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Centromadia parryi
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Centromadia parryi
(Greene) Greene
  • Hemizonia parryi Greene
  • Hemizonia australis (D.D.Keck) D.D.Keck, syn of subsp. australis
  • Centromadia congdonii (B.L.Rob. & Greenm.) C.P.Sm., syn of subsp. congdonii
  • Hemizonia congdonii B.L.Rob. & Greenm., syn of subsp. congdonii
  • Centromadia rudis Greene, syn of subsp. rudis

Centromadia parryi (pappose tarweed) is a species of North American plants in the tarweed tribe within the sunflower family. It is native to California and, northern Baja California.

Centromadia parryi is an herb up to 70 cm (28 inches) tall. It produces arrays of numerous yellow flower heads with both ray florets and disc florets.

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