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Sunrise Formation
Stratigraphic range: Hettangian-Sinemurian
Type Formation
Sub-units Ferguson Hill & New York Canyon members
Overlies Gabbs Formation
Primary Limestone
Other Shale, siltstone, sandstone
Coordinates 38°30′N 118°06′W / 38.5°N 118.1°W / 38.5; -118.1
Approximate paleocoordinates 19°30′N 56°12′W / 19.5°N 56.2°W / 19.5; -56.2
Region Nevada
Country  United States
Extent Gabbs Valley Range

The Sunrise Formation is a geologic formation in Nevada. It preserves fossils dating back to the Hettangian to Sinemurian stages of the Early Jurassic period.

Fossil content

Among others, the following fossils have been reported from the formation:

  • Alsatites proaries
  • Arnioceras ritterbushi
  • A. sparsum
  • Coroniceras involutum
  • C. luningense
  • Guexiceras profundus
  • Tipperoceras mullerense
  • Tmaegoceras nudaries
  • Agerchlamys boellingi
  • Jaworskiella siemonmulleri
  • Trigonia aff. hemisphaerica
  • Vaugonia cf. vancouverensis
  • Frenguelliella sp.
  • Plesiechinus hawkinsi
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