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Tick Canyon Formation
Stratigraphic range: Early Miocene (Hemingfordian-Barstovian)
Type Geologic formation
Underlies Mint Canyon Formation
Overlies Vasquez Formation
Thickness 0–1,000 ft (0–305 m) (average)
Primary Sandstone, conglomerate
Other Claystone
Coordinates 34°25′56″N 118°23′32″W / 34.43222°N 118.39222°W / 34.43222; -118.39222Coordinates: 34°25′56″N 118°23′32″W / 34.43222°N 118.39222°W / 34.43222; -118.39222
Approximate paleocoordinates 33°18′N 111°12′W / 33.3°N 111.2°W / 33.3; -111.2
Region Los Angeles County, California
Country  United States
Extent Sierra Pelona Ridge
Type section
Named for Tick Canyon

The Tick Canyon Formation (Tt) or Tick Canyon strata, is an Early Miocene geologic formation in the Sierra Pelona Ridge of the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County, California.

The Tick Canyon Basin drains into the Santa Clara River.


The formation overlies the Oligocene to Lower Miocene Vasquez Formation, and underlies the Upper Miocene Mint Canyon Formation.

The Tick Canyon strata was deposited on land mostly by streams and consists of green sandstones, coarse-grained conglomerates, and red claystones. The Tick Canyon strata also contain abundant volcanic clasts, most of which resemble volcanic rocks of the Vasquez Formation. It has an average thickness of 600 feet (180 m).

North of the Tick Canyon Fault, the beds are almost vertical.

Fossil content

It preserves vertebrate fossils of the Lower Miocene subperiod of the Miocene epoch, in the Neogene Period of the Cenozoic Era.


  • Artiodactyls
    • Miolabis californicus
    • Merychyus calaminthus
    • M. minimus
  • Perissodactyls
    • Parahippus maxsoni
    • Parahippus sp.
  • Rodents
    • Archaeolagus acaricolus
    • Trogomys rupinimenthae


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