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The animated series Amphibia features a number of characters created by Matt Braly. The series centers on Anne Boonchuy who opens a mysterious music box that transports herself and her friends to the world of Amphibia. Anne is adopted by the Plantars, the adventurous Sprig, feisty Polly and the wise Hop Pop as they go on various adventures and face numerous dangers. Anne's human friends include Sasha and Marcy. Much of the show revolves around Anne interacting with the residents of Wartwood who start off hostile towards her, but slowly welcome her as one of them.

This page lists the characters that appear in this show.

Major characters

Anne Boonchuy

Quick facts for kids
Anne Boonchuy
First appearance Anne or Beast? (2019)
Created by Matt Braly
Voiced by Brenda Song
Kai Zen (child)
Age 13
Species Human
Family Unnamed mom
Nationality Thai-American

Anne Boonchuy is a 13-year-old Thai-American human girl who originally resided on Earth, specifically California, until a magical chest, known as the Calamity Box, transported her to Amphibia alongside her friends Sasha and Marcy. She is a self-assured and fearless teen with the spirit of an adventurer. Upon her arrival, she loses her right shoe. After living in the jungle for two weeks, she is found by Sprig Plantar and quickly befriends him. She is discovered by the rest of the Plantars and the town of Wartwood who reluctantly let her stay with them. While slightly angsty around the Plantars at first, she realizes that they want to care for her and does her best to please them, especially Sprig who she has a lot in common with. She lives in their basement which is prone to flooding. Over the course of the first season, Anne displays bouts of homesickness and imprints her hobbies on the Plantars, such her love of pizza, her pet cat Domino, her TV habits, her obsession with couples, her restaurateur abilities and her dancing prowess. Over time, Anne has grown to love the family as her own and does not wish any harm come to them, though she can sometimes be purposefully manipulative to them to get what she wants. While the Wartwood citizens openly mock her at first, they slowly warm up to her and accept her as one of them after she protects them from debt collector Toads that the Mayor had cheated. After the Wartwood citizens threw a celebration for her, Anne is reunited with Sasha who she learns is in league with the Toad Warriors. Anne eventually comes to the realization that Sasha had been manipulative of her throughout their friendship and is forced to fight her. They become separated afterward, with Anne becoming distraught over losing her but promising to make things right with her in the future.

In season two, Anne and the Plantars leave Wartwood to find answers to how Anne came to Amphibia and how she can get back. They arrive in Newtopia where Anne is happily reunited with Marcy. She was initially protective of her due to her clumsiness but has now accepted that she can take care of herself. Anne was also shown to be slightly jealous of Marcy's intelligence but realized that she was better at being social than her, thus evening them out. While in Newtopia, Anne comes to grips with the fact that she misses her mother most of all and that she would want to be with her more than anything in the world. Together with Marcy, they come to accept that despite her genuinely caring about them Sasha had always looked down on them to a degree. Though they will get her back regardless. Upon discovering that the Calamity Box has lost its power and needs to be recharged (it was left back in Wartwood), Anne becomes solemn over leaving the Plantars, upon seeing this Marcy lets her to go back with them so they can retrieve the box together and meet up at the first temple.

Sprig Plantar

Sprig Plantar
First appearance Anne or Beast? (2019)
Created by Matt Braly
Voiced by Justin Felbinger
Age 10
Species Frog
Family Hop Pop Plantar (grandfather)
Polly Plantar (sister)
Unnamed mother

Sprig Plantar is a 10-year-old adventurous and curious pink frog who becomes Anne's first true best friend. He is a very adventurous and energetic frog child, both qualities that can bring him to adventure and into trouble respectively. Despite acting carelessly at times, he is utterly loyal to his friends and family, and will ultimately do what is right in the end. It is also implied that Sprig has ADD as he admits that he has a short attention span. He was the first person to befriend Anne and showed the most sympathy towards her plight; having to convince Hop Pop to take her in. Despite being very close with Anne, he would still prefer his own personal space and has admitted that he has no romantic interest in her. While he can be at odds with Hop Pop, Sprig does care about him a lot and likes to spend personal time with him. Sprig also has a typical sibling rivalry with Polly but is also protective of her. Early in the first season, Sprig gets roped into an arranged marriage with the creepy Maddie Flour. While he stayed loyal about it, they ultimately broke it off with Sprig realizing that Maddie was pretty cool despite her personality. He actually develops a closer relationship with Ivy Sundew, whom he has known since childhood. He saw her as a friend, but slowly fell in love with her and has since tried impressing her. They eventually become a couple by the end of the season. When Sasha returns and pushes her influence on Anne, Sprig steps up for her and heroically tells her that Anne deserved better and that she had been a terrible friend to her.

In season two, Sprig and his family travel with Anne to Newtopia to look for clues regarding the Calamity Box. While on the road, Sprig displays natural hunting skills, that he teaches to Anne, as well as perfect vocal mimicry. Upon arriving in Newtopia, the group meets Marcy, one of Anne's friends, and Sprig becomes highly suspicious of her and protective of Anne due to their past meeting with Sasha. He ultimately accepts her as a friend. Sprig is also revealed to be smart to a certain degree as he was immediately accepted into Newtopia University despite his age. He drops out almost right away due to the pressure. In "Hopping Mall", he tells Anne that he does not remember his mom as he was too little; news that brings them closer together. Upon his return to Wartwood, he begins to openly date Ivy Sundew.

Hop Pop Plantar

Hop Pop Plantar
First appearance Anne or Beast? (2019)
Created by Matt Braly
Voiced by Bill Farmer
Age 68
Species Frog
Family Sprig Plantar (grandson)
Polly Plantar (granddaughter)

Hopediah "Hop Pop" Plantar is Sprig and Polly's 68-year-old traditional, strict, and overprotective grandfather and farmer who runs the family farm. Very protective of his grandkids, Hop Pop was unsure of taking Anne in due to her strange anatomy. However, he learns to welcome her when she owns up to accidentally breaking his cane. Hop Pop is prone to be stuck in his old ways. He eventually bonds with Anne when he realizes that they share a lot in common in terms of personality. He was also rather bossy to the kids but learns to be open-minded when Sprig brings him humility, and is also opportunistic. He is well informed about the Calamity Box, the music box that brought Anne and her friends to Amphibia, but feigns understanding anything about it due to its dangerous origins,and he burries it in his front lawn to prevent any danger and has been hiding it from Anne since. Oddly enough, he was oblivious at the knowledge that the Plantars have had a long storied history of being adventurers and explorers, but did not seem all that bothered upon learning so. Hop Pop loves his grandchildren evenly, though Sprig can be more bothersome to him than Polly. He had a long reciprocated love with Sylvia Sundew who upon returning to Wartwood, resumed her relationship with him. Throughout the first season, Hop Pop struggles to keep his fruit stand up and running and ends up losing it when he cannot pay his debt; effectively putting him out of a job. He fights against the system by running for Mayor against Mayor Toadstool but loses when he fails to reach out to the inhabitants outside of Wartwood. However, the Wartwood citizens build him a new stand to show their support. His efforts are revealed to have been viewed as a threat by the Toads of Toad Tower and try, but fail to get rid of him.

In season two, Hop Pop leads Anne and the Plantars to Newtopia in a "fwagon" (family-wagon) and leaves their house in the care of Chuck. He opts to leave the Calamity Box behind, claiming that he had a friend who was examining it. While on the road, Hop Pop displays a heroic attitude and further revels on his failed background as an actor, getting the chance to fulfill this dream, albeit with criminals. While in Newtopia, he briefly has a crisis when he realizes that he is not ready for Sprig to leave him and learns from an old friend named Sal that he needs to embrace change and the future.

Polly Plantar

Polly Plantar
First appearance Anne or Beast? (2019)
Created by Matt Braly
Voiced by Amanda Leighton
Age 5
Species Tadpole
Family Sprig Plantar (brother)
Hop Pop Plantar (grandfather)
Unnamed mother

Polly Petunia Plantar is Sprig's polliwog sister who is an outgoing and fearless tadpole. She loves adventure, monsters, and having fun with her family. Although she is young, she has the heart of an explorer. Upon meeting Anne, Polly was disappointed in the fact that she was not a ferocious monster. Polly spends much of the first season as a comic foil while being viewed as a helpless child, despite displaying abilities to the contrary. She is an expert spitter and does not like situating herself in typical "girly" roles. She also has the unusual ability to expel a powerful shriek which she refers to as "singing". She thinks that romance is gross and loves to be in charge by displaying her cuteness. However, Polly is shown to be frightened by scary things and does not like to be alone. Plus, she still needs to be saved from danger due to being small enough for predators. She once claimed that she has been eaten eight times throughout her life and "looks forward to it". Nevertheless, she is a major force to be reckoned with and has gotten Anne and her family out of serious conflicts with nothing, but sheer determination and her amazing prowess.

In season two, Polly, her family, and Anne head off to Newtopia to seek answers for the Calamity Box. While on the road, she fears that she is considered a nuisance due to her young age, but realizes that her family loves her unconditionally. She is also shown to have the ability to conduct electricity, and has perfect vocal mimicry. Upon reaching Newtopia, Polly learns from Anne's friend Marcy that she will eventually grow legs in two months' time. She also attempts to be closer to Anne by hanging out with her, though in their usual fashion they end up causing trouble for everyone. Sprig reveals that Polly never met their mother as she was too little to know her.

Sasha Waybright

Sasha Waybright
First appearance Best Fronds (2019)
Created by Matt Braly
Voiced by Anna Akana
Age 13
Species Human
Nationality German-American

Sasha Waybright is Anne's and Marcy's former human friend who was captured by Grime and eventually became his new lieutenant after she proved her prowess in battle. She is shown to be the most commanding, rebellious and fiercest of the three girls and was bossy and manipulative towards Anne back home. Upon her capture at the hands of Grime and the Toads, Sasha used her persuasive abilities to have the Toads be friendly and serve her. When their tower gets attacked by a pair of giant herons, Sasha convinces Grime to take her advice so that they could defeat the herons in battle. Pleased with the outcome, Sasha is made lieutenant by Grime, a position she hopes to use to find her friends. She eventually reunites with Anne at the end of "Anne of the Year" and reveals her connection with the Toads. While Sasha is happy to be with Anne again, she slowly reveals that she has converted to the Toads' ways of thinking and threatens to kill Hop Pop due to his insubordination. Sasha loses her control over Anne who fights back. When the tower is blown by One-Eyed Wally, Sasha comes to the realization that she has indeed been a terrible friend and lets herself fall, but is saved by Grime who takes her away. Sometime later, Sasha tries to retain Grime's reputation; angered at his now lazy and unmotivated self. While battling General Yunnan, Sasha admits that she does not want to lose Grime because he is her only friend, causing Grime to deduce that Sasha misses Anne and that she believes she's permanently ruined her friendship with her. After defeating Yunnan, the two decide to take over Newtopia by force.

Captain Grime

Captain Grime
First appearance Best Fronds (2019)
Created by Matt Braly
Voiced by Troy Baker
Species Cane toad

Captain Grime is a massive, evil one-eyed cane toad who is the former ruler of Toad Tower. Early in the series, he somehow captures Sasha and believes her to be a spy after he shows her Anne's missing shoe. While intimidating, his army is the total opposite; composed of cowards who would rather do anything other than be ruthless guards for his conquered land. When a couple of giant herons proceeds to attack Toad Tower, he finds an unlikely ally in his former prisoner Sasha, who convinces him to be more accepting to his lackeys and be more positive and uplifting. After the Toads manage to defeat the herons, Grime realizes the value that Sasha holds and makes her his lieutenant. Sometime later, Grime leads his army to capture the frogs in Wartwood, following Hop Pop's failed effort to replace Mayor Toadstool and plans to have him killed. At his suggestion, Anne and Sasha do battle with one another, ending with the destruction of Toad Tower. Grime rescues Sasha, showing that he genuinely cares about her well-being, and flees with the Toads. Since then, Grime has lost most of his army, leaving only Percy, Braddock, and Sasha. He has become a lazy, unmotivated moocher who spends his time watching Sasha's phone. He is branded a traitor by Newtopia and becomes a wanted criminal with General Yunnan pursuing him. However, Sasha inspires him to regain his former glory by creating a new army to take over Newtopia.

Marcy Wu

Marcy Wu
First appearance Best Fronds (2019)
Created by Matt Braly
Voiced by Haley Tju
Age 13
Species Human
Nationality Chinese-American

Marcy Wu is Sasha's and Anne's other human friend who found the Calamity Box first in a shop on Anne's birthday who was also teleported to Amphibia. She serves as the brains of the trio, is an expert gamer, and has many clumsy moments which Anne and Sasha have to counter. Upon her arrival in Amphibia, she found herself in Newtopia where she was accepted by the inhabitants and became King Andrias' chief advisor and ranger. After spending months with them, she was happily reunited with Anne and was introduced to the Plantars for the first time. It becomes apparent that while she is still clumsy, Marcy had become more adventurous and is capable of taking care of herself while also expanding her knowledge of Amphibian culture and anatomy. However, she admits that she is jealous of Anne's ability to be social with every person she meets. Marcy spends half her time trying to do research on the Calamity Box so that she, Anne and Sasha can return home. Marcy and Anne come to accept that Sasha looked down on them despite her genuinely caring about them, but they still miss her and want to reunite with her to make things right. Marcy ultimately has to stay in Newtopia while Anne and the Plantars return to Wartwood to retrieve the Calamity Box. However, Andrias approaches her with a proposition.

King Andrias Leviathan

King Andrias Leviathan
First appearance Marcy at the Gates (2020)
Created by Matt Braly
Voiced by Keith David
Species Newt

King Andrias Leviathan is a towering newt who is the king of Amphibia. While appearing to be a jovial and kindly ruler, he seems to be plotting something involving Anne, Sasha, and Marcy. He loves riddles as he has a habit of having Marcy go through a series of puzzles just so he can give her a simple message. Upon first meeting, he is boisterous and happy-go-lucky, something that upsets his advisor Lady Olivia. He takes to many human customs and culture such as a fist bump and was glad to see Anne for the first time after Marcy told him all about her and proceeded to give the Plantars his royal credit card. He continued to study the Calamity Box with Marcy for the majority of Anne and the Plantars' stay. When they left Newtopia to go retrieve the Calamity Box, he enigmatically approached Marcy with a proposition.

Supporting characters

Wartwood inhabitants

  • Bessie (vocal effects provided by Dee Bradley Baker) - A giant snail who serves as the Plantar family's mode of transportation. It is revealed in "Anne Theft Auto" that Hop Pop won Bessie in a bid to determine who gets to keep her. Anne learns to drive her in that same episode. She is very loving and has an affinity for mushrooms. By season 2, Bessie pulls the Fwagon that the Plantars ride in during their trip to Newtopia.
  • Mayor Toadstool (voiced by Stephen Root) - A toad who is the corrupt, rude, dangerous, greedy, and arrogant mayor of Wartwood Swamp. He has a tendency to raise the taxes on anything. He tends to use Anne as an opportunity to further his image. Despite his flaws, he can do something nice and even do the unexpected for the greater good, though he has admitted that he is only willing to help his citizens just so he can swindle them.
    • Toadie (voiced by Jack McBrayer) - A small frog who is Mayor Toadstool's loyal assistant.
  • Buck Leatherleaf (voiced by James Adomian) - The sheriff of Wartwood who enforces the rules.
  • Walliam "One-Eyed Wally" Ribbiton (voiced by James Patrick Stuart) - A local town vagrant with one working eye and half a shoe on one foot who plays a caterpillar-shaped accordion. Anne initially viewed him with disdain, but has since accepted his eccentricities. He comes from a rich family that resides in Ribbitvale, but wants to live the life of a vagrant. Only Anne and the Plantars are aware of his double life.
  • Sadie Croaker (voiced by Laila Berzins) - An old lady with a cataract in her left eye. She runs Croaker Dairy where she sells dairy products. Sadie has a certain amount of respect for Hop Pop, yet ironically does not like Sprig, though she is trying to. She was also a former secret agent.
    • Archie (vocal effects provided by Baker) - Sadie's pet spider.
  • Felicia Sundew (voiced by Kaitlyn Robrock) - The proprietor of "Felicia's Tea Shoppe" that sells food like tea and dung beetle scones. She is Ivy's mother and Sylvia's daughter. She was entranced with her daughter loving Sprig and got mildy annoyed at the Plantars in general, but soon came to respect them.
  • Sylvia Sundew (voiced by Mona Marshall) - Felicia's mother, Ivy's grandmother, and Hop Pop's girlfriend. She has always harbored feelings for Hop Pop because she "has a thing for the weird ones". She is considered an honorary Plantar.
  • Ivy Sundew (voiced by Katie Crown) - Felicia's daughter, Sylvia's granddaughter, and Sprig's childhood friend. She was forced into a courtship with him, but decided to remain friends. She eventually reciprocates his feelings and they become a couple. Upon Sprig's return to Wartwood, she begins openly dating him. She has bushy hair under her beanie.
  • Leopold Loggle (voiced by Brian Maillard) - An axolotl who is the town's wood-smith and is the proprietor of his woodcraft store. He used to be a metalsmith until an incident where he accidentally impaled his voice box causing him to have speaking issues where he says introducing adverbs and pauses before saying a negative ending word, a trait that some find annoying.
  • Albus Duckweed (voiced by Kevin McDonald) - A newt who is the local food critic. He also acts as a master of ceremonies at different events.
  • Stumpy (voiced by John DiMaggio) - The cook and proprietor of "Stumpy's Diner" with interchangeable prosthetic hands. He was ready to resign his dilapidated restaurant, but he regains his gumption when Anne turns it into a Thai-Frog fusion restaurant.
  • Mr. Flour (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) - The baker and proprietor of "Flour & Daughters Bakery." He seemed keen on having Sprig become betrothed to his daughter.
  • Maddie Flour (voiced by Jill Bartlett) - Mr. Flour's eerie yet understanding daughter and Sprig's ex-fiancée who works at "Flour & Daughters Bakery." She was initially betrothed to Sprig so that Anne could get flour dough which Maddie seemed happy about. When Sprig broke up with her, she was disappointed, but remained friends with him. Although she seems creepy, she is kind and understanding. She has three younger tadpole siblings.
  • Soggy Joe (voiced by Fred Tatasciore) - A frog survivalist who has a nose for succulent smells. He is a trucker on the side and seems understanding of Polly. He is also the star of the "Wild Amphibia" shorts.
  • Tuti (voiced by April Winchell) - The town masseuse and a part-time bounty hunter.
  • Tad - A glass artisan. When the acting troupe that was supposed to perform in Wartwood had to cancel due to them getting eaten, Anne enlisted Tad to make a large glass screen which she combined with her phone to show them a movie.
  • Chuck (voiced by Matt Braly) - A tulip farmer who can also fix houses fast and wears a hat that covers his eyes. He mostly says "I grow tulips." Chuck is also amazingly fast at building things and watches over the Plantar's house while they are away in Newtopia.
  • Monroe (voiced by Paul Eiding) - Hop Pop's rival for Sylvia Sundew's affection.
  • Gunther (voiced by Chris Sullivan) - A southern tusked frog who is calm and kind, but becomes large and monstrous when angered. He lives outside of Wartwood.
  • Barry (voiced by Keith Silverstein) - A jovial candy berry maker who holds grudges against anyone who spills his candy berries and makes spells and curses on the side which earned him the wrath of Maddie.

Toad Tower inhabitants

  • Bog (voiced by Darin De Paul) - A ruthless toad soldier and tax collector who wields a giant hammer. He and the rest of the toad army abandoned Grime after the destruction of Toad Tower.
  • Fens (voiced by Winchell) - An aggressive female toad soldier who fights with a kanabō. She left Grime's army along with the rest after Toad Tower was destroyed.
  • Mire - A toad soldier in full body armor who doesn't speak and mostly growls. He left Grime's army after Toad Tower's destruction with the rest of the toad soldiers.
  • Percy (voiced by Matt Jones) - A friendly toad soldier who dreams of being a jester. In season 2, he and Braddock are the only toad soldiers left in Grime's army who didn't abandon him.
  • Braddock (voiced by Kristen Johnston in Season 1, Winchell in Season 2) - A friendly female toad soldier who likes to garden and socialize. She and Percy are the only toad soldiers left in Grime's army after the rest deserted him when Toad Tower was destroyed.

Newtopia inhabitants

  • Lady Olivia (voiced by Michelle Dockery) - Andrias' royal advisor. She is shown to be very uptight and proper, getting easily annoyed at the wreckless behaviors of the Plantars.
  • General Yunan (voiced by Zehra Fazal) - An aggressive newt with retractable claws in her gauntlets who is Newtopia's most skilled warrior and a general of the Newtopian Army. She is very ruthless and bloodthirsty that she disposed of her own army because she felt they held her back. Yunan has a habit of introducing herself in a very flashy manner. However, she gets annoyed when people still don't know who she is or respect her.
  • Efty (voiced by Brielle Milla) - A young axolotl girl with a pet kill-a-pillar that Anne helps.
  • Doris (voiced by Tress MacNeille) - An elderly newt who knits and loves puzzles and befriends Anne easily.
  • Gertie (voiced by Nicole Byer) - An axolotl who runs a "Gnatchos" stand who offers good advice to Anne who in turn helps her.
  • Bella (voiced by Kristen Schaal) - An overworked bellhop newt who runs afoul, but ends up befriending Sprig.
  • Professor Herringbone (voiced by Flula Borg) - The headmaster at Newtopia University who sees potential in Sprig.
  • Sal (voiced by Maurice LaMarche) - An old friend of Hop Pop's and former Wartwood citizen who created a special sauce and became a huge success in Newtopia after leaving Wartwood.
  • Priscilla "the Killa" Paddock (voiced by Misty Lee) - A large toughened newt who rivals Anne for a special teapot. It is revealed to have sentimental value to her as it was made by her mother, Penny, before she passed and is allowed it after Anne wins it.
    • Pearl Paddock (voiced by Romi Dames) - Priscilla's tiny daughter who is happy and supportive of her mother.

Other Characters

  • Mrs. Boonchuy (voiced by On Braly) - Anne's mother who appears very strict, but is very caring towards her daughter. She is bilingual and loves singing old Thai songs despite being "tone deaf". She is voiced by Braly's real life mother.
  • Mudmen (Various Voices) - A group of cannibalistic frogs that cover themselves in mud from the mud swamps that they live on so that they can ambush, kill, and eat trespassers while passing themselves off as cryptids. One Mudman was later seen at the Bizarre Bazaar.
  • Jonah (voiced by Jeff Bergman) - A bullfrog who is Mrs. Croaker's former arch-enemy.
  • Teddy (voiced by Sullivan) - A cannibalistic horned toad who runs a hotel where they leave traps for the snails owned by the passersby, offer them one of the hotel's rooms, and then abduct them using drugged cookies so that he and his fellow horned toads can eat them.
    • Martha (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) - Teddy's wife and a cannibalistic horned toad who runs a hotel where they capture and eat passersby.
    • Juliet - A cannibalistic horned toad associated with Teddy.
    • Juniper - A cannibalistic horned toad associated with Teddy.
  • Valerina (voiced by Susanne Blakeslee) - A mysterious one-armed newt who runs an antique stand at the Bizarre Bazaar. She seems to know something about the Calamity Box and Anne's destiny for when she went after Marnie, Valerina quoted "Could she be the one?"
  • Marnie (voiced by Bill Kopp) - A proprietor at the Bizarre Bazaar who runs an underground game and tries to pawn off Anne's things.
  • "Amphibia's Got Talent" Judges (voiced by Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir) - Two very famous judges who have a keen eye for talent. They run a show that is similar to the one on Anne's world.
  • Tritonio Espada (voiced by Matt Chapman) - An expert weapon combat trainer who teaches Anne, Sprig and Polly how to fight. He is actually a criminal who uses them to rob a train.
  • Frog Jordan (voiced by Diedrich Bader) - A famous bugball player on Mayor Toadstool's team.
  • Lydia (voiced by Eden Riegel) - A bugball player on Mayor Toadstool's team.
  • Olaf - A bugball player on Mayor Toadstool's team. He is mentioned to be a transfer from out of state.
  • Apothecary Gary (voiced by Tony Hale) - A large glowing fungus that took over the mind of a frog named Lloyd.
  • Frobo - An enigmatic frog-robot that rested in the Ruins of Despair. Once Anne and the Plantars left, it suddenly came to and began following them.
  • Mama Hasselback (voiced by Jenifer Lewis) - The giant toad matriarch of the Hasselback Family who terrorized the Bitties of Bittyburg. She and her family are presumably devoured when the Bitties rise up and attack them, per Hop Pop's influence.
    • Judro Hasselback (voiced by Keith Ferguson) - Mama's son and second in command with an eyepatch.
    • Heathro Hasselback - Mama's other son who is intimidating.
    • Ruth Hasselback - Mama's newt daughter who is cruel.
    • Talbert Hasselback - Mama's frog brother with a big mustache who is the uncle of Judro, Heathro, and Ruth.
  • Renee Frodgers (voiced by Susan Egan) - A famous stage actress, playwright and director and Hop Pop's idol. She has since used her acting and traveling theater as a cover to rob towns blind.
    • Francis / François (voiced by Max Mittelman) - An obnoxious child method actor.
  • Lysil and Angwin (voiced by Berzins and Chris Wylde) - Twin headed olms who constantly bicker with one another on how to devour.
  • The Curator / Mr. Ponds (voiced by Alex Hirsch) - The sinister eyepatch-wearing owner of the wax museum who wanted to turn Anne into another one of his exhibits. He was confirmed to have been killed by his former prisoners by Matt Braly despite the Curator claiming that the red liquid that spilled under the door was red wax.
    • Frog Soos (voiced by Hirsch) - The frog version of Soos and the Curator's assistant.
    • Frog Shmebulock (voiced by Hirsch) - The frog version of Shmebulock who was one of the Curator's prisoners.
  • Wigbert Ribbiton (voiced by Hugh Bonneville) - Wally's wealthy father who resides in Ribbitvale. He despised his son's nomad lifestyle, but learned to accept him for who he is as well as revealed that he plays the jug.
  • Crumpet the Frog (voiced by Matt Vogel as Kermit the Frog) - The announcer for Beast Polo who is physically based on the character he parodies.
  • Screen Fiend - A small adorable cat-like creature who lives in an internet video and emerges to reveal itself as a giant ferocious beast.
  • Mr. Littlepot (voiced by George Takei) - The scary-looking personification of Death who is the reason for Hop Pop's hair loss.
  • Seamstress - A glass frog who, self-conscious of her own appearance, steals other frogs' skins to hide herself.
  • Zechariah Nettles - A scary looking frog who wears a top hat and possesses a creepy smile, a hook hand and a lantern. Despite his frightening appearance and harsh actions, he is actually a spirit that helps guide travelers on the right path home.
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