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John E. Tourtellotte
Boise, Idaho Carnegie library.jpg
Boise's Carnegie Library
Personal information
Name John E. Tourtellotte
Nationality American
Birth date (1869-02-22)February 22, 1869
Birth place East Thompson, Connecticut
Date of death May 8, 1939(1939-05-08) (aged 70)
Place of death Portland, Oregon
Buildings Idaho State Capitol,
U. of Idaho Administration Bldg.

John Everett Tourtellotte (February 22, 1869 – 1939) was a prominent western American architect. He is best known for his projects in Idaho. His work in Boise included the Idaho State Capitol, the Boise City National Bank, the Carnegie Library, and numerous other buildings for schools, universities, churches, and government institutions.

His company was called John E. Tourtellotte & Company. He also worked with another company called Tourtellotte and Hummel, based in Boise. Works by these firms were covered in a 1982 study and many of the buildings were immediately or later listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Works on the NRHP

Numerous buildings designed by Tourtellotte and associated firms are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Marion Allsup House, Biose Ada County 1901 classical cottage
  • Anderson-Elwell House, 547 W 1st St, Weiser, Idaho
  • Bald Mountain Hot Springs, Main and 1st streets, Ketchum, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Albert Beck House, 1101 Fort St, Boise
  • F. T. Bliss House, E 2nd and McKinley streets, Emmett, Idaho
  • Boise City National Bank, 8th and Idaho streets, Boise
Boise City National Bank
Boise City National Bank 1891
  • Boise High School Campus, Washington St between 9th and 11th streets, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Boise Junior College Administration Building, Boise State University campus, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Boise Junior High School, 1105 N 13th St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Bruneau Episcopal Church, off Idaho State Highway 51, Bruneau, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Brunzell House, 916 Franklin St, Boise
Bruneau Episcopal Church - Bruneau Idaho
The historic Bruneau Episcopal Church 1911
  • H. H. Bryant Garage, 11th and Front streets, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • H. C. Burnett House, 124 W Bannock St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Butterfield Livestock Company House, north of Weiser on Jenkins Creek Rd, Weiser (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Caldwell Odd Fellow Home for the Aged, N 14th Ave, Caldwell, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Carnegie Public Library, 815 Washington St, Boise
H. C. Burnett House
H. C. Burnett House 1924
  • Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart, 1st St, Emmett, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Chinese Odd Fellows Building, 610-612 Front St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Henry Coffin House, 1403 Franklin St, Boise
  • Cole School and Gymnasium, 7145 Fairview Ave, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Collister School, 4426 Catalpa Dr, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Chinese Odd Fellows Building, Boise
Chinese Odd Fellows Building, Boise 1911-1912
  • Coos Bay National Bank Building, 201 Central Ave, Coos Bay, Oregon (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • John Daly House, 1015 W Hays St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Dr. James Davies House, 1107 W Washington St, Boise
  • R. K. Davis House, 1016 Franklin St, Boise
  • E. H. Dewey Stores, 1013-15 1st St S, Nampa, Idaho
John Daly House (Boise, Idaho)
John Daly House Boise, Idaho 1910
  • William Dunbar House, 1500 W Hays St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Minnie Preist Dunton House, 906 Hays St, Boise
  • Pedro Echevarria House, 5605 State St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Echo City Hall, 20 S Bonanza St, Echo, Oregon
  • Eichelberger Apartments, 612-24 N 9th St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
City Hall - Echo Oregon
City Hall - Echo Oregon 1916
  • Elks Temple, 310 Jefferson St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Farmers and Merchants Bank, 101 11th Ave S, Nampa (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Father Lobell House, 125 N 4th St E, Mountain Home, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Alva Fleharty House, 907 Hays St, Boise
  • Franklin School, 5007 Franklin Rd, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Lobell House - Mountain Home Idaho
The historic Father Lobell House, Idaho 1921
  • H. K. Fritchman House, 1207 W Hays St, Boise
  • Bishop Funsten House, 2420 Old Penitentiary Rd, Boise
  • J. H. Gakey House, 1402 Franklin St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Garfield School, 1914 Broadway Ave, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Gooding College Campus, Idaho State Highway 26, Gooding, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Garfield School - Lewiston Idaho
The historic Garfield School located at 2912 5th Avenue in Lewiston, Idaho 1910
  • Gorby Opera Theater, Idaho St, Glenns Ferry, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • John Green Mausoleum, Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise
  • Guernsey Dairy Milk Depot, 2419 State St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Bernard Haas House, 377 E Main St, Weiser
  • Herman Haas House, 253 W Idaho St, Weiser
Gorby Opera Theatre 1914
Gorby Opera Theater, Glenns Ferry, Idaho 1914
  • John Haines House, 919 W Hays St, Boise
  • Samuel Hays House, 612 Franklin St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Hotel North Bend, 768 Virginia St, North Bend, Oregon
  • Fred Hottes House, 509 W Hays St, Boise
  • E. F. Hunt House, 49 E State St, Meridian, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
John Haines House
John Haines House, Boise, Idaho 1904
  • Idaho Building, Bannock and 8th streets, Boise
  • Idaho Grocery Warehouse and Annex, 1209 Main St, Lewiston, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Idaho State Industrial School Women's Dormitory, west of St. Anthony on North Parker Hwy, St. Anthony, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Idaho State Sanitarium Administration Building, northeast of Nampa on 11th Ave N, Nampa (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Immanuel Methodist Episcopal Church, 1406 Eastman St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Immanuel Methodist Episcopal Church
Immanuel Methodist Episcopal Church
  • Intermountain Institute, Paddock Ave, Weiser (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Orville Jackson House, 127 S Eagle Rd, Eagle, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • N. A. Jacobsen Building, N 8th St and 1st Ave, Payette, Idaho
  • J. M. Johnson House, 1002 Franklin St, Boise
  • J. W. Jones Building, 104 Main St NE, Blackfoot, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Orville Jackson House NRHP 82000213 Ada County, ID
Orville Jackson House,Ada County Idaho
  • T. J. Jones Apartments, 10th and Fort streets, Boise
  • Kieldson Double House, 413-415 Jefferson St, Boise
  • Joseph Kinney Mausoleum, Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise,
  • Knights of Pythias Lodge Hall, 30 E Idaho St, Weiser
  • Kurtz–Van Sicklin House, 439 W 3rd St, Weiser (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Kurtz-Van Sicklin House - Weiser Idaho
Kurtz–Van Sicklin House, Weiser Idaho 1899
  • Archie Larsen House, south of Weiser on Larsen Rd, Weiser
  • Lewiston City Hall, 207 3rd St, Lewiston
  • Lewiston Vineyards Gates, 18th Ave and 10th St, Lewiston (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Lithia Springs Hotel, 212 E Main St, Ashland, Oregon (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Mackay Episcopal Church, Park Ave and College St, Mackay, Idaho
Lewiston Vineyards Gates2 NRHP 83000288 Nez Perce County, ID
Lewiston Vineyards Gates, Nez Perce County Idaho 1909
  • Main School, Jct of 7th Ave and Cushman St, Fairbanks, Alaska (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • M. J. Marks House, 1001 Hays St, Boise
  • Marshfield City Hall, 375 W Central Ave, Coos Bay
  • H. E. McElroy House, 924 W Fort St, Boise
  • J. S. McGinnis Building, 1st and Commercial streets, Glenns Ferry (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
M. J. Marks House NRHP 82000221 Ada County, ID
M. J. Marks House, Ada County Idaho
  • Willis Mickle House, 1415 N 8th St, Boise
  • Mitchell Hotel, 10th and Front streets, Boise
  • Morris Hill Cemetery Mausoleum, Morris Hill Cemetery, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Mountain Home Baptist Church, 265 N 4th St E, Mountain Home
  • Nampa American Legion Chateau, 1508 2nd St S, Nampa (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Willis Mickle House
Willis Mickle House, Boise Idaho
  • Nampa and Meridian Irrigation District Office, 1503 1st St S, Nampa (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Nampa Department Store, 1st St S and 13th Ave, Nampa
  • Nampa First Methodist Episcopal Church, 12th Ave S and 4th St, Nampa (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Nampa Presbyterian Church, 2nd St and 15th Ave S, Nampa (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • W. Scott Neal House, 215 E Jefferson St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Nampa Department Store (Nampa, Idaho)
Nampa Department Store, Nampa Idaho 1910
  • H. R. Neitzel House, 705 N 9th St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • G. V. Nesbit House, 308 W Liberty St, Weiser
  • New Plymouth Congregational Church, 207 Southwest Ave, New Plymouth, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Axel Nixon House, 815 N Hays St, Boise
  • Dr. J. R. Numbers House, 240 W Main St, Weiser (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Neitzel House NRHP 82000229 Ada County, ID
Neitzel House, Ada County Idaho
  • O'Neill Brothers Building, Idaho St, Glenns Ferry (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Our Lady of Limerick Catholic Church, 113 W Arthur Ave, Glenns Ferry (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Owyhee County Courthouse, Idaho State Highway 45, Murphy, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • J. C. Palumbo Fruit Company Packing Warehouse Building, 2nd Ave and 6th St, Payette (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • John Parker House, 713 Franklin St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
John Parker House
John Parker House, Boise Idaho 1911
  • Charles Paynton House, 1213 N 8th St, Boise
  • Pierce-Borah House, west of Garden City off U.S. 26, Garden City, Idaho
  • Pine Creek Baptist Church, Main and S 3rd streets, Pinehurst, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Redwoods Hotel, 310 NW 6th St, Grants Pass, Oregon (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • John Regan American Legion Hall, 401 W Idaho St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
1213 N 8th Street
Charles Paynton House
  • Fred Reiger Houses, 214 and 216-18 E Jefferson St, Boise
  • Rosedale Odd Fellows Temple, 1755 Broadway, Boise
  • Ross Fork Episcopal Church, Mission Rd, Fort Hall, Idaho
  • Mrs. A. F. Rossi House, 1711 Boise Ave, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Roswell Grade School, Idaho 18 and Stephan Lane, Roswell, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
Ross Fork Episcopal Church. left view
Ross Fork Episcopal Church
  • Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Church, 608 7th St, Parma, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • H. A. Schmelzel House, 615 W Hays St, Boise
  • Adolph Schreiber House, 524 W Franklin St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • William Sidenfaden House, 906 Franklin St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • W. A. Simpson House, 1004 N 10 St, Boise
Adolph Schreiber House
Adolph Schreiber House built in 1915
  • Nathan Smith House, southwest corner of Broadway Ave and Targee Ave, Boise
  • Morris Sommer House, 548 W 2nd St, Weiser
  • Mary Elizabeth Sommercamp House, 411 W 3rd St, Weiser
  • South Boise Fire Station, 1011 Williams St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • St. Agnes Catholic Church, 204 E Liberty St, Weiser (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
South Boise Fire Station - Boise Idaho
South Boise Fire Station, Boise Idaho 1913
  • St. Alphonsus' Hospital Nurses' Home and Heating Plant/Laundry, N 4th St between Washington and State streets, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • St. Charles of the Valley Catholic Church and Rectory, Pine and S 1st streets, Hailey, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • St. John's Cathedral, 8th and Hays streets, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • St. John's Cathedral Block, 8th and Hays, 9th and Fort streets, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • St. Joseph's Catholic Church, 1st Ave and Cedar St, Bovill, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
St john's cathedral boise, idaho exterior
St John's Cathedral, Boise Idaho
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church, State and 26th streets, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • St. Mary's Catholic Church, 616 Dearborn St, Caldwell (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • St. Paul's Rectory and Sisters' House, 810 15th Ave S, Nampa (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Louis Stephan House, 1709 N 18th St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • A. K. Steunenberg House, 409 N Kimball Ave, Caldwell
A.K. Steunenberg House (Caldwell, Idaho) (1)
A.K. Steunenberg House, Caldwell Idaho 1904
  • Thompson Mortuary Chapel, 737 Main St, Gooding (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • John Tourtellotte Building, 210-222 N 10th St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Trinity Episcopal Church, 7th and Idaho streets, Gooding
  • Union Block and Montandon Buildings, 8th and Idaho streets, Boise
  • University of Idaho Gymnasium and Armory, University of Idaho campus, Moscow
  • B. S. Varian House, 241 Main St, Weiser
  • J. N. Wallace House, 1202 Franklin St, Boise
  • Washington County Courthouse, E Court St, Weiser (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • C. H. Waymire Building, 1521 N 13th St, Boise
  • Weiser Post Office, Main and W 1st streets, Weiser (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Edward Welch House, 1321 E Jefferson St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Wellman Apartments, 5th and Franklin streets, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • West Point Grade School, off I-86, Wendell, Idaho (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Whitney School, 1609 S Owyhee St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Wolters Double Houses, 712-16, 720-22 N 8th St, Boise
  • Woodward Building, 23 8th St, Payette
  • Zurcher Apartments, 102 S 17th St, Boise (Tourtellotte & Hummel)
  • Eaton Hall, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon

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