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The Drake Passage
Drake Passage - Falklands - South Georgia - South Sandwich Islands
The passage, with the Falklands, South Georgia islands and South Sandwich islands

The Drake passage is a body of water. It lies between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. To the north is Cape Horn and the South American continent, to the south of it are the South Shetland Islands which are part of Antarctica. It is part of the Southern Ocean. It is named after the English privateer Sir Francis Drake. He never sailed the passage, because sailing the Straight of Magellan was less dangerous.

The drake passage is also the shortest route from Antarctica to the rest of the world. The only islands in the passage are the Diego Ramirez Islands, about 60 km south of Cape Horn.

The passage is also known for very rough seas. Waves of 10 m are not uncommon here.

The passage is also good for seeing Whales, Dolphins, seabirds, and penguins.

In older texts, the passage is called Drake Strait.

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