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Ten Mile Run
Ten Mile Run at Route 27
Ten Mile Run crossing Canal Road, near its mouth at the Millstone River
Ten Mile Run
Map of local area showing Ten Mile Run (highlighted)
Country United States
Physical characteristics
Main source 40°24′39″N 74°35′27″W / 40.41083°N 74.59083°W / 40.41083; -74.59083
River mouth 39 ft (12 m)
40°27′28″N 74°35′29″W / 40.45778°N 74.59139°W / 40.45778; -74.59139
Basin features
Progression Millstone River, Raritan River, Atlantic Ocean

Ten Mile Run is a tributary of the Millstone River, draining an area in southern South Brunswick and southern Franklin Park, New Jersey in the United States.

Its name is derived from the distance early surveyors estimated it was from the Raritan River on the historic Kings Highway, now Route 27.


Ten Mile Run starts at 40°24′39″N 74°35′27″W / 40.41083°N 74.59083°W / 40.41083; -74.59083, near the intersection of the Georgetown-Franklin Turnpike and Route 27. It crosses Route 27 and Gateway Boulevard. It then runs through the edge of a residential development and crosses New Road. It then joins several other tributaries that come from the development. It crosses Route 27 again, where it is marked with a sign. It follows a course roughly parallel to Bunker Hill Road and flows through Bunker Hill Golf Course. It crosses Butler Road and receives more tributaries. It flows through the T&C Preservation Land adjacent to the Delaware and Raritan Canal and drains into the Millstone River at 40°27′28″N 74°35′29″W / 40.45778°N 74.59139°W / 40.45778; -74.59139.


Ten Mile Run is accessible by both road and trail in many places, such as the Bunker Hill Golf Course, the Bunker Hill Natural Area, the Ten Mile Run Greenway, and several others.

Animal life

Ten Mile Run is home to a multitude of small fishes with sizes ranging from 1 to 6 inches. It also is home to several frogs in the slow-moving places. Several crayfish may be found through baiting or diligent searching.


Ten Mile Run is generally rocky. Its tributaries in the residential development are completely rocky and come from springs routed underground through storm drainage systems. Near Butler Road, the stream has natural floors, smooth rocks covering the streambed. They tend to be slippery from underwater plants. Some shale cliffs are present near the stream, similar to but smaller than the ones lining the Nine Mile Run. Farther downstream, sandy streambeds predominate.

Sister tributaries


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