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List of landforms of the Nellis & Wildlife 5 Ranges region facts for kids

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A List of landforms of the Nellis & Wildlife 5 Ranges region.

The following ranges are:

The five contiguous regions are located north and northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Las Vegas Range of the Desert National Wildlife Range borders the north perimeter of North Las Vegas.

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List of landforms

Desert National Wildlife Range

Mountain Ranges

Other landforms


Groom Lake, Nevada

  • Emigrant Valley
  • Groom Lake


  • Papoose Lake

National Wildhorse Management Area


  • Cedar Pipeline Ranch
  • Railroad Valley
  • U.S. Route 93 in Nevada

Nellis Air Force Range

The Nellis Air Force Range contains all of the Desert National Wildlife Range, except in the entire east, the Sheep and Las Vegas Ranges, and Desert Lake.

Mountain ranges


  • Amargosa River-(headwaters)
  • Antelope Lake, west Nye County
  • Cactus Flat
  • Emigrant Valley
  • Gold Flat
  • Mellan (site)
  • Mud Lake, in Nye County
  • Pahute Mesa
  • Stonewall Mountain, western Nye County


Nevada Test Site

Mountain ranges

  • Eleana Range
  • Skull Mountain



Mountain ranges inside the 5 regions