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This is a list of State Register of Heritage Places in the City of Perth, Western Australia. The State Register of Heritage Places is maintained by the Heritage Council of Western Australia.

As of 2020, 1,018 places are heritage-listed in the City of Perth,


The Western Australian State Register of Heritage Places, as of 2020, lists the following 219 state registered places within the City of Perth:

Place name Place # Street number Street name Suburb or town Notes & former names Photo
Commercial Building 1178 132 William Street Perth
W D & H O Wills Warehouse (former) 1330 464-468 Murray Street Perth WD and HO Wills Building.jpg
Bairds Building (former) 1627 491-493 Wellington Street Perth Levi Green's, Green's, Bairds Arcade, Myers, Commercial Building 491-493 Wellington Street Bairds Building, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Saunders Building 1628 499 Wellington Street Perth
Mitchells Building 1784 140 William Street Perth WilliamStPerthMitchellsBuildings01 gobeirne.jpg
Commercial Building 1857 507 Wellington Street Perth
St John's Lutheran Church 1943 16 Aberdeen Street Perth St Johns Lutheran August 2006.jpg
Supreme Court Buildings and Gardens, Old Court House, Stirling Gardens 1947 2, 4 & 33 Barrack Street Perth Washington Palm Trees, The Supreme Court Building Supreme court wa.jpg
Old Court House 1948 Supreme Court Gardens, Barrack Street Perth Old Court House Law Museum, Francis Burt Law Centre/Legal Education Centre, Law Society Building Old Courthouse, Perth.jpg
Orchestral Shell 1949 Supreme Court Gardens, Barrack Street Perth
The Weld Club 1950 3 Barrack Street Perth Weld club2.jpg
Perth Town Hall 1953 601 Hay Street Perth HMAS Perth Memorial Perth Town Hall - Perth.jpg
Bon Marché Arcade 1954 74-84 Barrack Street Perth Brookman's Buildings, Bon Marche Arcade Buildings Bon Marché Arcade, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Railway Hotel (remains of facade & balcony) 1959 138 Barrack Street Perth Commercial Hotel, Romayne's Hotel Railway Hotel Perth facade & balcony, January 2021 01.jpg
Phineas Seeligson's (former), Perth 1961 143 Barrack Street Perth Commercial Building, City Loans Office Phineas Seeligson's building on Barrack Street, c1894.jpg
Art Gallery & Museum Buildings 1962 5 Francis Street Perth Western Australian Museum Complex, comprises Victoria Jubilee Institute, Victoria Public Library, Jubilee Building, Government Geologist's Building Art Gallery of Western Australia.jpg
Perth Court of Petty Sessions 1963 James Street Mall Perth Centenary Gallery Perth Court of Petty Sessions, January 2021 03.jpg
Old Court House & Gaol 1965 5 Francis Street Perth Art Gallery (east wing) Perth Gaol3.jpg
Protestant Hall (former), Perth 1969 160-162 Beaufort Street Northbridge Street view of former Protestant Hall 160 Beaufort Street Perth, from South.jpg
Central Government Offices 1973 28 Barrack Street Perth Central Government offices.jpg
Atlas Building 1975 8-10 The Esplanade Perth Phoenix Building Atlas Building, Perth.jpg
St Brigid's Convent (former) 1976 60 John Street Northbridge St Brigid's Convent, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
St Brigid's Church 1977 Corner Fitzgerald & Aberdeen Streets Northbridge St Brigid's Church with St Brigid's School.jpg
St Brigid's High School 1978 Fitzgerald Street Northbridge St Brigid's High School, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Perth General Post Office 1979 3 Forrest Place Perth Perth GPO General Post Office, Perth, January 2018 01.jpg
Swan Barracks 1980 2 Francis Street Perth Former Drill Hall Old Swan Barracks, Western Australia.jpg
St George's Hall Portico and Facade, Perth 1985 500 Hay Street Perth St. George's Theatre (former) St Georges Hall facade.jpg
Cremorne Arcade 1988 572-578 Hay Street Perth Cremorne Arcade (South face) 02.jpg
Criterion Hotel 1989 560 Hay Street Perth Regatta Hotel, Bugatti's Bar Historic Criterion Hotel In the Perth CBD.jpg
McNess Royal Arcade 1990 613-619 Hay Street Perth Mcness Gnangarra (23 of 71).jpg
Connor Quinlan Building 1991 612-616 Hay Street Perth Sharpes Tobacconists, Swan Chambers, Quinlan Swan Building Connor Quinlan Building, January 2021 01.jpg
Theatre Royal & Metropole Hotel (former) 1993 637-645 Hay Street Perth Sussan House, Theatre Royale Theatre Royal and Metropole Hotel, Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
London Court 1998 647-653 Hay Street Mall Perth London Court Perth, smc.jpg
Devon House 2000 729 Hay Street Perth Devon House Perth.jpg
Gledden Building 2002 731 Hay Street Mall Perth Gledden 001.JPG
Wesley Church 2003 75 William Street Perth Wesley Church 001.jpg
Melbourne Hotel (former) 2005 942 Hay Street Perth Old Melbourne Melbourne Hotel Perth.jpg
His Majesty's Theatre 2006 825-839 Hay Street Perth Her Majesty's Hotel & Theatre His Majesty's Theatre, corner Hay and King Streets.jpg
Harper's Buildings 2007 810-820 Hay Street Perth Harper's Buildings Perth.jpg
18 & 20 Howard Street 2023 18 & 20 Howard Street Perth Phoenix Chambers (20 Howard St), Traders Building (former) 18 Howard Street (Perth, Western Australia) 02.jpg
Commercial Building 2024 21 Howard Street Perth Downing & Downing, 21 Howard Street, Parker & Parker Bldg, WA Turf Club fmr 21 Howard St, Perth Western Australia 02.jpg
Art Gallery Administration Building 2025 James Street Mall Perth Police Barracks (former), Police Headquarters and CIB Administration Art Gallery Administration Building, Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
Hackett Hall 2026 Perth Cultural Centre Northbridge Perth Public Library, State Reference Library (former) Hackett Hall, Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
Chung Wah Association Hall 2027 128 James Street Northbridge includes Chung Wah Banner Chung Wah Association Hall, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
PICA & Arts House 2028 James Street Mall Perth Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Girls &, Infants School, Perth Boys School, Perth Tech Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, March 2018.jpg
St Brigids Parish Hall (former) 2029 60 John Street Northbridge St Brigid's Convent and St Brigids Parish Hall, Perth, January 2021.jpg
St Brigid's Group, Perth 2030 John, Fitzgerald & Aberdeen Streets Northbridge Comprising Church, Parish Hall, Convent, Convent School, Presbytery St Brigid's Church with St Brigid's School.jpg
The Terraces 2043 63 Mount Street Perth Lefroy House
Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Royal Perth Hospital 2047 Murray Street Perth Moreton Bay Fig Tree, Royal Perth Hospital, January 2021 01.jpg
Royal Perth Hospital Administration Building 2048 51 Victoria Square Perth Nurses Home (former) Royal Perth Hospital Administration Building, January 2021 02.jpg
Royal Perth Hospital (Kirkman House) 2049 51 Victoria Square Perth & Moreton Bay Fig Tree Kirkman House, Royal Perth Hospital, January 2021 01.jpg
Perth Chest Clinic 2050 15-17 Murray Street Perth Hibernian Hall, Cathedral Hall Perth Chest Clinic, January 2021.jpg
No 1 Fire Station (former) 2051 25 Murray Street Perth Central Fire Station, Perth City Fire Station, Western Australian Fire Brigade Museum FireSafetyEducationCentreMuseum Perth smc.JPG
Young Australia League and House 2052 45 & 55 Murray Street Perth YAL and residence Young Australia League building.jpg
Chief Secretary/Public Health Department (former) 2053 57 Murray Street Perth Perth Medical and Health Department, Colonial, Chief Inspector of Factories and Early Closin Chief Secretary and Public Health Department, Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
Perth Government Stores (former) 2056 70-74 Murray Street Perth Murray House, Department of Mines Perth Government Stores, January 2021 01.jpg
Queens Buildings 2058 97-107 William Street Perth Queen's Building Perth.JPG
Commonwealth Bank Building 2064 242 Murray Street Perth Commonwealth Bank Building, Perth, January 2018.jpg
Piccadilly Theatre and Arcade 2065 700-704 Hay Street Perth Piccadilly-011.JPG
Methodist Mission (former) 2066 97 William Street Perth Methodist Mission, Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
Wentworth Plaza Hotel 2067 300 Murray Street Perth part of Raine Square complex, Commercial Building Wentworth Hotel, Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
No.2 Substation, Murray Street 2072 325 Murray Street Perth Electric Light Substation, State Electricity Commission Sub Station No.2 Substation, Murray Street, January 2021 01.jpg
1 Museum Street 2081 1 Museum Street, 25 Aberdeen Street Northbridge Two Houses, 27 & 29 Museum Street 1 Museum Street, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Salvation Army Headquarters & Congress Hall (former) 2084 48-54 Pier Streetreet & 69 Murray Street Perth Salvation Army Citadel, Salvation Army Peoples Palace Salvation Army Congress Hall, Perth.jpg
Lieut. General Sir J.J. Talbot Hobbs Memorial 2089 Riverside Drive Perth Sir Talbot Hobbs Statue OIC esplanade talbot hobbs statue.jpg
West Australian Rowing Club 2090 Riverside Drive Perth West Australian Rowing Club, January 2021 03.jpg
Lawson Flats 2092 Sherwood Crescent Perth Lawson Gnangarra (47 of 71).jpg
Bishop's House 2093 235 St Georges Terrace Perth Bishop's See Bishop Hales House, Perth.jpg
St George's House 2094 235-237 St Georges Terrace Perth The Terrace Hotel, Cardigan House, Bishops Grove, Ingle Hall Terrace Hotel, Perth - Frontage 3.jpg
Government House and Grounds 2095 13 St Georges Terrace Perth The Domain, Government House including gardens WAGovernmentHouse1crop gobeirne.JPG
Government House Ballroom 2096 13 St Georges Terrace Perth Government House, Perth - ballroom.jpg
Council House, Perth 2097 27-29 St Georges Terrace Perth Perth Council House, illuminated, August 2012.jpg
St Andrew's Church 2099 36 St Georges Terrace Perth St Andrews Presbyterian Church, St Andrews Uniting Church St Andrews Church, St Georges Terrace, Perth.jpg
The Deanery 2100 Corner St Georges Terrace & Pier Street Perth Perth Deanery.jpg
Burt Memorial Hall 2101 38A St Georges Terrace Perth Burt Hall in September 2019.jpg
St George's Cathedral 2102 Corner St Georges Terrace & Cathedral Avenue Perth Port Jackson Fig Tree St George's Cathedral from the south-west.jpg
Alexander Forrest Statue 2103 Corner St Georges Terrace & Barrack Street Perth Alex Forrest statue.jpg
Trinity Uniting Church Group 2105 671-681 Hay Street Mall Perth Trinty church, Perth.jpg
Western Australian Club 2110 101-103 St Georges Terrace Perth English, Scottish & Australian Bank, Rural & Industrial Bank, Australian Provident Mutual Society, Royal Bank of Australia Western Australian Club (Perth, Western Australia) 02.jpg
Newspaper House 2111 123-125 St Georges Terrace Perth Newspaper House, Perth, Western Australia, January 2021.jpg
Newspaper House Group 2112 125 St Georges Terrace Perth Newspaper House and W.A. Trustee Co & Royal Insurance Co Building, Perth, January 2021.jpg
W.A. Trustee Co & Royal Insurance Co Building 2113 131-135 St Georges Terrace Perth WA Trust Executor & Agency Company Ltd W.A. Trustee Co & Royal Insurance Co Building, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Palace Hotel (former) 2114 108 St Georges Terrace Perth Bankwest Palace Hotel, Perth.jpg
Perth Technical College 2116 137 St Georges Terrace Perth Old Perth Technical School, January 2021 02.jpg
Old Perth Boys School and Perth Technical College 2117 125-139 St Georges Terrace Perth Old Perth Boys School Old Perth boys school gnangarra-11.jpg
The Cloisters 2119 200 St Georges Terrace Perth Perth Church of England Collegiate School Cloisters, Perth.jpg
Barracks Arch 2120 Junction St Georges Terrace, Malcolm & Elder Streets Perth The Barracks Archway 2013.JPG
Victoria Square Cottages 2121 23-29 Victoria Square Perth Welfare Bur, Social Apostolate, Catholic Missions/Immigration Centre, Family Victoria Square Cottages, Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral 2124 41 Victoria Square Perth Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception St Mary's Cathedral, Perth (aerial) 02.jpg
Archbishop's Palace 2126 17 Victoria Square Perth Catholic Church Office, Roman Catholic Presbytery Archbishop's Palace (South face) 01.jpg
St John's Pro-Cathedral 2130 18 Victoria Avenue Perth St John's pro-cathedral.jpg
Perth Dental Hospital Main Block 2131 189 Wellington Street Perth Perth Dental School, WA College of Dental Science, UWA PerthDentalSchool202008.jpg
St John's Ambulance Building 2132 298-300 Wellington Street Perth Perth City YHA, Perth City Youth Hostel Association OIC perth cbd yha building.jpg
Perth Railway Precinct 2133 Wellington Street Perth Perth Train Station, Perth Railway Station Transperth Perth Train Station.jpg
Wellington Buildings 2140 150-160 William Street Perth Higham's Buildings WilliamStPerthWellingtonBuilding01a gobeirne.jpg
Wesfarmers Building (former) 2143 569 Wellington Street Perth Wills Building Apartments, Westralian Farmers Building (former) Wesfarmers Building, Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
Railways Institute Building (former) 2146 605 Wellington Street Perth Chief Mechanical Engineering WAGR Building (former) Railways Institute Building, Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
Royal Hotel 2148 300 Murray Street Perth Wentworth Plaza/Raine Square/Royal Hotel, Complex The Royal, December 2019 02.jpg
Maclaren's Chambers 2151 144-148 William Street Perth WilliamStPerth01 gobeirne.jpg
Horseshoe Bridge 2153 William Street Perth Horseshoe Bridge, looking north-east.jpg
Brass Monkey 2154 209 William Street Northbridge Great Western Hotel (former) Brass Monkey Hotel - Perth, Western Australia.jpg
Rechabite Hall 2155 224 William Street Perth Commonwealth Trading Bank Store, Independent Order of Rechabites Hall (former) Rechabite Hall, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
The New Church (former) 2158 176 Adelaide Terrace East Perth Indonesian Mission Baptist Church The New Church, Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
Perth Girls' Orphanage (former) 2159 108 Adelaide Terrace East Perth Heritage Council of Western Australia, Fisheries & Wildlife Department Perth Girls' Orphanage, January 2021 03.jpg
Carlton Hotel 2161 248-260 Hay Street East Perth Carlton Hotel, Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
East Perth Cemeteries 2164 2 Bronte Street East Perth East Perth Cemeteries, East Perth Cemetery & St Bartholomews Church East perth cemeteries 11 gnangarra.jpg
The Perth Mint 2166 310 Hay Street Perth Perth Mint.jpg
Gloucester Park 2170 569 Nelson Crescent East Perth Perth Trotting Course, Brennan Park Gloucester park int gnangarra 02.JPG
Peter Pan Statue, Queen's Gardens 2172 70 Hay Street East Perth Peter Pan Statue, Queen's Gardens, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Perth Girls School (former) 2173 2 Wellington Street East Perth Police Traffic Department, Police Traffic Branch PerthGirls2WellingtonStEastPerth.jpg
East Perth Primary School (former) 2174 76 Wittenoom St East Perth Jack Davis House - Infant School (former) East Perth Primary School, January 2021 02.jpg
Governor Kennedy Fountain & Plane Trees west of Fountain 2185 Mounts Bay Road, Kings Park West Perth Governor Kennedy Fountain, Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
Old Swan Brewery Precinct 2186 Mounts Bay Road Kings Park Old Swan Brewery.jpg
Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial 2232 Kings Park Road West Perth Edith Cowan Memorial Clock Edith Dircksey Cowan Memorial1.jpg
Meerilinga 2236 1186 Hay Street West Perth Merrilinga Meerilinga, West Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
Parliament House & Grounds 2239 Harvest Terrace & Malcolm St West Perth Parliament House, Perth, Western Australia.jpg
Old Observatory 2240 4 Havelock Street West Perth Old Perth Observatory, seen from Central Park, January 2021 02.jpg
Hale School (former) 2242 45 Parliament Place West Perth Constitutional Centre, The High School The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia.jpg
Nurses Memorial Centre 2665 34 Kings Park Road West Perth Kathleen Reidy House Nurses Memorial Centre, West Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
Three Cottages 2695 62, 64 & 66 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
Commercial Bank (former) 2701 246 William Street Perth
House 2871 178 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
Lexbourne House (former) 2905 18 Colin Street West Perth Lawton Hostel, Government Central School of Nursing
Western Australian Police Service Complex 3048 2 Adelaide Terrace East Perth WA Police Headquarters East Perth.jpg
Hills' Residence (former) 3235 300 Hay Street East Perth Stanmore House
Savoy Hotel 3264 Hay Street Mall Perth Gresham Hotel Savoy Hotel, Perth (aerial).jpg
Fitzgerald Hotel (former) 3294 64 Fitzgerald Street Northbridge Clarendon Hotel Fitzgerald Hotel, Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
Low Level Sewage Pumping Stations No.s 1 & 2, Perth 3298 Causeway & Langley Park Perth Low Level Sewage Pumping Station No. 2, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Aston Clinic Stables 3299 19A Mayfair Street West Perth Aston Hospital (former), Malia House Stables Aston Clinic Stables, West Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
Langley Park 3346 Riverside Drive Perth Reserve 12510 Perth sunset.jpg
Government Printing Office (former) 3470 78 Murray Street Perth Telecom Museum (former) Government Printing Office, Perth, January 2021 01.jpg
Central Government Offices & Town Hall Precinct 3480 28 Barrack Street Perth
The Rural & Industries Bank of Western Australia (Site of) 3484 28 Barrack Street Perth R & I Bank, Foundation Park
Houses (former), 257 & 259 Adelaide Terrace 3494 257 & 259 Adelaide Terrace Perth Kincora, Sydenham, Lyminge, Johnson House (previously HCWA No. 1946) 257 Adelaide Tce, Perth Western Australia.jpg
Boans Furniture Factory (former) 3515 Corner Saunders & Glyde Streets East Perth Boans Furniture Factory, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Park Avenue Building, University of Western Australia 3545 Corner Park & Crawley Avenues Crawley Zoology Building, UWA, Biology and Geology Building
Co-operative Bulk Handling Building (former), West Perth 3550 22 Delhi Street West Perth CBH Building, AFG Building Co-operative Bulk Handling Building, West Perth.jpg
Causeway Bridges 3631 Over Swan River East Perth Nos 914 & 932 Causeway - Victoria Park.JPG
William Street Precinct 3795 178-282 William Street Northbridge William Street Precinct (East Side)
Royal King's Park Tennis Club 3801 Kings Park Road West Perth
Gloucester Park Boundary Walls 3840 Waterloo Crescent & Nile Street East Perth
151-165 Beaufort Street 3845 151-165 Beaufort Street Perth Five Shops & Residence
Edith Cowan's House & Skinner Gallery (former) 3847 31 Malcolm Street West Perth House & Gallery
Dumas House 3849 2 Havelock Street West Perth Government Office Building, Public Offices Building Dumas House, Western Australia.jpg
Esplanade Reserve 3850 5 The Esplanade Perth including Allan Green Conservatory, Alf Curlewis Gardens & Florence Hummerston Day Care Centre (former)
Two Attached Houses & Separate House 3854 219 - 223 Newcastle Streetreet Northbridge Ada Villa, Alfred Villa & Arthur Villa
Braddocks Dispensary 3968 180 Aberdeen Street Northbridge Antique Dealer
Barrack Square 4031 Barrack Square Perth Union Jack Square, Flagstaff Square, Harper Square Barrack sq wa gnangarra.jpg
Harold Boas Gardens 4241 bounded by Wellington, Colin & Delhi Streets West Perth Delhi Square Harold Boas Gardens.jpg
Treasury Building (former) 4275 28 Barrack Street Perth Department of Land Admin Offices - DOLA Treasury Buildings, Perth 2018.jpg
Royal Perth Hospital Heritage Precinct 4289 51 Victoria Square Perth Royal Perth Hospital Group, Perth Public Hospital Royal Perth Hospital (Front full).jpg
Stable Block (former) - Swan Brewery Complex 4310 Mounts Bay Road Perth
Tower House, Northbridge 4317 115 Francis Street Northbridge The Rectory
House 33 Wellington St 4331 33 Wellington Street East Perth
Residence, 52 Mount Street 4342 52 Mount Street West Perth Lee-Steere House, Mount Private Hotel, Archbishop's Residence, Darlot Residence
Olive Tree 4379 St Georges Terrace, Government House Gardens Perth
Port Jackson Fig, Mt Newman House 4380 202 St Georges Terrace Perth Cloisters Tree
St Mary's Cathedral Grounds 4498 Victoria Square Perth
Outram Street Terraces 4506 74-82 Outram Street West Perth Janey's Supper House Cafe, Office, Restaurant, Kent Villa, Heimath, Echuca, Wainera
Reveley's Mill Site (former) 4526 133 St Georges Terrace Perth
Graham Flats 4559 1217 Hay Street West Perth
Perth Concert Hall 4571 5 St Georges Terrace Perth Perth Concert Hall (Front) 01.jpg
Queens Gardens 4572 Hay Street East Perth East Perth Park, Includes Peter Pan Statue, East Perth Clayfields Reserve Queens Gardens front gate.jpg
P & O Building (former) 4587 56-58 William Street Perth Orient Line Building, MAS Building, Malaysian Airlines P&O Building Perth.jpg
Aberdeen Hotel & St Johns Building 4601 84 Aberdeen Street Northbridge Union Hotel, Cosmopolitan Hotel, The Red Lion, Hotel, Deen Hotel Aberdeen Hotel, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
No 6 Electricity Sub Station (former) 4633 Corner Brown & Glyde Streets East Perth No 6 Electricity & Gas Sub Station No 6 Electricity Sub Station, East Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
Cathedral of St Constantine & St Helene 4641 18 Parker Street Northbridge Greek Orthodox Church Greek-Orthodox-Church-Northbridge.jpg
Houses at 51-53 Goderich Street 4652 51 & 53 Goderich Street East Perth
Roe Street Cottage 5111 2 Roe Street Perth
ANZ Bank (former) 6101 938-940 Hay Street Perth English, Scottish & Australian Bank, R N Smyth ANZ Bank, Perth, January 2021 02.jpg
Site of Buildings, Burt Way 6102 3-8 Burt Way & 96-98 & 102-104 Terrace Road East Perth Includes Cypress Pine trees
Delaney Gallery 8783 74 Beaufort Street Perth Trades Hall Trades Hall, Perth, December 2018 01.jpg
Raine Square 9824 bounded by Wellington, William, Queen & Murray Streets Perth Hob Nob Building, Glyde Chambers Raine Square, March 2018 02.jpg
Chemistry Centre (former), East Perth 10612 100 Plain Street East Perth Chem Centre ruin with Mines Dept behind.jpg
Two Houses (former) 11488 156-158 Aberdeen Street Northbridge Perth Travellers' lodge, Backpackers Hostel
Bank of New South Wales (NSW)(former) 11492 198-206 William Street Perth Hare Krishna Restaurant
Taylor's Buildings 11506 236-242 William Street Perth
Aberdeen Street Precinct 11509 154-188 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
S Chester Building 11575 176-178 William Street Perth
Perth Hostel 11588 194 William Street Perth
First Church of Christ, Scientist, Perth 11595 264 St Georges Terrace Perth First Church 01.JPG
House 12021 176 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
Romany Restaurant 12118 186-192 William Street Perth
House 13015 184 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
House 13017 166 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
House 13024 162 Aberdeen Street Northbridge Watson Lodge, Health Centre
International Order of Good Templars War Memorial, Supreme Court Gardens 13057 Barrack Street Perth International Order of Good Templars War Memorial, Supreme Court Gardens, January 2021 02.jpg
Soldier's Chapel, St George's Cathedral 13758 Cathedral Avenue Perth
Residence & Shop, Northbridge 14066 186-188 Aberdeen Street Northbridge Cafe
Bank of New South Wales (NSW)(former) 14763 206 William Street Northbridge
National Bank (former) 14764 214 William Street Northbridge Perth Job Club
Globe Hotel 14888 495-497 Wellington Street Perth Globe Hotel, Perth, January 2021.jpg
Three Attached Houses 14892 21 Palmerston Street Northbridge
ABC Sound Broadcasting and Television Studios, Perth 14911 187-193 Adelaide Terrace East Perth Rosehill Studios, Rose Hill Studios ABC Sound Broadcasting and Television Studios, Perth, January 2021 03.jpg
Shops & Offices 15026 377 Newcastle Street Northbridge Chinese Herbalist
Commercial Building & Attached Residence 15226 309 Newcastle Street Northbridge House (former), Shop, "Wallpaper World"
House 15724 55 Murray Street Perth 55 Murray Street PHC Projects Management Consultants.JPG
House 15752 174 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
House 15753 170 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
House 15754 172 Aberdeen Street Northbridge
Flats 72-74 Thomas Street 15761 72-74 Thomas Street West Perth
Tom Burke House 15783 153 Newcastle Street Perth Hostel, Homeswest Lodging House OIC perth tom burke house.jpg
Solidarity Park 15850 Corner Parliament Pl & Harvest Terrace West Perth The Workers' Embassy
Commercial Building 16433 96-100 William Street Perth KFC, Domino's Pizza & Hungry Jacks, Fast Food in One
Noarlinga Chambers 16436 208-212 William Street Northbridge
Rosen Buildings 16437 218-220 William Street Perth
Shops 16438 270-272 William Street Northbridge
Express Travel Kim Kim Asian 16440 276 William Street Perth Shop
Shop 16441 278-282 William Street Northbridge
Dick Smith Electronics Building & Co 16479 119 William Street Perth
Display Centre & Wing Loong New & Used Books 16483 266-268 William Street Northbridge
Barkers Building 16548 124-130 William Street Perth
Art Gallery of Western Australia Complex 16722 4 Roe Street Perth Main Gallery Building (portion of the place)
William & Wellington Street Precinct 16743 William & Wellington Streets Perth Perth Urban Rail Development Area
Colonial Hospital, Victoria Square 17605 Perth
Sewerage Vent, West Perth 23738 Arthur Street West Perth
Sewerage Vent, East Perth 23762 Royal Street East Perth
Sewerage Vent, Princess Margaret Hospital, West Perth 23782 Cook Street West Perth
Metropolitan Sewerage Vents 23992 East & West Perth, Highgate, Northbridge
  • Denotes building has been demolished
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