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Aurealis Award for best young adult novel
Presented by Chimaera Publications,
Continuum Foundation
Country Australia
First awarded 1995
Currently held by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

The Aurealis Awards are presented annually by the Australia-based Chimaera Publications and WASFF to published works to "recognise the achievements of Australian science fiction, fantasy, horror writers". To qualify, a work must have been first published by an Australian citizen or permanent resident between 1 January and 31 December of the corresponding year; the presentation ceremony is held the following year. It has grown from a small function of around 20 people to a two-day event attended by over 200 people.

Since their creation in 1995, awards have been given in various categories of speculative fiction. Categories currently include science fiction, fantasy, horror, speculative young adult fiction—with separate awards for novels and short fiction—collections, anthologies, illustrative works or graphic novels, children's books, and an award for excellence in speculative fiction. The awards have attracted the attention of publishers by setting down a benchmark in science fiction and fantasy. The continued sponsorship by publishers such as HarperCollins and Orbit has added weight to the honour of the award.

The results are decided by a panel of judges from a list of submitted nominees; the long-list of nominees is reduced to a short-list of finalists. Ties can occur if the panel decides that both entries show equal merit, however they are encouraged to choose a single winner. The judges are selected from a public application process by the Award's management team.

This article lists all the short-list nominees and winners in the best young-adult novel category, as well as novels that have been highly commended. Three people have won the award twice – Isobelle Carmody, Garth Nix and Scott Westerfeld. Westerfeld holds the record for most nominations with nine, and Rory Barnes has the most nominations without winning, having been a losing finalist five times.

Winners and nominees

In the following table, the years correspond to the year of the book's eligibility; the ceremonies are always held the following year. Each year links to the corresponding "year in literature" article. Entries with a blue background have won the award; those with a white background are the nominees on the short-list.

  *   Winners and joint winners
  *   Nominees on the shortlist

Garth Nix has been a finalist on six occasions, winning in 1995 and 2003.
Kerry Greenwood has won once in 1996 and received a high commendation in 2005.
Damien Francis Broderick
Damien Broderick has been a short-list nominee twice with his collaborations with Rory Barnes.
Richard Harland March 2009
Richard Harland has been a finalist once in 2000.
Scott Westerfeld has received the most nominations with nine and has been a winner on three of those occasions.
Sean Williams (author)
Sean Williams has been a finalist twice, most recently in 2009.
Year Author(s) Novel Publisher Ref
1995 Caswell, BrianBrian Caswell* Deucalion UQP
1995 Nix, GarthGarth Nix* Sabriel Moonstone
1995 Carmody, IsobelleIsobelle Carmody Ashling Viking Press
1995 Jinks, CatherineCatherine Jinks Witch Bank Puffin Books
1995 Marsden, JohnJohn Marsden The Third Day, The Frost Pan Macmillan
1996 Bell, HilaryHilary Bell* Mirror, Mirror Hodder Headline
1996 Greenwood, KerryKerry Greenwood* The Broken Wheel Moonstone
1996 Douglass, SaraSara Douglass Beyond the Hanging Wall Voyager Books
1996 Kelleher, VictorVictor Kelleher Firedancer Penguin Books
1996 Pryor, MichaelMichael Pryor The Mask of Caliban Hodder Headline
1997 Carmody, IsobelleIsobelle Carmody* Greylands Puffin Books
1997 Jinks, CatherineCatherine Jinks* Eye to Eye Puffin Books
1997 Bernard, PatriciaPatricia Bernard The Outcast Moonstone
1997 Broderick, DamienDamien Broderick & Rory Barnes Zones Moonstone
1997 Nix, GarthGarth Nix Shade's Children Allen & Unwin
1998 Goodman, AlisonAlison Goodman* Singing the Dogstar Blues HarperCollins
1998 Barnes, RoryRory Barnes Horsehead Boy HarperCollins
1998 Lucashenko, MelissaMelissa Lucashenko Killing Darcy UQP
1998 Luckett, DaveDave Luckett A Dark Winter Omnibus Books
1998 Marsden, JohnJohn Marsden The Night Is for Hunting Pan Macmillan
1999 Luckett, DaveDave Luckett* A Dark Victory Omnibus Books
1999 Barnes, RoryRory Barnes Horsehead Man HarperCollins
1999 Broderick, DamienDamien Broderick & Rory Barnes Stuck in Fast Forward HarperCollins
1999 Kelleher, VictorVictor Kelleher Into the Dark Viking Press
1999 Kelleher, VictorVictor Kelleher The Ivory Trail Viking Press
2000 Hartnett, SonyaSonya Hartnett* Thursday's Child Penguin Books
2000 Barnes, RoryRory Barnes Horsehead Soup HarperCollins
2000 Harland, RichardRichard Harland Ferren and the Angel Penguin Books
2000 Harris, ChristineChristine Harris Omega Random House
2000 Masson, SophieSophie Masson The Green Prince Hodder Headline
2001 Katz, LouiseLouise Katz* The Other Face of Janus Angus & Robertson
2001 Fienberg, AnnaAnna Fienberg The Witch in the Lake Allen & Unwin
2001 Nix, GarthGarth Nix Lirael Allen & Unwin
2001 Rogers, CameronCameron Rogers The Music of Razors Penguin Books
2001 Rubinstein, GillianGillian Rubinstein Terra-Farma Viking Press
2002 Masson, SophieSophie Masson* The Hand of Glory Hodder Headline
2002 Forsyth, KateKate Forsyth The Starthorn Tree Pan Books
2002 McRobbie, DavidDavid McRobbie Mum, Me, the 19th C Angus & Robertson
2002 Prior, Natalie JaneNatalie Jane Prior Fireworks and Darkness Angus & Robertson
2003 Nix, GarthGarth Nix* Abhorsen Allen & Unwin
2003 Wilkinson, CaroleCarole Wilkinson* Dragonkeeper Black Dog Books
2003 Webb, JaneenJaneen Webb The Silken Road to Samarkand HarperCollins
2004 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld* The Secret Hour Eos
2004 French, JackieJackie French Flesh and Blood HarperCollins
2004 Russon, PenniPenni Russon Undine Random House
2004 Zurbo, MattMatt Zurbo Hot Nights, Cool Dragons Allen & Unwin
2005 Carmody, IsobelleIsobelle Carmody* Alyzon Whitestarr Penguin Books
2005 Eaton, AnthonyAnthony Eaton Nightpeople UQP
2005 Larbalestier, JustineJustine Larbalestier Magic or Madness Penguin Books
2005 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld Peeps Penguin Books
2005 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld Uglies Simon & Schuster
2006 Cornish, D. M.D. M. Cornish* Foundling Omnibus Books
2006 Holohan, AmandaAmanda Holohan The King's Fool ABC Books
2006 Larbalestier, JustineJustine Larbalestier Magic Lessons Penguin Books
2006 Marillier, JulietJuliet Marillier Wildwood Dancing Pan Macmillan
2006 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld The Last Days Penguin Books
2007 Eaton, AnthonyAnthony Eaton* Skyfall UQP
2007 Constable, KateKate Constable Taste of Lightning Allen & Unwin
2007 Marillier, JulietJuliet Marillier Cybele's Secret Pan Macmillan
2007 Pryor, MichaelMichael Pryor Heart of Gold Random House
2007 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld Extras Simon Pulse
2008 Marchetta, MelinaMelina Marchetta* Finnikin of the Rock Viking Press
2008 Carmody, IsobelleIsobelle Carmody The Stone Key Viking Press
2008 Cornish, D. M.D. M. Cornish Lamplighter Omnibus Books
2008 Goodman, AlisonAlison Goodman The Two Pearls of Wisdom HarperCollins
2008 Williams, SeanSean Williams The Changeling Angus & Robertson
2009 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld* Leviathan Penguin Books
2009 Forsyth, KateKate Forsyth The Puzzle Ring Pan Macmillan
2009 Golds, CassandraCassandra Golds The Museum of Mary Child Puffin Books
2009 Millard, GlendaGlenda Millard A Small Free Kiss in the Dark Allen & Unwin
2009 Williams, SeanSean Williams The Scarecrow HarperCollins
2010 Healey, KarenKaren Healey* Guardian of the Dead Allen & Unwin
2010 Braxton-Smith, AnandaAnanda Braxton-Smith Merrow Black Dog Books
2010 Hartnett, SonyaSonya Hartnett The Midnight Zoo Penguin Books
2010 MacLeod, DougDoug MacLeod The Life of a Teenage Body-Snatcher Penguin Books
2010 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld Behemoth Penguin Books
2011 Russon, PenniPenni Russon* Only Ever Always Allen & Unwin
2011 Bailey, EmEm Bailey Shift Hardie Grant Egmont
2011 Braxton-Smith, AnandaAnanda Braxton-Smith Secrets of Carrick: Tantony Black Dog Books
2011 Healey, KarenKaren Healey The Shattering Allen & Unwin
2011 Mundell, MegMeg Mundell Black Glass Scribe Publications
2012 Delaney, KazKaz Delaney* (tie) Dead, Actually Allen & Unwin
2012 Lanagan, MargoMargo Lanagan* (tie) Sea Hearts Allen & Unwin
2012 Höst, Andrea K.Andrea K. Höst And All the Stars Andrea K. Hosth
2012 Kwaymullina, AmbelinAmbelin Kwaymullina The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf Walker Books
2012 Nowra, LouisLouis Nowra Into That Forest Allen & Unwin
2013 Kaufman, AmieAmie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner* (tie) These Broken Stars Allen & Unwin
2013 Near, AllyseAllyse Near* (tie) Fairytales for Wilde Girls Random House Australia
2013 Davies, TonyTony Davies The Big Dry HarperCollins
2013 Höst, AndreaAndrea Höst Hunting Andrea K. Hösth
2013 Zorn, ClaireClaire Zorn The Sky So Heavy University of Queensland Press
2014 Moriarty, JaclynJaclyn Moriarty* The Cracks in the Kingdom Pan Macmillan Australia
2014 Lim, RebeccaRebecca Lim The Astrologer's Daughter Text Publishing
2014 Lounsbury, LynnetteLynnette Lounsbury Afterworld Allen & Unwin
2014 Nix, GarthGarth Nix Clariel Allen & Unwin
2014 Weetman, NovaNova Weetman The Haunting of Lily Frost UQP
2014 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld Afterworlds Penguin Books Australia
2015 Barker, KathrynKathryn Barker* In the Skin of a Monster Allen & Unwin
2015 Goodman, AlisonAlison Goodman Lady Helen and the Dark Days Club HarperCollins
2015 Haig, FrancescaFrancesca Haig The Fire Sermon HarperVoyager
2015 Jamieson, TrentTrent Jamieson Day Boy Text Publishing
2015 Kaufman, AmieAmie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Illuminae Allen & Unwin
2015 Melki-Wagner, SkyeSkye Melki-Wagner Hush Penguin Random House Australia
2016 Goodman, AlisonAlison Goodman* Lady Helen and the Dark Days Pact HarperCollins Publishers
2016 Abbott, JaneJane Abbott Elegy Penguin Random House Australia
2016 Croggon, AlisonAlison Croggon The Bone Queen Penguin Books Australia
2016 Gale, EmilyEmily Gale The Other Side of Summer Penguin Random House Australia
2016 Kaufman, AmieAmie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff Gemima: The Illuminae Files 2 Allen & Unwin
2016 Nix, GarthGarth Nix Goldenhand Allen & Unwin
2017 Black, CallyCally Black* In the Dark Spaces Hardie Grant Egmont
2017 Evans, AlisonAlison Evans Ida Bonnier Publishing Australia
2017 Nix, GarthGarth Nix Frogkisser! Allen & Unwin
2017 Suvada, EmilyEmily Suvada This Mortal Coil Puffin UK
2017 Ward, Marlee JaneMarlee Jane Ward Psynode Seizure
2017 Weston, PaulaPaula Weston The Undercurrent Text Publishing
2018 Kwaymullina, AmbelinAmbelin Kwaymullina & Ezekiel Kwaymullina* Catching Teller Crow Allen & Unwin
2018 Epstein, SarahSarah Epstein Small Spaces Walker Books Australia
2018 Kristoff, JayJay Kristoff Lifel1k3 Allen & Unwin
2018 Rodda, EmilyEmily Rodda His Name Was Walter HarperCollins Publishers
2018 Spurier, JoJo Spurier A Curse of Ash and Ember HarperCollins Publishers
2018 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld Impostors Allen & Unwin
2019 Kaufman, AmieAmie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff Aurora Rising Allen & Unwin
2019 Freestone, P. M.P. M. Freestone The Darkest Bloom Scholastic
2019 Fuller, LisaLisa Fuller Ghost Bird University of Queensland Press
2019 Kristoff, JayJay Kristoff Dev1at3 Allen & Unwin
2019 Marillier, JulietJuliet Marillier The Harp of Kings Macmillan
2019 Nikakis, K. S.K. S. Nikakis I Heard the Wolf Call My Name SOV Media

High commendations

The high commendations are announced alongside the list of finalists for their respected year of eligibility. In the following table, the years correspond to the year of the book's eligibility; the ceremonies are always held the following year. Each year links to the corresponding "year in literature" article.

Year Author Novel Publisher Ref
2005 Greenwood, KerryKerry Greenwood The Rat and the Raven Lothian Books
2005 Russon, PenniPenni Russon Breathe Random House
2005 Westerfeld, ScottScott Westerfeld Pretties Simon & Schuster
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