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The main depot circa 1910

The Pacific Electric Railway was a streetcar system based in Los Angeles, California. It was formed when Henry E. Huntington started building and buying streetcar railroads in and around Los Angeles. Most of its lines were interurban, that is, they dealt with bringing people from one city to another. It also owned the Mount Lowe Railway, a tourist railway. In the 1910s and 20s, the PE had hundreds of miles of track and was the largest streetcar system in America. Many of its lines were built by Huntington and others to sell land in the community. Huntington lost money on the PE, but made money by selling land. The PE transported freight as well as people. The Pacific Electric's heyday was in the 1920s. The last PE train ran in 1961. A small part of the PE's network is now the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Blue Line and Expo Line.


Los Angeles Pacific Electric Railways (Red Cars)
Los Angeles Pacific Electric Railways (Red Cars) network (interactive version)
Relief map Pacific Electric Railway
Map of the Pacific Electric Railway routes, 1920

The Pacific Electric ran lines from Los Angeles to the following cities:

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