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This is a list of hills in Cornwall based on data compiled in various sources, but particularly the Database of British and Irish Hills, Jackson's More Relative Hills of Britain and the Ordnance Survey 1:25,000 Explorer and 1:50,000 Landranger map series.

Many of these hills are important historic, archaeological and nature conservation sites, as well as popular hiking and tourist destinations in the county of Cornwall in southwest England.

Colour key

Class Prominence
Marilyns 150 – 599 m
HuMPs 100 – 149 m
TuMPs 30 – 99 m
Unclassified 0 – 29 m

The table is colour-coded based on the classification or "listing" of the hill. The three types that occur in Cornwall are Marilyns, HuMPs and TuMPs, listings based on topographical prominence. "Prominence" correlates strongly with the subjective significance of a summit. Peaks with low prominences are either subsidiary tops of a higher summit or relatively insignificant independent summits. Peaks with high prominences tend to be the highest points around and likely to have extraordinary views. A Marilyn is a hill with a prominence of at least 150 metres or about 500 feet. A "HuMP" (the acronym comes from "Hundred Metre Prominence) is a hill with a prominence of at least 100 but less than 150 metres. In this table Marilyns are in beige and HuMPs in lilac. The term "sub-Marilyn" or "sub-HuMP" is used, e.g. in the online Database of British and Irish Hills to indicate hills that fall just below the threshold. To qualify for inclusion, hills must either be 300 metres or higher with a prominence of at least 30 metres, below 300 metres with a prominence of at least 90 metres (the threshold for a sub-HuMP) or be in some other way notable. For further information see the Lists of mountains and hills in the British Isles and the individual articles on Marilyns and HuMPs. In this context, a "TuMP" is a hill with a prominence of at least 30 but less than 100 metres; by way of contrast, see also the article listing Tumps (a traditional term meaning a hillock, mound, barrow or tumulus).

List of hills

Hill Height (m) Prom. (m) Grid ref. Class Parent Range/Region Remarks Image
Brown Willy 420 314 SX158799 Marilyn High Willhays Bodmin Moor Cornwall's county top.

Highest of Cornwall's 5 Marilyns.

Brown Willy.jpg
Rough Tor 400 87 ST413011 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Bodmin Moor's second highest summit.

Site of tor cairn and historic settlements and monuments.

Kilmar Tor 396 118 SX252748 HuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Tor 50m SW of summit trig point Kilmar Tor - - 7112.jpg
Stowe's Hill 381 78 SX257724 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Massive tor enclosure (Stowe's Pound)
and site of the Cheesewring
Stowe's Hill - - 1075309.jpg
Langstone Downs 379 33 SX255738 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Large ancient cairn at summit. S of Kilmar Tor Witheybrook Marsh - - 1075319.jpg
Caradon Hill 371 69 SX272707 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Caradon Hill transmitting station, former mining area View from Stowes Hill towards Caradon Hill - - 229693.jpg
The Beacon (Hendra Downs) 369 91 SX196792 TuMP, sub-HuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Outcrop near fence is the summit. Hendra Downs - - 699840.jpg
Tolborough Tor 348 42 SX175778 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Outcrop at the summit. Tolborough Tor - - 646472.jpg
Bray Down 346 54 SX189821 (est.) TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Small cheesewring at the summit. Rock Pile - - 647831.jpg
Buttern Hill 346 48 SX174816 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Mound is near Bronze Age chamber tomb. Buttern Hill Cist - - 647870.jpg
Newel Tor 346 62 SX236741 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Leaning rock slab at summit. View across Witheybrook - - 1083607.jpg
Brown Gelly 342 74 SX196727 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Tor, hut circles, barrows and cairns. Cairn on Brown Gelly - - 1274.jpg
Kit Hill 334 171 SX374713 Marilyn Brown Willy Cornish Killas One of Cornwall's five Marilyns

Highest point in Cornwall outside Bodmin Moor

Kit Hill from Milton Abbot.jpg
Ridge 331 44 SX242777 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Rock on south edge of summit plateau.
Garrow Tor 330 57 SX374713 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Several tors and extensive Bronze Age

and Medieval settlements, hut circles, etc.

Garrow Tor DSC 7061.jpg
Hawk's Tor, North Hill 329 36 SX253763 TuMP Brown Willy West Bodmin Moor Rock tor at summit. No trig point. Hawk's Tor.jpg
Leskernick Hill 329 36 SX183803 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Summit is grassy mound near pool. Leskernick Hill - - 2135.jpg
Fox Tor 323 35 SX226785 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Summit is a rocky tor, 20 metres SW of trig point. Fox Tor (4106).jpg
Butter's Tor 316 34 SX154783 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Outcrop at summit. Garrow Downs - - 846728.jpg
Louden Hill 315 32 SX137803 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Flat granite plinth at summit. Logan Rock, Louden Hill, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall - - 29832.jpg
Hensbarrow Beacon 312 193 SW996575 Marilyn Brown Willy Hensbarrow One of Cornwall's five Marilyns

Summit dominated by spoil heaps of china clay mine

Hensbarrow Beacon - - 851783.jpg
Condolden Barrow


308 50 SX090872 TuMP Cornish Killas Summit trig point, Bronze Age barrows

Second highest point in Cornwall outside Bodmin Moor

Looking towards Condolden Farm - - 495375.jpg
Hawk's Tor, Blisland 307 61 SX143763 TuMP Brown Willy East Bodmin Moor Summit is the outcrop next to the trig point. Site of Stripple stones, stone circle, Hawkstor Pit SSSI Hawk's Tor trig - - 565333.jpg
Brockabarrow Common 306 31 SX160747 TuMP Brown Willy Bodmin Moor Pile of boulders at summit. Horses on Brockabarrow Common - - 1495901.jpg
Alex Tor 291 30 SX118787 TuMP Bodmin Moor Summit tor cairn Alex Tor and cairn - - 418780.jpg
Hingston Down 268 47 SX409714 (est.) TuMP Tamar Valley There is a tumulus, a transmission tower and various buildings around the summit Hingston Down from Kit Hill (2451).jpg
Carnmenellis 252 165 SW695364 Marilyn Hensbarrow Beacon Carnmenellis One of Cornwall's five Marilyns

Summit trig point

Carnmenellis Down.jpg
Watch Croft 252 225 SW420357 Marilyn Brown Willy West Penwith One of Cornwall's five Marilyns
Trig point nr summit
Remote cottage at Garden Mine - - 72319.jpg
Carn Marth 235 60 SW715408 TuMP Carnmenellis Site of former granite quarry Carn Marth - - 145433.jpg
Carn Brea 228 47 SW683407 TuMP Carnmenellis Neolithic and Iron Age settlement DSCN1072CarnBreaFromRedruth.JPG
Castle Downs 216 67 SW945623 TuMP Cornish Killas Site of major Iron Age fort: Castle an Dinas Castle an Dinas 1.JPG
Trink Hill 212 62 SW504371 (est.) TuMP Watch Croft West Penwith Trig point and mound at summit. Twelve O'Clock Rock, Trink Hill - - 935696.jpg
Helman Tor 210 37 SX062615 TuMP Hensbarrow Tor, nature reserve, logan stone,
prehistoric hillfort and stone hut circle
Helman Tor.JPG
Bin Down 203 101 SX276578 HuMP Kilmar Tor Cornish Killas Tall man-made mound on summit

On Looe Golf Course by 7th tee.

Carn Kenidjack 202 ~25 SW388329 Unclassified West Penwith Open hilltop, subpeak is Wheal Bal Hill with a transmission tower. Looking towards Carn Kenidjack from the north - - 1572518.jpg
Chapel Carn Brea 198 30 SW386280 TuMP West Penwith Hercynian granite outcrop;
Westernmost hill in Britain
Site of old chapel, beacon
Tregonning Hill 194 102 SW599300 HuMP Carnmenellis Cornish Killas Summit trig point Trig point, Tregonning Hill - - 232816.jpg
Prospidnick Hill 162 ~10 SW654312 Unclassified Cornish Killas Open summit; wood on SW hillside. The Prospidnick Long Stone - - 172893.jpg
Brea Hill 62 41 SW928771 TuMP Cornish Killas Bronze Age tumuli at summit Brea Hill, Trebetherick - - 29595.jpg
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