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Citronelle Formation
Stratigraphic range: Early Pliocene (late Hemphillian)
Norfolk Southern Railway welded rail train (north of Inaha, Georgia, USA) 1 (23119217632).jpg
Outcrops of the Citronelle Formation in Georgia, in front of and below the train engine
Type Formation
Primary Claystone, sandstone
Other Marl
Coordinates 30°48′N 88°06′W / 30.8°N 88.1°W / 30.8; -88.1
Approximate paleocoordinates 31°00′N 86°24′W / 31.0°N 86.4°W / 31.0; -86.4
Region Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Mississippi
Country  United States
Citronelle Formation geologic map
Pliocene Citronelle Formation geologic map

The Citronelle Formation is a Hemphillian geologic formation in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Fossil content

It preserves fossils of:

  • Nannippus cf. lenticularis
  • Neohipparion eurystyle
  • Pomatodelphis inaequalis
  • Synthetoceras cf. tricornatus
  • Anomia taylorensis
  • Cassidulus gouldii
  • Chlamys chickaria
  • Chlamys gainstownensis
  • Chlamys glendonensis
  • Chlamys mcquirti
  • Kuphus incrassatus
  • Pecten howei
  • Caretta sp.
  • Teleoceras sp.
  • Trionyx sp.
  • Camelidae indet.
  • Cervidae indet.
  • Scombroidei indet.
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