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Tequila, the first Mexican denomination of origin.

The United States of Mexico have 18 Designations of Origin (DO, Denominación de Origen in Spanish), granted by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), which also issues declarations to protect the product, register the brand and authorize its use. However, these names are not created by the IMPI, but rather "exist because of factual situations; that is, they are first used, famous and recognized by the public that consumes them, and later, they are protected through the corresponding declaration".

The first denomination of origin declared in Mexico was tequila in 1974 (DO enjoyed by 181 municipalities distributed between Jalisco, Michoacán, Tamaulipas, Nayarit and Guanajuato), while the last was the Yahualica chili in 2018 (11 municipalities in Jalisco and Zacatecas).


Image Product Year Place
Roasted coffee beans.jpg
Veracruz coffee [es] 2000 82 municipalities in Veracruz
Chiapas coffee [es] 2003 77 municipalities in Chiapas
Mangos ataulfos.jpg
Ataúlfo mango 2003 13 municipalities in Soconusco region, Chiapas
Vanilla 6beans (rot. 90 deg.).JPG
Papantla vanilla [es] 2009 19 municipalities in Veracruz
19 municipalities in Puebla
(total of 38)
Yucatan habanero chilli pepper [es] 2008 All the municipalities that make up the State of Yucatán (106)
Morelos Rice [es] 2012 22 municipalities in Morelos
Cacao Nacional Fino de Aroma.jpg
Grijalva cocoa [es] 2016 11 municipalities in Tabasco
Chile de Árbol seco.JPG
Yahualica chilli pepper [es] 2000 9 municipalities in Jalisco
2 municipalities in Zacatecas
Bacanora Tesopaco.jpg
Bacanora 1969 35 municipalities in Sonora
Olmeca Tequila by CorneliusA 2015.jpg
Tequila 1969 125 municipalities in Jalisco
30 municipalities in Michoacán
11 municipalities in Tamaulipas
8 municipalities in Nayarit
7 municipalities in Guanajuato
(total of 181)
Mezcal de la Sierra Norte de Puebla servido con melón y chapulines.jpg
Mezcal 1994


Aguascalientes (7 municipalities), Durango (39 m.), Guanajuato (2 m.), Guerrero (81 m.), State of México (15 m.), Michoacán (29 m.), Morelos (23 m.), Oaxaca (570 m.), Puebla (116 m.), San Luis Potosí (58 m.), Tamaulipas (11 m.), Zacatecas (58 m.)
(total of 1009)
Botellas de sotol Hacienda Chihuahua.jpg
Sotol 2002 All the municipalities that make up Chihuahua (67), Coahuila (38) and Durango (39)
Charanda 2003 16 municipalities in Michoacán
Festival de la Raicilla.png
Raicilla 2019 16 municipalities in Jalisco
1 municipality in Nayarit
Olinalá lacquerware 1994 Olinalá, Guerrero
Artesanías de Puebla, México.JPG
Talavera pottery 1997 5 municipalities in Puebla
El museo del ámbar (18).jpg
Chiapan amber 2000
7 municipalities in Chiapas

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