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National Register of Historic Places listings in Beaver County, Pennsylvania facts for kids

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Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Beaver County
Location of Beaver County in Pennsylvania

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in a map.

There are 22 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Three sites are further designated as National Historic Landmarks.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 31, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location Municipality Description
1 Beaver Historic District
Beaver Historic District
October 24, 1996
Roughly bounded by the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad tracks, Fair Avenue, 5th Street, 3rd Street, and Sassafras Lane
40°41′41″N 80°18′27″W / 40.694722°N 80.3075°W / 40.694722; -80.3075 (Beaver Historic District)
Beaver Encompasses virtually the entire community of Beaver
2 Beginning Point of the U.S. Public Land Survey
Beginning Point of the U.S. Public Land Survey
October 15, 1966
On the Ohio/Pennsylvania border, east of East Liverpool
40°38′33″N 80°31′10″W / 40.6425°N 80.519444°W / 40.6425; -80.519444 (Beginning Point of the U.S. Public Land Survey)
Ohioville Location from which most of the United States, other than the original colonies, was surveyed
3 Bridge in South Beaver Township
Bridge in South Beaver Township
June 22, 1988
Watts Mill Road over the Little Beaver Creek
40°47′26″N 80°29′38″W / 40.790556°N 80.493889°W / 40.790556; -80.493889 (Bridge in South Beaver Township)
Darlington and South Beaver Townships Pratt pony truss bridge in rural northwestern Beaver County
4 Bridgewater Historic District
Bridgewater Historic District
June 28, 1996
Roughly bounded by Bridge Street, Mulberry Street, Fulton Street, Cherry Alley, Elm Street, and the Beaver River
40°42′22″N 80°17′40″W / 40.706111°N 80.294444°W / 40.706111; -80.294444 (Bridgewater Historic District)
Bridgewater and Rochester Historic residential and commercial areas of Bridgewater, plus a bridge from Bridgewater to Rochester
5 Carnegie Free Library, Beaver Falls
Carnegie Free Library, Beaver Falls
September 5, 1985
1301 7th Avenue
40°45′10″N 80°19′10″W / 40.752778°N 80.319444°W / 40.752778; -80.319444 (Carnegie Free Library, Beaver Falls)
Beaver Falls Carnegie library and museum
6 James Beach Clow House
James Beach Clow House
May 17, 1989
Chapel Drive at Ann Street
40°49′33″N 80°15′32″W / 40.825833°N 80.258889°W / 40.825833; -80.258889 (James Beach Clow House)
North Sewickley Township Well-preserved Greek Revival farmhouse
7 William B. Dunlap Mansion
William B. Dunlap Mansion
August 29, 1980
1298 Market Street
40°42′28″N 80°17′53″W / 40.707778°N 80.298056°W / 40.707778; -80.298056 (William B. Dunlap Mansion)
Bridgewater Home of merchant and politician William B. Dunlap
8 Economy Historic District
Economy Historic District
May 21, 1985
Old Economy Village roughly bounded by Pennsylvania Route 65 and 12th, Merchant, and 16th Streets
40°35′46″N 80°13′55″W / 40.596111°N 80.231944°W / 40.596111; -80.231944 (Economy Historic District)
Ambridge Final home of the Harmony Society
9 Fort McIntosh Site
Fort McIntosh Site
April 24, 1975
On a bluff overlooking the Ohio River, along River Road between College and Dravo Avenues
40°41′27″N 80°18′15″W / 40.690917°N 80.304097°W / 40.690917; -80.304097 (Fort McIntosh Site)
Beaver Site of a 1780s frontier fort
10 Greersburg Academy
Greersburg Academy
February 24, 1975
Junction of Third and Market Streets
40°48′36″N 80°25′25″W / 40.810000°N 80.423611°W / 40.810000; -80.423611 (Greersburg Academy)
Darlington Formerly a school and currently a museum
11 B.F. Jones Memorial Library
B.F. Jones Memorial Library
December 15, 1978
663 Franklin Avenue
40°36′47″N 80°15′05″W / 40.613056°N 80.251389°W / 40.613056; -80.251389 (B.F. Jones Memorial Library)
Aliquippa Built in honor of steel tycoon B.F. Jones
12 Legionville
March 27, 1975
Between the Ohio River and Duss Avenue, north of its intersection with Legionville Road and south of its intersection with Anthony Wayne Drive
40°37′16″N 80°13′42″W / 40.621111°N 80.228333°W / 40.621111; -80.228333 (Legionville)
Harmony Township First official U.S. Army training grounds
13 David Littell House
David Littell House
October 31, 1986
Pennsylvania Route 18
40°33′24″N 80°24′15″W / 40.556728°N 80.404119°W / 40.556728; -80.404119 (David Littell House)
Hanover Township Well-preserved 1850s brick farmhouse
14 Merrick Art Gallery
Merrick Art Gallery
August 5, 1983
5th Avenue and 11th Street
40°43′59″N 80°18′39″W / 40.733056°N 80.310833°W / 40.733056; -80.310833 (Merrick Art Gallery)
New Brighton
15 Merrill Lock No. 6
Merrill Lock No. 6
September 4, 1980
East of Midland on Pennsylvania Route 68
40°40′07″N 80°21′06″W / 40.668611°N 80.351667°W / 40.668611; -80.351667 (Merrill Lock No. 6)
Industry Buildings associated with a lock and dam complex on the Ohio River
16 Old Economy
Old Economy
October 15, 1966
Northeast of Pittsburgh on Pennsylvania Route 65
40°35′46″N 80°13′59″W / 40.596111°N 80.233056°W / 40.596111; -80.233056 (Old Economy)
Ambridge Final home of the Harmony Society
17 Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Passenger Station, Aliquippa
Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Passenger Station, Aliquippa
April 26, 1990
111 Station Street
40°37′10″N 80°14′35″W / 40.61935°N 80.24311°W / 40.61935; -80.24311 (Pittsburgh and Lake Erie Passenger Station, Aliquippa)
Aliquippa Former railroad station and office building
18 Matthew S. Quay House
Matthew S. Quay House
May 15, 1975
205 College Avenue
40°41′37″N 80°18′15″W / 40.693611°N 80.304167°W / 40.693611; -80.304167 (Matthew S. Quay House)
Beaver Home of Matthew S. Quay, a powerful U.S. senator
19 Raccoon Creek RDA
Raccoon Creek RDA
May 18, 1987
Along Pennsylvania Route 18 in Raccoon Creek State Park
40°30′42″N 80°26′34″W / 40.511667°N 80.442778°W / 40.511667; -80.442778 (Raccoon Creek RDA)
Hanover Township Recreational Demonstration Area constructed during the Great Depression
20 Capt. William Vicary House
Capt. William Vicary House
November 8, 1974
1235 3rd Ave.
40°40′55″N 80°15′00″W / 40.681944°N 80.250000°W / 40.681944; -80.250000 (Capt. William Vicary House)
Freedom Early nineteenth-century stone mansion
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