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728 Leonisis
Discoverer J. Palisa
Discovery date February 16, 1912
1912 NU; A907 UE;
1941 WR; 1968 UT
Category Main belt (Flora family)
Orbital elements
Epoch August 8, 2005 (JD 2453600.5)
Eccentricity (e) 0.0873
Semi-major axis (a) 337.2 Gm (2.254 AU)
Perihelion (q) 307.7 Gm (2.057 AU)
Aphelion (Q) 366.7 Gm (2.451 AU)
Orbital period (P) 1236.0 d (3.38 a)
Mean orbital speed 19.80 km/s
Inclination (i) 4.258°
Longitude of the
ascending node
Argument of
Mean anomaly (M) 232.528°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions unknown
Mass unknown
Density unknown
Surface gravity unknown
Escape velocity unknown
Rotation period ~0.2 d (~5 h)
Spectral class A or Ld
Absolute magnitude 12.8
Albedo (geometric) unknown
Mean surface

728 Leonisis is an asteroid of the Flora family, found by Johann Palisa in 1912 in Vienna. Its provisional name was 1912 NU.

Astronomers are not sure what its spectral class is. It has been previously placed in the rare A and L classes. These are generally "stony" spectra, but with significant differences from the usual S-type. The unusual spectrum brings Leonisis' membership in the Flora family into doubt.

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