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Pine Run
pushpin map showing location of Pine Run
pushpin map showing location of Pine Run
Pine Run
Country United States
State Pennsylvania
County Bucks
Township New Britain
Borough Chalfont
Physical characteristics
Main source 340 feet (100 m)
40°21′53″N 75°6′0″W / 40.36472°N 75.10000°W / 40.36472; -75.10000
River mouth 249 feet (76 m)
40°17′20″N 75°12′12″W / 40.28889°N 75.20333°W / 40.28889; -75.20333
Length 7.84 miles (12.62 km)
Basin features
Progression Pine Run → North Branch Neshaminy CreekNeshaminy CreekDelaware RiverDelaware Bay
River system Delaware River
Basin size 11.7 square miles (30 km2)
Landmarks Pine Run Dam
Allohaken Park
North Branch Park
Pine Valley Covered Bridge
Bridges See table
Slope 11.61 feet per mile (2.199 m/km)

Pine Run is a tributary of the North Branch Neshaminy Creek, part of the Delaware River watershed. Pine Run flows entirely in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, rising in Plumstead Township, passing through Buckingham Township and New Britain Township, meeting its confluence with the North Branch in the Borough of Chalfont.


Pine Run powered two of the earliest mills in central Bucks County; Dyers Mill at Dyerstown and Butler Mill at Chalfont.


The watershed of Pine Run is 11.70 square miles (30.3 km2), its confluence is at the North Branch Neshaminy Creek's 0.45 river mile. The Geographic Name Information System I.D. is 1183891, U.S. Department of the Interior Geological Survey I.D. is 02790.


Rising from an unnamed pond near Landisville in Plumstead Township at an elevation of 340 feet (100 m), it flows to the southwest through Buckingham Township where it meets the Pine Run Dam and lake, then through New Britain Township, then finally into the Borough of Chalfont where it meets with the North Branch of the Neshaminy at an elevation of 249 feet (76 m). Pine Run has a total length of 7.84 miles (12.62 km) resulting in an average slope of 11.61 feet per mile (2.199 m/km).


Pine Run flows within the Stockton Formation, bedrock laid down during the Triassic, consisting of arkosic sandstone, sandstone, shale, siltstone, and mudstone. Then as it enters Chalfont, it enters the Lockatong Formation, also from the Triassic, consisting of argillite, black shale, limestone, and shale.


Crossings and Bridges

Crossing NBI Number Length Lanes Spans Material/Design Built Reconstructed Latitude Longitude
Bergstrom Road 48539 9.1 metres (30 ft) 2 3 concrete Culvert 1990 - 40°21'15"N 75°6'45"W
Burnt House Hill Road 7633 8 metres (26 ft) 2 1 Concrete Culvert 1984 - 40°9'30"N 75°7'42"W
Old Easton Road 7636 14 metres (46 ft) 2 1 Concrete Tee Beam 1928 - 40°20'32.9"N 75°7'32.6"W
Pennsylvania Route 611 (North Easton Road) 7097 13 metres (43 ft) 3 1 Concrete Tee Beam 1938 - 40°20'19.4"N 757'53.47"W
Pennsylvania Route 611 (Doylestown Bypass) 7069 14 metres (46 ft) 2 2 Concrete Culvert 1973 - 40°20'12"N 75°8'6"W
Pennsylvania Route 313 (Swamp Road) 6984 11.9 metres (39 ft) - - Concrete Tee Beam, concrete cast-in-place decking 1941 - 40°20'3"N 75°8'23"W
Old Dublin Pike 7375 25 metres (82 ft) 2 3 Masonry Arch-deck 2013 - 40°19'52.7"N 75°8'43.97"W
Chapman Road 7597 13 metres (43 ft) 2 2 Wood or Timber Stringer/Multi-beam or Girder 1990 - 40°19'50.34"N 75°8'58.56"W
Rickert Road 7508 10 metres (33 ft) 2 1 Concrete continuous, Stringer/Multi-beam or Girder 1910 - 40°19'37.7"N 75°9'25.8"W
Limekiln Road 7506 32.3|m|ft - - Prestressed concrete Tee Beam, concrete cast-in-place decking 1977 - 40°19'22"N 75°9'38"W
Pine Run Dam (Pine Run Reservoir) - - - - - - - - -
Old Ironhill Road (Keeley Avenue)(Pine Valley Covered Bridge) 7499 22 metres (72 ft) 1 1 Steel Stringer/Mulit-beam or Girder 1906 1985 40°18'18.6"N 75°11'13.9"W
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