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The American Nazi Party (ANP) is an American neo-Nazi political party. It was founded by George Lincoln Rockwell. The original name of this organization was World Union of Free National Socialists (WUFENS). The WUFENS headquarters was in Arlington, Virginia. It was renamed to American Nazi Party in 1960.

The party is based on the ideals and policies of Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party in Germany during the Nazi era.

On August 25, 1967, after Rockwell left a laundromat, he was shot by a former follower named John Patler as Rockwell was getting into his vehicle. Rockwell was later pronounced dead.

Notable former members

  • David Duke was a member before he went on to establish the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan organization
  • Frank Collin, founder of the National Socialist Party of America
  • James Mason, former convict, author, associate of Charles Manson
  • Joseph Tommasi, founder of the National Socialist Liberation Front
  • Kurt Saxon (author of The Poor Man's James Bond)
  • William Luther Pierce (founder of the National Alliance)
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