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Location within Queensland
Lands administrative divisions around Flinders:
Clinton Coral Sea Coral Sea
Clinton Flinders Coral Sea
Yarrol Bowen Cook

The County of Flinders is a county (a cadastral division) in Queensland, Australia, located in the Central Queensland region between Gladstone and Bundaberg. The county is divided into civil parishes. It was named for Matthew Flinders who explored the Australian coastline.

The county was created on 1 September 1855 by royal proclamation under the Waste Lands Australia Act 1846. On 7 March 1901, the Governor issued a proclamation legally dividing Queensland into counties under the Land Act 1897. Its schedule described Flinders thus:

Bounded on the south by the counties of Cook and Bowen; on the west by the county of Yarrol, the eastern watershed of the Boyne River, and the western boundary of the parist of Rodds Bay; and on the north and east by the Pacific Ocean.


Flinders is divided into parishes, as listed below:

Parish LGA Coordinates Towns
Arthurs Seat Gladstone 24°17′S 151°42′E / 24.283°S 151.700°E / -24.283; 151.700 (Arthurs Seat Parish)
Baffle Gladstone 24°28′S 151°57′E / 24.467°S 151.950°E / -24.467; 151.950 (Baffle Parish)
Bulburin Gladstone 24°32′S 151°34′E / 24.533°S 151.567°E / -24.533; 151.567 (Bulburin Parish)
Bunker Gladstone 23°46′S 152°22′E / 23.767°S 152.367°E / -23.767; 152.367 (Bunker Parish)
Euleilah Gladstone 24°31′S 151°50′E / 24.517°S 151.833°E / -24.517; 151.833 (Euleilah Parish)
Eurimbula Gladstone 24°07′S 151°43′E / 24.117°S 151.717°E / -24.117; 151.717 (Eurimbula Parish) Town of 1770
Littabella Bundaberg 24°40′S 152°05′E / 24.667°S 152.083°E / -24.667; 152.083 (Littabella Parish) Watalgan
Miriam Vale Gladstone 24°22′S 151°35′E / 24.367°S 151.583°E / -24.367; 151.583 (Miriam Vale Parish) Miriam Vale
Polmaily Gladstone 24°20′S 151°29′E / 24.333°S 151.483°E / -24.333; 151.483 (Polmaily Parish) Bororen
Rodds Bay Gladstone 24°06′S 151°32′E / 24.100°S 151.533°E / -24.100; 151.533 (Rodds Bay Parish)
Rosedale Gladstone 24°41′S 151°51′E / 24.683°S 151.850°E / -24.683; 151.850 (Rosedale Parish) Rosedale (S)
Taunton Gladstone 24°24′S 151°44′E / 24.400°S 151.733°E / -24.400; 151.733 (Taunton Parish)
Thornhill Gladstone 24°39′S 151°36′E / 24.650°S 151.600°E / -24.650; 151.600 (Thornhill Parish)
Tottenham Gladstone 24°36′S 151°59′E / 24.600°S 151.983°E / -24.600; 151.983 (Tottenham Parish) Rosedale (N)
Uxbridge Gladstone 24°19′S 151°53′E / 24.317°S 151.883°E / -24.317; 151.883 (Uxbridge Parish) Agnes Water
Warro Gladstone 24°33′S 151°44′E / 24.550°S 151.733°E / -24.550; 151.733 (Warro Parish) Lowmead
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