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This is a list of two-tier counties of England by population.

It includes those non-metropolitan counties (also known as shire counties) with a two-tier county council structure and does not include metropolitan counties or unitary authorities.

In cases where a unitary authority has been detached from a shire county the population of the unitary authority is excluded. For example, Peterborough is excluded from the population figure for Cambridgeshire.

The figures are mid-year estimates for 2020 from the Office for National Statistics.

Densities are calculated from population and area values.

Rank County Population Area
(in km²)
1 Kent 1,369,900 align="right" align="right"|386
2 Essex 1,340,000 align="right" align="right"|386
3 Hampshire 1,259,400 align="right" align="right"|342
4 Lancashire 1,156,100 align="right" align="right"|398
5 Surrey 1,075,600 align="right" align="right"|644
6 Hertfordshire 1,048,200 align="right" align="right"|638
7 Norfolk 824,200 align="right" align="right"|153
8 Staffordshire 816,700 align="right" align="right"|311
9 West Sussex 764,300 align="right" align="right"|384
10 Nottinghamshire 762,600 align="right" align="right"|366
11 Derbyshire 747,500 align="right" align="right"|293
12 Devon 731,000 align="right" align="right"|111
13 Suffolk 692,100 align="right" align="right"|182
14 Lincolnshire 678,700 align="right" align="right"|115
15 Northamptonshire 651,800 align="right" align="right"|275
16 Oxfordshire 626,900 align="right" align="right"|241
17 Leicestershire 627,800 align="right" align="right"|301
18 Cambridgeshire 588,900 align="right" align="right"|193
19 Gloucestershire 575,400 align="right" align="right"|217
20 North Yorkshire 582,000 align="right" align="right"|72
21 Worcestershire 555,900 align="right" align="right"|319
22 Warwickshire 533,900 align="right" align="right"|270
23 Somerset 515,600 align="right" align="right"|149
24 East Sussex 497,900 align="right" align="right"|291
25 Buckinghamshire 481,600 align="right" align="right"|308
26 Cumbria 498,800 align="right" align="right"|73
27 Dorset 401,200 align="right" align="right"|158
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