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List of carousels on the National Register of Historic Places facts for kids

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This is a list of carousels on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.


Building Image Dates Location City, State Description
Allan Herschell 3-Abreast Carousel Allan Herschell 3-Abreast Carousel, Santa Barbara, California.jpg 1916 34°24′54.31″N 119°41′5.23″W / 34.4150861°N 119.6847861°W / 34.4150861; -119.6847861 (Allan Herschell 3-Abreast Carousel) Santa Barbara, California
Santa Cruz Looff Carousel and Roller Coaster SantaCruz BeachBoardwalk Carousel palmsDSCN9371.JPG 1911 36°57′53″N 122°0′56″W / 36.96472°N 122.01556°W / 36.96472; -122.01556 (Santa Cruz Looff Carousel and Roller Coaster) Santa Cruz, California
Elitch Gardens Carousel Elitch Gardens Carousel.jpg 1905 39°18′36″N 102°16′10″W / 39.31000°N 102.26944°W / 39.31000; -102.26944 (Elitch Gardens Carousel) Burlington, Colorado
Pueblo City Park Carousel City Park Carousel.JPG 1911 38°15′44″N 104°39′17″W / 38.26222°N 104.65472°W / 38.26222; -104.65472 (Pueblo City Park Carousel) Pueblo, Colorado
Lighthouse Point Carousel LighthousePointCarousel byVersageek.jpg 1916 41°14′54″N 72°54′12″W / 41.24833°N 72.90333°W / 41.24833; -72.90333 (Lighthouse Point Carousel) New Haven, Connecticut
All Hallows Guild Carousel All Hallows Mitt.JPG 1890 38°55′43″N 77°04′15″W / 38.92861°N 77.07083°W / 38.92861; -77.07083 (Traveling Carousel) Cathedral Heights, Northwest, Washington, D.C. Assembled and operated once a year at the All Hallows Guild spring Flower Mart on the south lawn of the National Cathedral.
Broad Ripple Park Carousel Carouselfullview.jpg 1917 39°48′39″N 86°9′25.5″W / 39.81083°N 86.157083°W / 39.81083; -86.157083 (Broad Ripple Park Carousel) Indianapolis, Indiana
Spencer Park Dentzel Carousel Spencer Park Dentzel Carousel.jpg 1900 40°45′34″N 86°21′20″W / 40.75944°N 86.35556°W / 40.75944; -86.35556 (Spencer Park Dentzel Carousel) Logansport, Indiana
Herschel-Spillman Two-Row Portable Menagerie Carousel Horses in the Herschel-Spilman Carousel.JPG 1913 42°11′17″N 93°35′16″W / 42.18806°N 93.58778°W / 42.18806; -93.58778 (Story City Carousel) Story City, Iowa
Lander Park Carousel Lander Park Carousel, Abilene (Dickinson County, Kansas).jpg 1898 38°54′41″N 97°12′31″W / 38.91139°N 97.20861°W / 38.91139; -97.20861 (Lander Park Carousel) Abilene, Kansas
Carousel at Glen Echo Park Carousel at Glen Echo Park.jpg 1921 38°57′57″N 77°8′19″W / 38.96583°N 77.13861°W / 38.96583; -77.13861 (Carousel at Glen Echo Park) Glen Echo, Maryland
Paragon Park Carousel Hull Paragon Park Carousel.jpg 1928 42°16′12″N 70°51′26″W / 42.27000°N 70.85722°W / 42.27000; -70.85722 (Paragon Park Carousel) Hull, Massachusetts
Flying Horses Carousel Flying horses carousel.JPG 1876 41°27′26″N 70°33′28″W / 41.45722°N 70.55778°W / 41.45722; -70.55778 (Flying Horses Carousel) Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts
Highland Park Dentzel Carousel and Shelter Building Highland Park Dentzel Carousel 2.JPG 1896 32°22′36.67″N 88°43′7″W / 32.3768528°N 88.71861°W / 32.3768528; -88.71861 (Highland Park Dentzel Carousel and Shelter Building) Meridian, Mississippi
George F. Johnson Recreation Park Carousel George F. Johnson Recreation Park Carousel 4.jpg 1925 42°5′57″N 75°56′2″W / 42.09917°N 75.93389°W / 42.09917; -75.93389 (George F. Johnson Recreation Park Carousel) Binghamton, New York
Ross Park Carousel Ross Park Carousel 1.jpg 1920 42°4′31″N 75°54′28″W / 42.07528°N 75.90778°W / 42.07528; -75.90778 (Ross Park Carousel) Binghamton, New York
George W. Johnson Park Carousel Northside Park Carousel.jpg 1934 42°6′40″N 76°3′3″W / 42.11111°N 76.05083°W / 42.11111; -76.05083 (George W. Johnson Park Carousel) Endicott, New York
West Endicott Park Carousel West Endicott Park Carousel.jpg 1929 42°5′53″N 76°4′24″W / 42.09806°N 76.07333°W / 42.09806; -76.07333 (West Endicott Park Carousel) Endicott, New York
Highland Park Carousel Highland Park Carousel.jpg 1920 42°7′30″N 76°1′46″W / 42.12500°N 76.02944°W / 42.12500; -76.02944 (Highland Park Carousel) Endwell, New York
C. Fred Johnson Park Carousel C Fred Johnson Park Carousel.jpg 1923 42°7′2″N 75°57′1″W / 42.11722°N 75.95028°W / 42.11722; -75.95028 (Paragon Park Carousel) Johnson City, New York
Forest Park Carousel Forest Park Carousel fall jeh.JPG 1903 40°42′3″N 73°51′31″W / 40.70083°N 73.85861°W / 40.70083; -73.85861 (Forest Park Carousel) Queens, New York
Pullen Park Carousel Carousel giraffe.jpg 1900 35°46′46.47″N 78°39′52.23″W / 35.7795750°N 78.6645083°W / 35.7795750; -78.6645083 (Pullen Park Carousel) Raleigh, North Carolina
Idora Park Merry-Go-Round Jane's Carousel 2.jpg 1899 Youngstown, Ohio delisted, restored as Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn, New York
Herschell–Spillman Noah's Ark Carousel Oaks Park carousel - Portland Oregon.jpg 1913 45°28′21.5″N 122°39′43.81″W / 45.472639°N 122.6621694°W / 45.472639; -122.6621694 (Herschell–Spillman Noah's Ark Carousel) Portland, Oregon
William F. Mangels Four-Row Carousel Mangels Carousel 1987 - Portland Oregon.jpg 1914 45°30′38″N 122°43′6″W / 45.51056°N 122.71833°W / 45.51056; -122.71833 (William F. Mangels Four-Row Carousel) Portland, Oregon
Weona Park Carousel Weona Park Carousel 02.JPG 1923 40°52′15″N 75°14′55″W / 40.87083°N 75.24861°W / 40.87083; -75.24861 (Weona Park Carousel) Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania
Crescent Park Looff Carousel Crescent Park Carousel, East Providence, RI.jpg 1895 41°45′23″N 71°21′33″W / 41.75639°N 71.35917°W / 41.75639; -71.35917 (Crescent Park Looff Carousel) East Providence, Rhode Island
Flying Horse Carousel Flying Horse Carousel.jpg 1876 41°18′32″N 71°51′31″W / 41.30889°N 71.85861°W / 41.30889; -71.85861 (Flying Horse Carousel) Watch Hill, Rhode Island
Riverfront Park Carousel Riverfront Park Carousel.JPG 1909 47°39′38.42″N 117°25′12.99″W / 47.6606722°N 117.4202750°W / 47.6606722; -117.4202750 (Riverfront Park Carousel) Spokane, Washington
City of Waterloo Carousel City of Waterloo Carousel.jpg 1911 43°10′49″N 88°59′05″W / 43.18028°N 88.98472°W / 43.18028; -88.98472 (City of Waterloo Carousel) Waterloo, Wisconsin
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