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Fritillaria pudica - Yellow Bell
Fritillaria pudica

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Yellow fritillary
Fritillaria pudica 001 — Matt Lavin.jpg
Scientific classification
F. pudica
Binomial name
Fritillaria pudica
(Pursh) Sprengel
  • Amblirion pudicum (Pursh) Raf.
  • Amblirion pudicum var. biflorum Torr.
  • Fritillaria dichroa Gand.
  • Fritillaria leucella Gand.
  • Fritillaria oregonensis Gand.
  • Fritillaria oreodoxa Gand.
  • Fritillaria utahensis Gand.
  • Fritillaria washingtonensis Gand.
  • Lilium pudicum Pursh
  • Ochrocodon pudicus (Pursh) Rydb.
  • Theresia pudica (Pursh) Klatt
  • Tulipa pudica (Pursh) Raf.

Fritillaria pudica (yellow fritillary) is a small perennial plant found in the sagebrush country in the western United States (Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, very northern California, Nevada, northwestern Colorado, North Dakota and Utah) and Canada (Alberta and British Columbia). It is a member of the lily family, or Liliaceae. Another common (but somewhat ambiguous) name is "yellow bells", since it has a bell-shaped yellow flower. It may be found in dryish, loose soil; it is amongst the first plants to flower after the snow melts, but the flower does not last very long; as the petals age, they turn a brick-red colour and begin to curl outward. During his historic journey, Meriwether Lewis collected a specimen while passing through Idaho in 1806.

Fritillaria pudica produces a small bulb, which can be dug up and eaten fresh or cooked; it served Native Americans as a good source of food in times past, and is still eaten occasionally. Today these plants are not common, so digging and eating the bulbs is not encouraged. The plant is called in Sahaptin.

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