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Meiji Shrine - DSC05018
Picnic at the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

A picnic is an event to eat outdoors, have a break, enjoy the warm sunshine, and have fun in a free time. It is usually held in a park or other open places. People bring the food for picnics in lunch boxes or in picnic baskets. Food for picnics is prepared on location such as grilled foods or at home. After the meal, people often play games and sports, for example, playing catch, badminton and Frisbee. Having a picnic, we eat wherever we want to. Creating your original foods and games can be enjoyments of picnics.


In the 12th century, a picnic was described in the Persian poetry of The Rubaiyat:

"A book of verse beneath the bough,
A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou
Beside me singing in the Wilderness –
Ah, wilderness were paradise enough!"
Omar Khayyam

In 1800, the Picnic Society in London was organized by people who met from time to time to dine together.

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