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Map of Wisconsin highlighting Clark County
Location of Clark County in Wisconsin

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Clark County, Wisconsin. It is intended to provide a comprehensive listing of entries in the National Register of Historic Places that are located in Clark County, Wisconsin. The locations of National Register properties for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below may be seen in a map.

There are 21 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Another property was once listed but has been removed.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted March 24, 2017.

Current listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Location City or town Description
1 Forrest D. and Marian Calway House
Forrest D. and Marian Calway House
November 15, 2005
318 E. Fourth St.
44°33′39″N 90°35′30″W / 44.560833°N 90.591667°W / 44.560833; -90.591667 (Forrest D. and Marian Calway House)
Neillsville 1917 Colonial Revival home with Arts and Crafts influences, built for court reporter Calway and Judge O'Neill's daughter Marian by Forrest's father Samuel, a blacksmith, carpenter and contractor.
2 Clark County Jail
Clark County Jail
December 8, 1978
215 E. 5th St.
44°33′37″N 90°35′36″W / 44.560278°N 90.593333°W / 44.560278; -90.593333 (Clark County Jail)
Neillsville The 1897 Richardsonian Romanesque building includes both cells for prisoners and a Victorian home for the sheriff's family.
3 Charles and Theresa Cornelius House
Charles and Theresa Cornelius House
September 18, 2013
118 Clay St.
44°33′22″N 90°36′01″W / 44.556018°N 90.600338°W / 44.556018; -90.600338 (Charles and Theresa Cornelius House)
Neillsville Large house with porte-cochère and automobile house, designed by Anton Billmeyer of Wisconsin Rapids in Queen Anne Free Classic style and built in 1909. Charles was a banker, lumberman, and civic leader.
4 Decatur and Kate Dickinson House
Decatur and Kate Dickinson House
March 27, 2007
411 State St.
44°33′34″N 90°35′34″W / 44.559444°N 90.592778°W / 44.559444; -90.592778 (Decatur and Kate Dickinson House)
Neillsville This Queen Anne style home was built for businessman Dickinson and his family in 1891.
5 First Church of Christ, Scientist
First Church of Christ, Scientist
March 31, 2003
132 E Fourth St.
44°33′31″N 90°35′44″W / 44.558611°N 90.595556°W / 44.558611; -90.595556 (First Church of Christ, Scientist)
Neillsville 1916 Neoclassical Revival building in the form of a Greek cross.
6 Charles Foote House
Charles Foote House
November 13, 1997
W 5055 US 10
44°33′09″N 90°33′58″W / 44.5525°N 90.566111°W / 44.5525; -90.566111 (Charles Foote House)
Pine Valley Rural 1878 brick Italianate farmhouse on Pleasant Ridge east of Neillsville. Charles was a Civil War veteran, town treasurer, and member of the Clark County Agricultural Society.
7 Herman M. and Hanna Hediger House
Herman M. and Hanna Hediger House
August 27, 2013
8 Grand Ave.
44°33′12″N 90°35′55″W / 44.5533°N 90.5987°W / 44.5533; -90.5987 (Herman M. and Hanna Hediger House)
Neillsville The Swiss immigrant Hedigers designed this house in the style of a Swiss chalet and brought a cabinet-maker and a mason from Switzerland to help build it. Herman had immigrated around 1921 and worked as a cheesemaker at Christie and Neillsville.
8 John and Maria Hein House
John and Maria Hein House
April 12, 2006
824 Hewett St.
44°33′48″N 90°35′44″W / 44.563333°N 90.595556°W / 44.563333; -90.595556 (John and Maria Hein House)
Neillsville 2.5 story Queen Anne style home with 2-story porch, built in 1892 for the Heins, German immigrants who owned a stave and heading mill and a dry goods and grocery store.
9 Neillsville Downtown Historic District
Neillsville Downtown Historic District
June 15, 2000
500 Block Hewett St. and 118 W. Sixth St.
44°33′38″N 90°35′46″W / 44.560556°N 90.596111°W / 44.560556; -90.596111 (Neillsville Downtown Historic District)
Neillsville Many old brick commercial buildings, including the 1872 Hewett and Woods General Store, the 1887 Queen Anne Clark County Bank, and the 1895 Italianate Sniteman Drug store.
10 Neillsville Masonic Temple Lodge No. 163
Neillsville Masonic Temple Lodge No. 163
October 6, 2004
316 Hewett St.
44°33′40″N 90°35′49″W / 44.561111°N 90.596944°W / 44.561111; -90.596944 (Neillsville Masonic Temple Lodge No. 163)
Neillsville 1928 Masonic Lodge, with bowling alley in basement, now used as an Assembly of God church.
11 Neillsville Post Office
Neillsville Post Office
October 24, 2000
619 Hewett St.
44°33′40″N 90°35′46″W / 44.561111°N 90.596111°W / 44.561111; -90.596111 (Neillsville Post Office)
Neillsville The simple building constructed by the PWA in 1940 contains a mural depicting the 1854 election of Neillsville as the seat of Clark County.
12 Neillsville Standpipe
Neillsville Standpipe
September 9, 2013
325 E. 4th St.
44°33′32″N 90°35′26″W / 44.558911°N 90.590461°W / 44.558911; -90.590461 (Neillsville Standpipe)
Neillsville Small-town water tower at the highest point in town, built in 1926, consisting of a steel water tank made by the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co. encased in a 95 foot slip-form concrete tower built by Trierweiler Bros. of Marshfield.
13 Omaha Hotel
Omaha Hotel
March 20, 2013
317 W. 7th St.
44°33′41″N 90°35′59″W / 44.56152222°N 90.59976667°W / 44.56152222; -90.59976667 (Omaha Hotel)
Neillsville Modest 2-story brick hotel built by the Weber brothers in 1892 near the Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and Omaha depot, with guest rooms upstairs and saloon and dining room downstairs.
14 Owen High School
Owen High School
August 11, 2004
101 East Third St.
44°56′51″N 90°33′53″W / 44.9475°N 90.564722°W / 44.9475; -90.564722 (Owen High School)
Owen The school opened in 1921, also hosting the public library and community events for many years. The building was designed by William Alban of Eau Claire in the Prairie School style, and designed for students to move from one specialized classroom (e.g. a lab) to another, which was a rather new idea at the time.
15 Robert Schofield House
Robert Schofield House
September 9, 1982
303 W. Schofield Ave.
44°45′46″N 90°36′04″W / 44.762778°N 90.601111°W / 44.762778; -90.601111 (Robert Schofield House)
Greenwood Wood-frame Italianate-style home with an oak and mahogany elliptical-spiralled staircase and original carbide-gas chandeliers, constructed by 1890 for lumberman and farmer Schofield.
16 The Silver Dome Ballroom
The Silver Dome Ballroom
June 27, 1997
US 10, 1 mi (1.6 km). W of jct. of US 10 and Collier Rd.
44°33′54″N 90°41′57″W / 44.565°N 90.699167°W / 44.565; -90.699167 (The Silver Dome Ballroom)
Hewett This 1933 rural dance hall has hosted performers from Howie Sturtz to Gene Autry and Count Basie.
17 Charles C. and Katharyn Sniteman House
Charles C. and Katharyn Sniteman House
September 29, 2011
319 Hewett St.
44°33′31″N 90°35′48″W / 44.558611°N 90.596667°W / 44.558611; -90.596667 (Charles C. and Katharyn Sniteman House)
Neillsville Home constructed around 1915 for Neillsville's long-time pharmacist. Designed in the Prairie style by architect George Awsumb.
18 George W. and Sarah Trogner House
George W. and Sarah Trogner House
September 1, 2005
108 Grand Ave.
44°33′19″N 90°35′52″W / 44.555278°N 90.597778°W / 44.555278; -90.597778 (George W. and Sarah Trogner House)
Neillsville Highly intact 1897 Queen Anne home with Eastlake detailing, designed and built by Civil War veteran, wagon builder, mill owner, and carpenter Trogner for his own family.
19 William B. and Jennie Tufts House
William B. and Jennie Tufts House
January 20, 2012
321 E. 4th St.
44°33′32″N 90°35′32″W / 44.558911°N 90.592254°W / 44.558911; -90.592254 (William B. and Jennie Tufts House)
Neillsville Spanish Eclectic house built in 1934. Tufts was a flight instructor for the U. S. Navy during World War I and the manager of Lynn Mutual Insurance.
20 Wisconsin Pavilion
Wisconsin Pavilion
February 14, 2012
1201 E. Division St.
44°33′11″N 90°34′48″W / 44.553063°N 90.580066°W / 44.553063; -90.580066 (Wisconsin Pavilion)
Neillsville Modernist-styled pavilion which showcased Wisconsin products at the 1964 New York World's Fair.
21 Woodland Hotel
Woodland Hotel
May 10, 2016
207 N. Central Ave.
44°56′56″N 90°33′52″W / 44.948894°N 90.564402°W / 44.948894; -90.564402 (Woodland Hotel)
Owen 2-story hotel designed by Claude & Starck and built for the John S. Owen Lumber company in 1906.

Former listings

Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Grand Avenue Bridge
Grand Avenue Bridge
December 6, 1984
February 18, 1987
Grand Ave.
Neillsville Overhead truss highway bridge built of cast and wrought iron in 1894, with Pratt truss design.
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