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Isaac Barrow
Isaac Barrow by Mary Beale.jpg
Dr Barrow by Mary Beale
Born October 1630
London, England
Died 4 May 1677(1677-05-04) (aged 46)
London, England
Nationality English
Education Felsted School, Trinity College, Cambridge
Known for Fundamental theorem of calculus
Scientific career
Fields Mathematics
Institutions Trinity College, Cambridge, Gresham College
Academic advisors James Duport
Notable students Isaac Newton
Influences Gilles Personne de Roberval
Vincenzo Viviani
Influenced Isaac Newton
His mentor was James Duport who was a classicist, but Barrow really learned his mathematics by working under Gilles Personne de Roberval in Paris and Vincenzo Viviani in Florence.

Isaac Barrow (October 1630 – 4 May 1677) was an English Christian theologian and mathematician who is generally given credit for his early role in the development of infinitesimal calculus; in particular, for the discovery of the fundamental theorem of calculus. His work centered on the properties of the tangent; Barrow was the first to calculate the tangents of the kappa curve. He is also notable for being the inaugural holder of the prestigious Lucasian Professorship of Mathematics, a post later held by his student, Isaac Newton who also went on to develop calculus in its modern form.

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