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Battle of San Jacinto
Part of the Texas Revolution
The Battle of San Jacinto (1895).jpg
The Battle of San Jacinto – 1895 painting by Henry Arthur McArdle (1836–1908)
Date April 21, 1836
Near modern La Porte, Texas
29°44′56″N 95°4′49″W / 29.74889°N 95.08028°W / 29.74889; -95.08028

Decisive Texian victory;

  • Mexican surrender and retreat to the south of the Rio Grande
Mexican Republic Republic of Texas
Commanders and leaders
  • 1,360
  • 1 cannon
  • 910
  • 2 cannons
Casualties and losses
  • 650 killed
  • 208 wounded
  • 300 captured
  • 11 killed or fatally wounded
  • 30 wounded

The Battle of San Jacinto (Spanish: Batalla de San Jacinto), fought on April 21, 1836, in present-day Houston, Texas, was the decisive battle of the Texas Revolution. Led by General Samuel Houston, the Texan Army engaged and defeated General Antonio López de Santa Anna's Mexican army in a fight that lasted just 18 minutes. A detailed, first-hand account of the battle was written by General Houston from the headquarters of the Texan Army in San Jacinto on April 25, 1836.

General Santa Anna, the president of Mexico, and General Martín Perfecto de Cos both escaped during the battle.

Santa Anna was captured the next day on April 22 and Cos on April 24. After being held for about three weeks as a prisoner of war, Santa Anna signed the peace treaty that dictated that the Mexican army leave the region, paving the way for the Republic of Texas to become an independent country. These treaties did not necessarily recognize Texas as a sovereign nation but stipulated that Santa Anna was to lobby for such recognition in Mexico City.

Sam Houston became a national celebrity, and the Texans' rallying cries from events of the war, "Remember the Alamo" and "Remember Goliad" became etched into Texan history and legend.

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