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Pinckney's Treaty line 1795
The boundary between the United States and Spanish Florida as set by "Pinckney's Treaty" (effective August 3, 1796) at 31°N, and Spain relinquished its claim on all territory north from that line to 32° 22′ to the United States.

Pinckney's Treaty is a treaty between Spain and the United States. It is also known as Treaty of San Lorenzo or Treaty of Madrid. It defined the boundaries of the United States with the Spanish colonies and guaranteed the United States navigation rights on the Mississippi River. The treaty's full title is Treaty of Friendship, Limits, and Navigation Between Spain and the United States. Thomas Pinckney negotiated the treaty for the United States and Don Manuel de Godoy represented Spain. Among other things, it ended the first phase of the West Florida Controversy, a dispute between the two nations over the boundaries of the Spanish colony of West Florida.

The treaty was presented to the United States Senate on February 26, 1796 and after several weeks of debate was ratified on March 7, 1796. It was ratified by Spain on April 25, 1796 and ratifications were exchanged on that date. The treaty was proclaimed on August 3, 1796.

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