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Prophets of Islam are human beings who are regarded by Muslims to be prophets chosen by God. All prophets preached the same message.


There are 25 prophets mentioned in the Qur'an. These are:

  1. Adam (آدم)
  2. Idris (إدريس) (Enoch)
  3. Nuh (نوح) (Noah)
  4. Saleh (صالح) (Methuselah)
  5. Hud (هود) (Eber)
  6. Ibrahim (إبراهيم)(Abraham)
  7. Lut (لوط) (Lot)
  8. Ismail (إسماعيل) (Ishmael)
  9. Ishaq (إسحاق) (Isaac)
  10. Ya'qub (يعقوب) (Jacob)
  11. Yusuf (يوسف) (Joseph)
  12. Ayub (أيوب) (Job)
  13. Shu'aib (شعيب) (Jethro)
  14. Musa (موسى)(Moses)
  15. Harun (هارون) (Aaron)
  16. Dul-Kifl (ذو الكفل) (Ezekiel)
  17. Dawud (داود) (David)
  18. Suleyman (سليمان)(Solomon)
  19. Ilyas (إلياس) (Elijah)
  20. Al-Yasa (اليسع) (Elisha)
  21. Yunus (يونس)(Jonah)
  22. Zakaria (زكريا)(Zechariah)
  23. Yahya (يحيى) (John the Baptist)
  24. Isa (عيسى) (Jesus)
  25. Muhammad (محمد)

Other prophets

Muslims believe in other prophets other than those mentioned by name in the Qur'an as there are many verses in the Qur'an which speak about it. These other prophets include: Maryam, Joshua, Luqman, Caleb, Seth, Daniel, Isaiah, Hosea, Jeremiah, Shem, Benjamin, Khidr, Dhul Qurnayn.

Purpose of the Prophet's coming on this Earth

The prophets were sent on this Earth for a purpose. That was to call every one towards the one who created the entire creation. To call everyone towards the one who hears all. The one who sees all. The one who forgives. The most important message was to worship Allah alone and to follow his teachings. All of them, Adam, Nuh, Ibrahim, Ishaaq, Ismail, Musa, Haarun, Dawood, Sulaymaan, Isa, Muhammad, and others invited people to worship Allah alone and not to pray to idols and other false gods. All of the prophets were an example to lead moral, righteous, purpose-driven lives free of doubts and confusions.

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