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Plato Silanion Musei Capitolini MC1377.jpg
Roman copy of a portrait bust by Silanion for the Academia in Athens (c. 370 BC)
Born 428/427 or 424/423 BC
Athens, Greece
Died 348/347 BC (age c. 80)
Athens, Greece
Notable work
Era Ancient philosophy
Region Western philosophy
School Platonism
Main interests
Notable ideas
  • Platonic philosophy
  • Agathos kai sophos
  • Demiurge
  • Hyperuranion
  • Innatism
  • Khôra
  • Metaxy
  • Philosopher king
  • Philotimon
  • Platonic Forms
  • Platonic solid
  • Poiesis
  • Sophrosyne
  • Theia mania
  • Tripartite soul
  • True name

Plato was one of the greatest classical Greek philosophers. He lived from 427 BC to 348 BC. He was a student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle. Plato wrote about many ideas in philosophy that are still talked about today. One modern philosopher, (Alfred North Whitehead), said that all philosophy since Plato has just been comments on his works.

Plato wrote his books in the form of dialogues—people talking about ideas, and sometimes disagreeing about them. This makes Plato's books more interesting to read.

Socrates is usually the main person in Plato's dialogues. Usually, Socrates talks with people about their ideas, and tries to see if they believe anything that is illogical. Other people in the stories often become angry with Socrates because of this. People who study Plato argue about whether Socrates really said the same things that Plato makes him say, or whether Plato just used Socrates as a character, to make the ideas he was talking about seem more important.

Plato opposed the rhetorics of sophism and insisted true justice and equality in his work "Gorgias" and immortality of soul in "Phaedo".

One of Plato's most famous works is The Republic (In Greek, Politeia, or 'city'). In that work, he describes Socrates's vision of an "ideal" state. The method of questioning in this dialogue, called the Socratic method, is as important as the content. The Republic contains ideas of Socrates: "Socrates said it, Plato wrote it."

The Laws is Plato's longest dialogue and probably his last.

There are many dialogues that were supposed to be written by Plato. This list includes those he probably did write.

  • Apology
  • Charmides
  • Cratylus
  • Critias
  • Crito
  • Epigrams
  • Euthydemus
  • Euthyphro
  • Gorgias
  • Ion
  • Laches
  • Laws
  • Lesser Hippias
  • Letters
  • Lysis
  • Menexenus
  • Meno
  • Parmenides
  • Phaedo
  • Phaedrus
  • Philebus
  • Protagoras
  • The Republic
  • Sophist
  • Statesman
  • Symposium
  • Theaetetus
  • Timaeus

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