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Millennium: 3rd millennium BC
Centuries: 25th century BC · 24th century BC · 23rd century BC
Decades: 2390s BC 2380s BC 2370s BC 2360s BC 2350s BC
2340s BC 2330s BC 2320s BC 2310s BC 2300s BC
Categories: Births – Deaths
Establishments – Disestablishments

The 24th century BC is a century which was from the year 2400 BC to 2301 BC.


Extent and major sites of the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • c. 2900 BC – 2334 BC: Mesopotamian wars of the Early Dynastic period continue.
  • c. 2360 BC: Hekla-4 eruption.
  • c. 2400 BC: 2000 BC- Large painted jar with birds in the border (Indus valley civilization) now at the Boston Art Museum.
  • c. 2350 BC: End of the Early Dynastic III period in Mesopotamia.
  • c. 2350 BC: First destruction of the city of Mari.
  • c. 2345 BC: End of Fifth Dynasty. Pharaoh Unas died.
  • c. 2345 BC: Sixth dynasty of Egypt starts (other date is 2460 BC).
  • c. 2340 BC – 2180 BC: Akkadian Empire.
  • c. 2334 BC – 2279 BC: Semitic chieftain Sargon of Akkad's conquest of Sumer and Mesopotamia.

Significant persons

Inventions, discoveries and introductions

  • The first official mentioning of beekeeping in Egypt
  • The first documented use of an organized courier service for distributing written documents in Egypt

In popular culture

In modern South Korean national mythology, the character Dangun founded the state Gojoseon in 2333 BC. Danjun ruled it for about 2000 years.

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