidae Barracuda N
Blackfin barracuda Blackfin barracuda Sphyraena[15] S. qenie[16] Sphyraenidae Barracuda Y
Kaweleʻā Japanese barracuda Sphyraena[17] S. helleri[18] Sphyraenidae Barracuda N
Deepsea moi Beardfish Polymixia[19] P. berndti[20] Polymixiidae Beardfish N
ʻAweoweo Common bigeye Heteropriacanthus[21] H. carolinus[22] Priacanthidae Bigeye N
ʻAweoweo Hawaiian bigeye Priacanthus[23] P. meeki[24] Priacanthidae Bigeye Y
Auweke Moana kali Parupeneus[25] P. cyclostomus[26] Priacanthidae Bigeye N
Pāoʻo Hump-headed blenny Blenniella[27] B. gibbifrons[28] Blenniidae Blenny N
Ewa fang blenny Ewa fang blenny Plagiotremus[29] P. ewaensis[30] Blenniidae Blenny Y
Pāoʻo Gargantuan blenny Cirripectes[31] C. obscurus[32] Blenniidae Blenny Y
Gosline's fang blenny Gosline's fang blenny Plagiotremus[33] P. goslinei[34] Blenniidae Blenny Y
Pāoʻo Hawaiian zebra blenny Istiblennius[35] I. zebra[36] Blenniidae Blenny Y
Mangrove blenny Mangrove blenny Omobranchus[37] O. obliquus[38] Blenniidae Blenny N
Pāoʻo Marblehead blenny Entomacrodus[39] E. marmoratus[40] Blenniidae Blenny Y
Pāoʻo Scarface blenny Cirripectes[41] C. vanderbilti[42] Blenniidae Blenny Y
Pāoʻo ʻ kauila Spotted coral blenny Exallias[43] E. brevis[44] Blenniidae Blenny N
Pāoʻo Strasburg's blenny Entomacrodus[45] E. strasburgi[46] Blenniidae Blenny Y
Bandit angelfish Bandit angelfish Apolemichthys[47] A. arcuatus[48] Pentacerotidae Boarfish N
ʻOio Longjaw bonefish Albula[49] A. virgata[50] Albulidae Bonefish Y
ʻOio Shortjaw bonefish Albula[51] A. glossodonta[52] Albulidae Bonefish N
Pahu Spiny cowfish Lactoria[53] L. fornasini[54] Ostraciidae Boxfish N
Moa (Pahu) Spotted boxfish Ostracion[55] O. meleagris[56] Ostraciidae Boxfish N
Makukana (Pahu) Thornback cowfish Lactoria[57] L. diaphana[58] Ostraciidae Boxfish N
Pahu Whitley's boxfish Ostracion[59] O. whitleyi[60] Ostraciidae Boxfish N
Lauwiliwili nukunuku ʻoiʻoi Big longnose butterflyfish Forcipiger[61] F. longirostris[62] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Blacklip butterflyfish Sunburst butterflyfish Chaetodon[63] C. kleinii[64] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Kīkākapu Bluestripe butterflyfish Chaetodon[65] C. fremblii[66] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Chevron butterflyfish Chevron butterflyfish Chaetodon[67] C. trifascialis[68] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Lauwiliwili nukunuku ʻoiʻoi Yellow longnose butterflyfish Forcipiger[69] F. flavissimus[70] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Lauhau Fourspot butterflyfish Chaetodon[71] C. quadrimaculatus[72] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Kīkākapu Lined butterflyfish Chaetodon[73] C. lineolatus[74] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Lauwiliwili Milletseed butterflyfish Chaetodon[75] C. miliaris[76] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish Y
Kīkākapu Pebbled butterflyfish Chaetodon[77] C. multicinctus[78] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish Y
Kīkākapu Ornate butterflyfish Chaetodon[79] C. ornatissimus[80] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Kapuhili Oval butterflyfish Chaetodon[81] C. lunulatus[82] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Pennant butterflyfish Schooling bannerfish Heniochus[83] H. diphreutes[84] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Pyramid butterflyfish Pyramid butterflyfish Hemitaurichthys[85] H. polylepis[86] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Kīkākapu Raccoon butterflyfish Chaetodon[87] C. linula[88] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Reticulated butterflyfish Mailed butterflyfish Chaetodon[89] C. reticulatus[90] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Kīkākapu Speckled butterflyfish Chaetodon[91] C. citrinellus[92] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Speckled butterflyfish Speckled butterflyfish Chaetodon[93] C. ephippium[94] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish Y
Teardrop butterflyfish Teardrop butterflyfish Chaetodon[95] C. unimaculatus[96] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Thompson's butterflyfish Thompson's butterflyfish Hemitaurichthys[97] H. thompsoni[98] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Kīkākapu Threadfin butterflyfish Chaetodon[99] C. auriga[100] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Tinker's butterflyfish Tinker's butterflyfish Chaetodon[101] C. tinkeri[102] Chaetodontidae Butterflyfish N
Viviparous brotulas Viviparous brotulas Grammonus[103] G. nagaredai[104] Bythitidae Bythitidae N
ʻUpāpalu Bandfin cardinalfish Pristiapogon[105] P. taeniopterus[106] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes N
ʻUpāpalu Bay cardinalfish Foa[107] F. brachygramma[108] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes Y
ʻUpāpalu Spotted cardinalfish Apogon[109] A. maculiferus[110] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes Y
ʻUpāpalu Deetsie's cardinalfish Apogon[111] A. deetsie[112] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes N
ʻUpāpalu Evermann's cardinalfish Zapogon[113] Z. evermanni[114] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes N
ʻUpāpalu Hawaiian ruby cardinalfish Apogon[115] A. erythrinus[116] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes Y
ʻUpāpalu Hawaiian spotted cardinalfish Ostorhinchus[117] O. maculiferus[118] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes Y
ʻUpāpalu Iridescent cardinalfish Pristiapogon[119] P. kallopterus[120] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes N
ʻUpāpalu Transparent cardinalfish Pseudamiops[121] P. diaphanes[122] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes Y
ʻUpāpalu Waikīkī cardinalfish Apogonichthys[123] A. perdix[124] Apogonidae Cardinalfishes N
Agile chromis Agile chromis Chromis[125] C. agilis[126] Pomacentridae Chromis N
Blackfin chromis Blackfin chromis Chromis[127] C. vanderbilti[128] Pomacentridae Chromis N
Chocolate dip chromis Chocolate dip chromis Chromis[129] C. hanui[130] Pomacentridae Chromis Y
ʻāloʻiloʻi Hawaiian dascyllus Dascyllus[131] D. albisella[132] Pomacentridae Chromis N
Midget chromis Midget chromis Chromis[133] C. acares[134] Pomacentridae Chromis N
Oval chromis Oval chromis Chromis[135] C. ovalis[136] Pomacentridae Chromis Y
Threespot chromis Threespot chromis Chromis[137] C. verater[138] Pomacentridae Chromis Y
White-tail chromis White-tail chromis Chromis[139] C. leucura[140] Pomacentridae Chromis N
Barred conger Barred conger Ariosoma[141] A. fasciatus[142] Congridae Conger eel N
Puhi ūhā Hawaiian conger Conger[143] C. marginatus[144] Congridae Conger eel Y
Hawaiian garden eel Hawaiian garden eel Gorgasia[145] G. hawaiiensis[146] Congridae Conger eel Y
Large-eye conger Large-eye conger Ariosoma[147] A. marginatum[148] Congridae Conger eel Y
Puhiuha White eel Conger[149] C. cinereus[150] Congridae Conger eel N
Nūnū Cornetfish Fistularia[151] F. commersonii[152] Fistulariidae Cornetfish N
Hawaiian coral croucher Hawaiian coral croucher Caracanthus[153] C. typicus[154] Caracanthidae Croucher Y
Puhi Palahoana Bearded cusk eel/Many-whiskered brotula Brotula[155] B. multibarbata[156] Ophidiidae Cusk eel N
Blue-eye damselfish Blue-eye damselfish Plectroglyphidodon[157] P. johnstonianus[158] Pomacentridae Damselfish N
Bright-eye damselfish Bright-eye damselfish Plectroglyphidodon[159] P. imparipennis[160] Pomacentridae Damselfish N
Kupīpī Gray damselfish Abudefduf[161] A. sordidus[162] Pomacentridae Damselfish N
Hawaiian gregory Hawaiian gregory Stegastes[163] S. marginatus[164] Pomacentridae Damselfish Y
Hawaiian rock damselfish Hawaiian rock damselfish Plectroglyphidodon[165] P. sindonis[166] Pomacentridae Damselfish Y
Mamo Hawaiian sergeant major damsel Abudefduf[167] A. abdominalis[168] Pomacentridae Damselfish Y
Kupīpī Indo-Pacific damselfish Abudefduf[169] A. vaigiensis[170] Pomacentridae Damselfish N
Phoenix island damselfish Phoenix island damselfish Plectroglyphidodon[171] P. phoenixensis[172] Pomacentridae Damselfish N
Curious wormfish Curious wormfish Gunnellichthys[173] G. curiosis[174] Microdesmidae Dartfish N
Fire dartfish Fire dartfish Nemateleotris[175] N. magnifica[176] Ptereleotridae Dartfish N
Indigo dartfish Indigo dartfish Nemateleotris[177] N. heteroptera[178] Ptereleotridae Dartfish N
Mahimahi Small dolphin fish Coryphaena[179] C. equisetis[180] Coryphaenidae Dolphinfish N
Exclamation point dragonet Exclamation point dragonet Synchiropus[181] S. corallinus[182] Callionymidae Dragonet N
Fringelip dragonet Fringelip dragonet Draculo[183] D. popognathus[184] Callionymidae Dragonet Y
Hawaiian triplefin Hawaiian triplefin Enneapterygius[185] E. atriceps[186] Tripterygiidae Dragonet Y
Longtail dragonet Longtail dragonet Callionymus[187] C. decoratus[188] Callionymidae Dragonet N
Rosy dragonet Rosy dragonet Synchiropus[189] S. rosulentus[190] Callionymidae Dragonet Y
Haielepo (Hīhīmanu) Spotted eagle ray Aetobatus[191] A. narinari[192] Myliobatidae Eagle ray N
Nehu Encrasicholina[193] E. purpurea[194] Engraulidae Anchovy Y
ʻōʻili Barred filefish Cantherhines[195] C. dumerilii[196] Monacanthidae Filefish N
Oilipa Bluelined leather jacket Osbeckia[197] O. scripta[198] Monacanthidae Filefish N
ʻōʻili ʻūwi ʻūwi Hawaiian fantail filefish Pervagor[199] P. spilosoma[200] Monacanthidae Filefish Y
Loulu Scrawled filefish Aluterus[201] A. scriptus[202] Monacanthidae Filefish N
ʻōʻili Shy filefish Cantherhines[203] C. verecundus[204] Monacanthidae Filefish Y
ʻōʻili lepa Squaretail filefish Cantherhines[205] C. sandwichiensis[206] Monacanthidae Filefish N
Unicorn filefish Unicorn filefish Aluterus[207] A. monoceros[208] Monacanthidae Filefish N
ʻōʻili Yellowtail filefish Pervagor[209] P. aspricaudus[210] Monacanthidae Filefish N
āholehole Hawaiian flagtail Kuhlia[211] K. xenura[212] Kuhliidae Flagtail Y
āholehole Zebrahead flagtail Kuhlia[213] K. sandvicensis[214] Kuhliidae Flagtail N
Malolo Flyingfish Parexocroetus[215] P. brachypterus[216] Exocoetidae Flying fish N
Ioloaʻu (Pinao) Oriental flying gurnard Dactyloptena[217] D. orientalis[218] Dactylopteridae Flying gurnards N
Commerson's frogfish Commerson's frogfish Antennarius[219] A. commerson[220] Antennariidae Frogfish N
Hawaiian freckled frogfish Hawaiian freckled frogfish Antennarius[221] A. drombus[222] Antennariidae Frogfish Y
Painted frogfish Painted frogfish Antennarius[223] A. pictus[224] Antennariidae Frogfish N
Retriculated frogfish Retriculated frogfish Antennarius[225] A. tuberosus[226] Antennariidae Frogfish N
Sargassum frogfish Sargassum frogfish Histrio[227] H. histrio[228] Antennariidae Frogfish N
Warty frogfish Warty frogfish Antennarius[229] A. maculatus[230] Antennariidae Frogfish N
Walu Oilfish Ruvettus[231] R. pretiosus[232] Gempylidae Gempylidae N
Weke pueo Bandtail goatfish Upeneus[233] U. arge[234] Mullidae Goatfish N
Munu Doublebar goatfish Parupeneus[235] Mullidae Goatfish N
Munu Island goatfish Parupeneus[236] P. insularis[237] Mullidae Goatfish N
Moano Manybar goatfish Parupeneus[238] P. multifasciatus[239] Mullidae Goatfish N
Weke moelua (weke ʻula Pfluger's goatfish Mulloidichthys[240] M. pfluger[241] Mullidae Goatfish N
Moano Sidespot goatfish Parupeneus[242] P. pleurostigma[243] Mullidae Goatfish N
Wekeʻā Square-spot goatfish/Yellowstripe goatfish Mulloidichthys[244] M. flavolineatus[245] Mullidae Goatfish N
Kūmū White saddle goatfish Parupeneus[246] P. porphyreus[247] Mullidae Goatfish Y
White weke Samoan goatfish Mulloidichthys[248] M. samoensis[249] Mullidae Goatfish N
Wekeʻula Yellowfin goatfish Mulloidichthys[250] M. vanicolensis[251] Mullidae Goatfish N
Barred tide pool goby Barred tidepool goby Kelloggella[252] K. oligolepis[253] Gobiidae Goby N
Black coral goby Black coral goby Bryaninops[254] B. tigris[255] Gobiidae Goby N
ʻoʻoopuʻohune Cheekscaled frill goby Bayhygobius[256] B. cotticeps[257] Gobiidae Goby N
Cloudy goby Cloudy goby Opua[258] O. nephodes[259] Gobiidae Goby N
ʻoʻoopuʻohune Cocos island frill goby Bayhygobius[260] B. cosoensis[261] Gobiidae Goby N
Divine pygmy goby Divine pygmy goby Eviota[262] E. epiphanes[263] Gobiidae Goby N
Eyebar goby Eyebar goby Gnatholepis[264] G. anjerensis[265] Gobiidae Goby N
Golden green goby Golden green goby Priolepis[266] P. aureoviridis[267] Gobiidae Goby N
Gorgonian goby Gorgonian goby Bryaninops[268] B. amplus[269] Gobiidae Goby N
Halfspotted goby Halfspotted goby Asterropteryx[270] A. semipunctatus[271] Gobiidae Goby N
Hawaiian shrimp goby Hawaiian shrimp goby Psilogobius[272] P. mainlandi[273] Gobiidae Goby N
Michel's ghost goby Michel's ghost goby Pleurosicya[274] P. micheli[275] Gobiidae Goby N
Shoulderspot goby Shoulderspot goby Gnatholepis[276] G. cauerensis[277] Gobiidae Goby N
Taylor's dwarf goby Taylor's dwarf goby Trimma[278] T. taylori[279] Gobiidae Goby N
Twospot sand goby Twospot sand goby Coryphopterus[280] C. duospilus[281] Gobiidae Goby N
ʻoʻoopuʻohune Whitespotted frill goby Bayhygobius[282] B. coalitus[283] Gobiidae Goby N
Wire coral goby Wire coral goby Bryaninops[284] B. yorigei[285] Gobiidae Goby N
Bicolor anthias Bicolor anthias Pseudanthias[286] P. bicolor[287] Serranidae Grouper N
Earle's splitfin anthias Earle's splitfin anthias Luzonicthys[288] L. earlei[289] Serranidae Grouper N
Elegant anthias Elegant anthias Caprodon[290] C. unicolor[291] Serranidae Grouper Y
Giant grouper Giant grouper Epinephelus[292] E. lanceolatus[293] Serranidae Grouper N
Hapuʻupuʻu Hawaiian black grouper Epinephelus[294] E. quernus[295] Serranidae Grouper Y
Hawaiian yellow anthias Hawaiian yellow anthias Odontanthias[296] O. fuscipinnis[297] Serranidae Grouper Y
Roi Blue-spotted grouper Cephalopholis[298] C. argus[299] Serranidae Grouper N
Sunset basslet Sunset basslet Liopropoma[300] L. aurora[301] Serranidae Grouper Y
Hawaiian longfin anthias Sunset basslet Pseudanthias[302] P. hawaiiensis[303] Serranidae Grouper Y
Thompson's anthias Thompson's anthias Pseudanthias[304] P. thompsoni[305] Serranidae Grouper Y
Iheihe Acute halfbeak Hyporhamphus[306] H. acutus[307] Hemiramphidae Halfbeak N
Iheihe Halfbeak Hyporhamphus[308] H. pacificus[309] Hemiramphidae Halfbeak N
Iheihe Polynesian halfbeak Hyporhamphus[310] H. depauperatus[311] Hemiramphidae Halfbeak N
Arc-eye hawkfish Arc-eye hawkfish Paracirrhites[312] P. arcatus[313] Cirrhitidae Hawkfishes N
Hilu pilikoʻa Blackside hawkfish Paracirrhites[314] P. forsteri[315] Cirrhitidae Hawkfishes N
Longnose hawkfish Longnose hawkfish Oxycirrhites[316] O. typus[317] Cirrhitidae Hawkfishes N
Pilikoʻa Redbarred hawkfish Cirrhitops[318] C. fasciatus[319] Cirrhitidae Hawkfishes Y
Poʻopaʻa Stocky hawkfish Cirrhitus[320] C. pinnulatis[321] Cirrhitidae Hawkfishes N
Twospot hawkfish Twospot hawkfish Amblycirrhitus[322] A. bimacula[323] Cirrhitidae Hawkfishes N
Piha Delicate roundherring Spratelloides[324] S. delicatulus[325] Clupeidae Herring N
Pietschmann's Infantfish Pietschmann's infantfish Schindleria[326] S. pietschmanni[327] Schindleriidae Infantfish N
Schindler's Infantfish Schindler's infantfish Schindleria[328] S. praematura[329] Schindleriidae Infantfish N
Ulua kihikihi Threadfin jack Alectis[330] A. ciliaris[331] Carangidae Jack N
Kāhala Greater Amberjack Seriola[332] S. dumerili[333] Carangidae Jack N
Ulua Barred jack Carangoides[334] C. ferdau[335] Carangidae Jack N
Akule (Hahalalu) Bigeye scad Selar[336] S. crumenophthalmus[337] Carangidae Jack N
Lai Doublespotted queenfish Scomberoides[338] S. lysan[339] Carangidae Jack N
Ulua Island jack Carangoides[340] C. orthogrammus[341] Carangidae Jack N
Ulua lāuli Whitetongue jack Uraspis[342] U. helvola[343] Carangidae Jack Y
Barred knifejaw Barred knifejaw Oplegnathus[344] O. fasciatus[345] Oplegnathidae Knifejaw N
Spotted knifejaw Spotted knifejaw Oplegnathus[346] O. punctatus[347] Oplegnathidae Knifejaw N
Awaʻawa Ladyfish Elops[348] E. hawaiensis[349] Elopidae Ladyfish N
Pakiʻi Flowery flounder Bothus[350] B. mancus[351] Bothidae Left-eyed flounder N
Pakiʻi Hawaiian dwarf flounder Engyprosopon[352] E. hawaiiensis[353] Bothidae Left-eyed flounder N
Pakiʻi Panther flounder Bothus[354] B. pantherinus[355] Bothidae Left-eyed flounder N
ʻulae Clearfin lizardfish Synodus[356] S. ulae[357] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
ʻulae Hawaiian lizardfish Synodus[358] S. dermatogenys[359] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
weleʻā Nearsighted lizardfish Trachinocephalus[360] T. myops[361] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
ʻulae Orangemouth lizardfish Saurida[362] S. flamma[363] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
ʻulae Redmarbled lizardfish Synodus[364] S. rubromammoratus[365] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
ʻulae Reef lizardfish Synodus[366] S. ulae[367] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
ʻulae Slender lizardfish Saurida[368] S. gracilis[369] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
ʻulae Twospot lizardfish Synodus[370] S. binotatus[371] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
ʻulae Twospot lizardfish Synodus[372] S. lobeli[373] Synodontidae Lizardfish N
Aʻu Black marlin Makaira[374] M. indica[375] Istiophoridae Marlin N
Aʻu Atlantic blue marlin Makaira[376] M. nigricans[377] Istiophoridae Marlin N
Aʻu lepe Sailfish Istiophorus[378] I. platypterus[379] Istiophoridae Marlin N
Hebe Shortnose spearfish Tetrapturus[380] T. angustirostris[381] Istiophoridae Marlin N
Striped marlin Striped marlin Tetrapturus[382] T. audax[383] Istiophoridae Marlin N
Awa Milkfish Chanos[384] C. chanos[385] Chanidae Milkfish N
Makua Ocean sunfish Mola[386] M. mola[387] Molidae Mola N
Opah Moonfish Lampris[388] L. guttatus[389] Lampridae Moonfish N
Kihikihi Moorish idol Zanclus[390] Z. cornutus[391] Zanclidae Moorish idol N
Puhi leihale Barred moray Echidna[392] E. polyzona[393] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi kauila Leopard moray Enchelycore E. pardalis[394] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi Dwarf moray Gymnothorax[395] G. melatremus[396] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi Giant moray Gymnothorax[397] G. javanicus[398] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi Tiger moray Uropterygius[399] U. tigrinus Muraenidae Moray eel N
Large-spotted snake moray Large-spotted snake moray Uropterygius[400] U. polyspilus[401] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi kāpaʻa Peppered moray Gymnothorax[402] G. pictus[403] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi Slendertail moray Gymnothorax[404] G. gracilicaudus[405] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi kāpā Snowflake moray Echidna[406] E. nebulosa[407] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi Brown speckled eel Gymnothorax[408] G. steindachneri[409] Muraenidae Moray eel Y
Puhi Tiger snake moray Scuticaria[410] S. tigrina[411] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi lau milo Undulated moray Gymnothorax[412] G. undulatus[413] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi kauila Viper moray Enchelynassa[414] E. canina[415] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi Whitemargin moray Gymnothorax[416] G. albimarginatus[417] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi ʻōniʻo Whitemouth moray Gymnothorax[418] G. meleagris[419] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi ʻou (Puhi ʻapo) Yellowhead moray Gymnothorax[420] G. rueppelliae[421] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi Yellowmouth moray Gymnothorax[422] G. nudivomer[423] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Puhi Zebra moray Gymnomuraena[424] G. zebra[425] Muraenidae Moray eel N
Uoauoa Flat greyhead mullet Mugil[426] M. cephalus[427] Mugilidae Mullet N
Uoauoa Sharpnose mullet Neomyxus[428] N. leuciscus[429] Mugilidae Mullet N
ʻAha Crocodile needlefish Ablennes[430] A. hians[431] Belonidae Needlefish N
ʻAha kunt Tylosurus[432] T. crocodilus[433] Belonidae Needlefish N
ʻAha Keeltail needlefish Platybelone[434] P. argalus[435] Belonidae Needlefish N
ʻAha Needlefish Strongylura[436] S. gigantea[437] Belonidae Needlefish N
Uhu Bullethead parrotfish Chlorurus[438] C. spilurus[439] Scaridae Parrotfishes N
Uhu pālukaluka Ember parrotfish Scarus[440] S. rubroviolaceus[441] Scaridae Parrotfishes N
Pōnuunuhu Gaimard's parrotfish Calotomus[442] C. carolinus[443] Scaridae Parrotfishes N
Uhu Palenose parrotfish Scarus[444] S. psittacus[445] Scaridae Parrotfishes N
Lauia Regal parrotfish Scarus[446] S. dubius[447] Scaridae Parrotfishes Y
Uhu Spectacled parrotfish Chlorurus[448] C. perspicillatus[449] Scaridae Parrotfishes N
Yellowbar parrotfish Yellowbar parrotfish Calotomus[450] C. zonarchus[451] Scaridae Parrotfishes Y
Cushion star pearlfish Cushion star pearlfish Carapus[452] C. mourlani[453] Carapidae Pearlfish N
Fowler's pearlfish Fowler's pearlfish Onuxodon[454] O. fowleri[455] Carapidae Pearlfish N
Ball's pipefish Ball's pipefish Cosmocampus[456] C. balli[457] Syngnathidae Pipefish Y
Bluestripe pipefish Bluestripe pipefish Doryhamphus[458] D. excisus[459] Syngnathidae Pipefish N
Edmondson's pipefish Edmondson's pipefish Halicampus[460] H. edmonsoni[461] Syngnathidae Pipefish Y
Fisher's seahorse Fisher's seahorse Hippocampus[462] H. fisheri[463] Syngnathidae Pipefish Y
Hawaiian smooth seahorse Hawaiian smooth seahorse Hippocampus[464] H. kuda[465] Syngnathidae Pipefish N
Redstripe pipefish Redstripe pipefish Dunckerocampus[466] D. baldwini[467] Syngnathidae Pipefish Y
Thorny seahorse Thorny seahorse Hippocampus[468] H. histrix[469] Syngnathidae Pipefish N
Pomfret Pomfret Taractes[470] T. steindachneri[471] Bramidae Pomfret N
Kōkala (ʻo(ʻopu kawa Giant porcupinefish Diodon[472] D. hystrix[473] Diodontidae Porcupinefish N
Kōkala (ʻo(ʻopu ōkala Longspine porcupinefish Diodon[474] D. holocanthus[475] Diodontidae Porcupinefish N
Kōkala (ʻo(ʻopu hue Spotted burrfish Chilomycterus[476] C. reticulatus[477] Diodontidae Porcupinefish N
Ambon toby Ambon toby Canthigaster[478] C. amboinensis[479] Tetraodontidae Pufferfish N
Floral puffer Floral puffer Torquigener[480] T. florealis[481] Tetraodontidae Pufferfish N
Hawaiian whitespotted toby Hawaiian whitespotted toby Canthigaster[482] C. jactator[483] Tetraodontidae Pufferfish Y
Lantern toby Lantern toby Canthigaster[484] C. epilampra[485] Tetraodontidae Pufferfish N
Maze toby Maze toby Canthigaster[486] C. rivulata[487] Tetraodontidae Pufferfish N
Randall's puffer Randall's puffer Torquigener[488] T. randalli[489] Tetraodontidae Pufferfish Y
ʻoʻopu hue (keke) Stripebelly puffer Arothron[490] A. hispidus[491] Tetraodontidae Pufferfish N
ʻoʻopu hue (keke) Stripebelly puffer Arothron[492] A. meleagris[493] Tetraodontidae Pufferfish N
Hāhāua Manta ray Manta[494] M. birostris[495] Mobulidae Ray N
Hāhāua Manta ray Manta[496] M. alfredi[497] Mobulidae Ray N
Omo Common remora Remora[498] R. remora[499] Echeneidae Remora N
Leleiona Slender remora Echeneis[500] E. naucrates[501] Echeneidae Remora N
Pakiʻi Three-spot flounder Samariscus[502] S. triocellatus[503] Samaridae Right-eyed flounder N
South Pacific sandburrower South Pacific sandburrower Crystallodytes[504] C. cookei[505] Creedidae Sandburrower Y
Pyle's sandlance Pyle's sandlance Ammodytoides[506] A. pylei[507] Ammodytidae Sandlance Y
Redspotted sandperch Redspotted sandperch Parapercis[508] P. schauinslandi[509] Pinguipedidae Sandperch N
Goldspot sardine Goldspot sardine Herklotsichthys[510] H. quadrimaculatus[511] Clupeidae Sardine N
Makiawa Round herring Etrumeus[512] E. makiawa[513] Clupeidae Sardine Y
ʻOpelu Mackerel scad Decapterus[514] D. pinnulatus[515] Carangidae Scad N
Coral scorpionfish Coral scorpionfish Scorpaenodes[516] S. corallinus[517] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Nohu Decoy scorpionfish Iracundus[518] I. signifer[519] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Nohu ʻomakaha Devil scorpionfish Scorpaenodes[520] S. diabolus[521] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Dwarf scorpionfish Dwarf scorpionfish Scorpaenodes[522] S. fowleri[523] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Galactic scorpionfish Galactic scorpionfish Sebastapistes[524] S. galactacma[525] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Nohu pinao Hawaiian green lionfish Dendochirus[526] D. barberi[527] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish Y
Nohu pinao Hawaiian turkeyfish Pterois[528] P. sphex[529] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish Y
Kellogg's scorpionfish Kellogg's scorpionfish Scorpaenodes[530] S. kelloggi[531] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Oʻopu kai nohu Large headed scorpion Pontinus[532] P. macrocephalus[533] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Leaf scorpionfish Leaf scorpionfish Taenianotus[534] T. triacanthus[535] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Lowfin scorpionfish Lowfin scorpionfish Scorpaenodes[536] S. parvipinnis[537] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Nohu Shortsnout scorpionfish Scorpaenodes[538] S. brevifrons[539] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish Y
Spotfin scorpionfish Spotfin scorpionfish Sebastapistes[540] S. ballieui[541] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish Y
Strange-face scorpionfish Strange-face scorpionfish Rhinopias[542] R. xenops[543] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish N
Nohu Titan scorpionfish Scorpaenodes[544] S. cacopsis[545] Scorpaenidae Scorpionfish Y
Nenue Bicolor chub Kyphosus[546] K. hawaiiensis[547] Kyphosidae Sea chubs Y
Nenue Brassy/Lowfin chub Kyphosus[548] K. vaigiensis[549] Kyphosidae Sea chubs N
Nenue Gray chub Kyphosus[550] K. sandwicensis[551] Kyphosidae Sea chubs N
Nenue Highfin chub Kyphosus[552] K. cinerescens[553] Kyphosidae Sea chubs N
Manō pāʻele Blacktip reef shark Carcharhinus[554] C. melanopterus[555] Carcharinidae Shark N
Cookiecutter shark Cookiecutter shark Isistius[556] I. brasilliensis[557] Dalatiidae Shark N
Manō Galápagos shark Carcharhinus[558] C. galapagensis[559] Carcharinidae Shark N
Manō Sandbar shark Carcharhinus[560] C. plumbeus[561] Carcharinidae Shark N
Manō kihikihi Scalloped hammerhead Rhincodon[562] R. typus[563] Sphyrnidae Shark N
Niuhi Tiger shark Carcharhinus[564] C. cuvier[565] Carcharinidae Shark N
Whale shark Whale shark Rhincodon[566] R. typus[567] Lamnidae Shark N
Manō lālā kea Whitetip reef shark Triaenodon[568] T. obesus[569] Carcharinidae Shark N
ʻiao Hawaiian silverside Atherinomorus[570] A. insularum[571] Atherinidae Silverside Y
Fowler's snake eel Fowler's snake eel Ophichthus[572] O. fowleri[573] Ophichthidae Snake eel Y
Freckled snake eel Freckled snake eel Callechelys[574] C. lutea[575] Ophichthidae Snake eel Y
Henshaw's snake eel Henshaw's snake eel Brachysomophis[576] B. henshawi[577] Ophichthidae Snake eel N
Large-spotted snake eel Henshaw's snake eel Ophichthus[578] O. polyophthalmus[579] Ophichthidae Snake eel N
Magnificent snake eel Magnificent snake eel Myrichthys[580] M. magnificus[581] Ophichthidae Snake eel Y
Pencil snake eel Pencil snake eel Apterichtus[582] A. klazingai[583] Ophichthidae Snake eel N
Saddled snake eel Saddled snake eel Leiuranus[584] L. semicinctus[585] Ophichthidae Snake eel N
Bigeye emperor Monotaxis[586] M. grandoculis[587] Lethrinidae Emperor breams N
Toʻau Black tail snapper Lutjanus[588] L. fulvus[589] Lutjanidae Snappers N
Taʻape Blue striped snapper Lutjanus[590] L. kasmira[591] Lutjanidae Snappers N
ʻUkiʻuki (Gindai) Brigham's snapper Pristipomoides[592] P. zonatus[593] Lutjanidae Snappers N
Wahanui Forktail snapper Aphareus[594] A. furca[595] Lutjanidae Snappers N
Uku Gray jobfish Aprion[596] A. virescens[597] Lutjanidae Snappers N
Lehi (Lehe) Ironjaw snapper Aphareus[598] A. rutilans[599] Lutjanidae Snappers N
ʻOpakapaka Pink snapper Pristipomoides[600] P. filamentosus[601] Lutjanidae Snappers N
Onaga Longtail red snapper Etelis E. coruscans Lutjanidae Snappers N
Ehu Squirrelfish snapper Etelis[602] E. carbunculus[603] Lutjanidae Snappers N
Kalekale Von Siebold's snapper Pristipomoides[604] P. sieboldii[605] Lutjanidae Snappers N
Boreham's sole Boreham's sole Aseraggodes[606] A. borehami[607] Soleidae Sole Y
Holcom's sole Holcom's sole Aseraggodes[608] A. holcomi[609] Soleidae Sole Y
Therese's sole Therese's sole Aseraggodes[610] A. therese[611] Soleidae Sole Y
Uʻu Bigscale squirrelfish Myripristis[612] M. berndti[613] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Alaʻihi Bluestripe squirrelfish Sargocentron[614] S. tiere[615] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Uʻu Brick soldierfish Myripristis[616] M. amaena[617] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Alaʻihi Crown squirrelfish Sargocentron[618] S. diadema[619] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Alaʻihi Dwarf squirrelfish Sargocentron[620] S. iota[621] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Goldline squirrelfish Goldline squirrelfish Neoniphon[622] N. aurolineatus[623] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Alaʻihi Hawaiian squirrelfish Sargocentron[624] S. xantherythrum[625] Holocentridae Squirrelfish Y
Alaʻihi Longjaw squirrelfish Sargocentron[626] S. spiniferum[627] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Uʻu Pearly squirrelfish/Shoulderbar squirrelfish Myripristis[628] M. kuntee[629] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Alaʻihi Peppered squirrelfish Sargocentron[630] S. punctatissimum[631] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Uʻu Rough-scale squirrelfish Plectrypops[632] P. lima[633] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Alaʻihi Spotfin squirrelfish Neoniphon[634] N. sammara[635] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Alaʻihi Squirrelfish Flammeo[636] F. scythrops[637] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Whitespot squirrelfish Whitespot squirrelfish Pristilepis[638] P. oligolepis[639] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Uʻu Whitetip squirrelfish Myripristis[640] M. vittata[641] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Uʻu Yellowfin squirrelfish Myripristis[642] M. chryseres[643] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Yellowstripe squirrelfish Yellowstripe squirrelfish Sargocentron[644] S. ensifer[645] Holocentridae Squirrelfish N
Stripey Stripey Microcanthus[646] M. strigatus[647] Microcanthidae Stripey N
Pākuʻikuʻi Achilles tang Acanthurus[648] A. achilles[649] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Māiʻiʻi Black and brown surgeonfish Acanthurus[650] A. nigrofuscus[651] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Black surgeonfish Black surgeonfish Acanthurus[652] A. hawaiiensis[653] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Maiko Bluelined surgeonfish Acanthurus[654] A. nigroris[655] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Kala Bluespine unicornfish Naso[656] N. unicornis[657] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Manini Convict tang Acanthurus[658] A. triostegus[659] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Palani Dussumier's surgeon Acanthurus[660] A. dussumieri[661] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Kole Goldenring surgeonfish Ctenochaetus[662] C. strigosus[663] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish Y
Goldrim tang Goldrim tang Acanthurus[664] A. nigricans[665] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Gray unicornfish Gray unicornfish Naso[666] N. hexacanthus[667] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Lined surgeonfish Lined surgeonfish Acanthurus[668] A. lineatus[669] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Naʻenaʻa Orangeband surgeonfish Acanthurus[670] A. olivaceus[671] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Umauma lei Orangespine unicornfish Naso[672] N. lituratus[673] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Kala lōlō Paletail unicornfish Naso[674] N. brevirostris[675] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Pualu Ringtail surgeonfish Acanthurus[676] A. blochii[677] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Api (Māneoneo) Sailfin tang Zebrasoma[678] Z. veliferum[679] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Kala holo (ʻlōpelu kala) Sleek unicornfish Naso[680] N. caesius[681] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Thompson's surgeonfish Thompson's surgeonfish Acanthurus[682] A. thompsoni[683] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Pualu Elongate surgeonfish Acanthurus[684] A. mata[685] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Māikoiko Whitebar surgeonfish Acanthurus[686] A. leucopareius[687] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Whitemargin unicornfish Whitemargin unicornfish Naso[688] N. annulatus[689] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Api Whitespotted surgeonfish Acanthurus[690] A. guttatus[691] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Lauiʻīpala Yellow tang Zebrasoma[692] Z. flavescens[693] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Pualu Yellowfin surgeonfish Acanthurus[694] A. xanthopterus[695] Acanthuridae Surgeonfish N
Aʻuku Swordfish Xiphins[696] X. gladius[697] Xiphiidae Swordfish N
Moi Threadfin Polydactylus[698] P. sexfilis[699] Polynemidae Threadfin N
Blackchin tilapia Blackchin tilapia Sarotherodon[700] S. melanotheron[701] Cirrhitidae Tilapia N
Flagtail tilefish Flagtail tilefish Malacanthus[702] M. brevirostris[703] Malacanthidae Tilefish N
Pake ulua Bigeye trevalley Caranx[704] C. sexfasciatus[705] Carangidae Trevally N
Ulua lāʻ Black trevalley Caranx[706] C. lugubris[707] Carangidae Trevally N
Kamanu Rainbow runner Elegatis[708] E. bipinnulatus[709] Carangidae Trevally N
ʻōmilu Bluefin trevalley Caranx[710] C. melampygus[711] Carangidae Trevally N
Ulua aukea Giant trevalley Caranx[712] C. ignobilis[713] Carangidae Trevally N
Ulua paʻopaʻo Golden trevalley Gnathadon[714] G. speciosus[715] Carangidae Trevally N
Ulua Thick-lipped trevally Pseudocaranx[716] P. cheilio[717] Carangidae Trevally Y
Butaguchi White trevally Pseudocaranx[718] P. dentex[719] Carangidae Trevally N
Humu-humu ʻleʻle Black triggerfish Melichthys[720] M. niger[721] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Blueline triggerfish Blueline triggerfish Xanthichthys[722] X. caeruleolineatus[723] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Humuhumu mimi Bridled triggerfish Sufflamen[724] S. fraenatus[725] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Finescale triggerfish Finescale triggerfish Balistes[726] B. polylepis[727] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Gilded triggerfish Gilded triggerfish Xanthichthys[728] X. auromarginatus[729] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Crosshatch triggerfish Gilded triggerfish Xanthichthys[730] X. mento[731] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Lagoon triggerfish Rhinecanthus[732] R. aculeatus[733] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Humuhumu lei Lei triggerfish Sufflamen[734] S. bursa[735] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Humu-humu hiʻu lole Pinktail triggerfish Melichthys[736] M. vidua[737] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Reef triggerfish Rhinecanthus[738] R. rectangulus[739] Balistidae Triggerfish N
Nūnū Trumpetfish Aulostomus[740] A. chinensis[741] Aulostomidae Trumpetfish N
Ahi palaha Albacore tuna Thunnus[742] T. alalunga[743] Scombridae Tuna N
Poʻonui Bigeye tuna Thunnus[744] T. obesus[745] Scombridae Tuna N
Kawakawa Kawakawa Euthynnus[746] E. affinis[747] Scombridae Tuna N
Aku Skipjack tuna Katsuwonus[748] K. pelamis[749] Scombridae Tuna N
Ono Wahoo Acanthocybium[750] A. solandri[751] Scombridae Tuna N
Ahi Yellowfin tuna Thunnus[752] T. albacares[753] Scombridae Tuna N
Laenihi Baldwin's razor wrasse Iniistius[754] I. baldwini[755] Labridae Wrasses N
Belted wrasse Belted wrasse Stethojulis[756] S. balteata[757] Labridae Wrasses Y
Hīnālea ʻiʻiwi (Hīnālea ʻakilolo) Bird wrasse Gomphosus[758] G. varius[759] Labridae Wrasses N
Hilu Black striped wrasse Coris[760] C. flavovittata[761] Labridae Wrasses
Laenihi Blackside razor wrasse Iniistius[762] I. umbrilatus[763] Labridae Wrasses Y
Hilu Blackstrip coris Coris[764] C. flavovittata[765] Labridae Wrasses Y
Laenihi Brownspot razor wrasse Iniistius[766] I. celebicus[767] Labridae Wrasses N
Christmas wrasse Christmas wrasse Thalassoma[768] T. trilobatum[769] Labridae Wrasses N
Kūpou Cigar wrasse Cheilio[770] C. inermis[771] Labridae Wrasses N
Disappearing wrasse Striated wrasse Pseudocheilinus[772] P. evanidus[773] Labridae Wrasses N
Eightline wrasse Eight-lined wrasse Pseudocheilinus[774] P. octotaenia[775] Labridae Wrasses N
Five stripe wrasse Fivestripe wrasse Thalassoma[776] T. quinquevittatum[777] Labridae Wrasses N
Elegant coris Elegant coris Coris[778] C. venusta[779] Labridae Wrasses Y
Flame wrasse Flame wrasse Cirrhilabrus[780] C. jordani[781] Labridae Wrasses Y
Forktail sand wrasse Forktail sand wrasse Ammolabrus[782] A. dicrus[783] Labridae Wrasses N
Fourline wrasse Four-lined wrasse Pseudocheilinus[784] P. tetrataenia[785] Labridae Wrasses N
Hawaiian cleaner wrasse Hawaiian cleaner wrasse Labroides[786] L. phthirophagus[787] Labridae Wrasses Y
Malamalama Lined coris Coris[788] C. ballieui[789] Labridae Wrasses Y
Hinālea luahine Old woman wrasse Thalassoma[790] T. ballieui[791] Labridae Wrasses Y
Ornate wrasse Ornate wrasse Halichoeres[792] H. ornatissimus[793] Labridae Wrasses Y
Laenihi Peacock razor wrasse, Black-barred razorfish, Blue razorfish, Pavo razorfish, Nabeta Iniistius[794] I. pavo[795] Labridae Wrasses N
Pencil wrasse Pencil wrasse Pseudojuloides[796] P. cerasinus[797] Labridae Wrasses N
Lainihi Razor wrasse Xyrichtys[798] X. niger[799] Labridae Wrasses N
Poʻou Ringtail wrasse Oxycheilinus[800] O. unifasciatus[801] Labridae Wrasses N
Rockmover wrasse Rockmover wrasse Novaculichthys[802] N. taeniourus[803] Labridae Wrasses N
Poʻou Rose colored wrasse Oxycheilinus[804] O. rhodochrous[805] Labridae Wrasses N
Hinālea lauwili Saddle wrasse Thalassoma[806] T. duperrey[807] Labridae Wrasses Y
Shortnose wrasse Shortnose wrasse Macropharyngodon[808] M. geoffroy[809] Labridae Wrasses Y
Slingjaw wrasse Slingjaw wrasse Epibulus[810] E. insidator[811] Labridae Wrasses N
Sunset wrasse Sunset wrasse Thalassoma[812] T. lutescens[813] Labridae Wrasses N
Surge wrasse Surge wrasse Thalassoma[814] T. purpureum[815] Labridae Wrasses N
Twospot wrasse Twospot wrasse Oxycheilinus[816] O. bimaculatus[817] Labridae Wrasses N
Laenihi Whitepatch razor wrasse Iniistius[818] I. aneitensis[819] Labridae Wrasses N
Laenihi Wood's razor wrasse Novaculops N. woodi[820] Labridae Wrasses Y
Hīnālea ʻakilolo Yellowtail coris Coris[821] C. gaimard[822] Labridae Wrasses N
Aʻawa Hawaiian hogfish Bodianus[823] B. albotaeniatus[824] Labridae Wrasses Y
ʻopule Pearl wrasse Anampses[825] A. cuvier[826] Labridae Wrasses Y
ʻopule Psychedelic wrasse Anampses[827] A. chrysocephalus[828] Labridae Wrasses Y
Sunrise hogfish Sunrise hogfish Bodianus[829] B. sanguineus[830] Labridae Wrasses Y

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